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Destiny Payton-Williams Addresses Cause Of Divorce + Responds To Public Assistance Drama— HN

LAMH viewers have accused Destiny Payton-Williams of being too tight-lipped about her divorce.
“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton-Williams shocked fans when she announced her divorce on the show. The first time viewers met Destiny she was married to Martell Holt’s friend, La’Berrick Williams. And Destiny took issue with Kimmi Scott’s green screen comments. The couples hung out, but Kimmi said she didn’t know much about La’Berrick. And all she knew about him is he makes “good chicken” at his restaurant. Destiny eventually confronted Kimmi about this. Kimmi was caught off guard because she thought her comment was harmless. So she felt like Destiny overreacted because she wanted to have a moment on the show as a newbie. However, she and Destiny were able to hash things out.

Eventually, La’Berrick stopped making appearances on the show. And his absence wasn’t addressed by any of the cast members.

On the previous season, Destiny announced the marriage was over while speaking to Melody Holt. And Melody was surprised to hear that Destiny had officially signed the divorce paperwork.

At the season 3 reunion, Carlos King asked Destiny about the divorce. She didn’t say much except La’Berrick filed just three weeks after she gave birth to their son.

So viewers have had a lot of questions about what went wrong.

Well, Destiny discussed the situation in an interview. And she said the pandemic played a role.

La’Berrick Williams is discussed in Destiny Payton-Williams’ recent interview.
Destiny Payton-Williams didn’t open up much about her divorce on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” So viewers have wondered what really happened. Plus, they began to wonder if Destiny couldn’t say a whole lot for legal reasons. Interestingly enough, she discussed her split from La’Berrick Williams during an interview with the “Ooh Ladies First Panel.”

She said that La’Berrick allegedly left the show hoping that she would be fired, “He was more of a proponent of the show than I was. And when he walked away, it was because he wanted them to stop filming with me.”

Destiny continued, “And as far as the divorce and being candid about it, I did agree to sign a…in our divorce, I did agree to not talk about him on the show in lieu of some other things. I wish I wouldn’t have done that because I’m sick of people asking me about it. I wanna move on.”

She also gave a timeline, “So we were together a total of 5 years before we got married. Our first year together we were in the same space. And then I moved to Nashville and it was long distance. We saw each other once a week. Then we got engaged.” Destiny added, “We were engaged for almost 2 years and then we were married for 2 years…And we were going through a divorce for 9 months at that time.”

Destiny once again said she was served three weeks after giving birth, “He did serve me papers when my son was 3 weeks old. I was standing in the driveway when I received papers. And we were still living in the same house. So I walked in the house and acted like I didn’t even receive it.”

Destiny Payton-Williams said she couldn’t say much for legal reasons.
She said she’s glad he did pull the trigger, “I was actually speaking with an attorney weeks prior, but God didn’t tell me it was something I needed to move forward with just yet. But I’m happy it happened the way it did because I really don’t believe in divorce. I would probably have tried to stick it out as bad as it had gotten, I probably would have fought through it.”

Destiny didn’t respond immediately, “It was so many things going on in my life that I didn’t even respond to my divorce initially. He got a default judgment and got everything he asked for.” She continued, “Our attorneys ended up talking and we decided to reconcile. So we got back together.”

There were consequences to her not responding, “He got everything he wanted, including full custody of our child at one point in time because if you don’t respond to a divorce, they give them what they asked for.”

Carlos King was allegedly dragged into their legal issues, “But legally, he sent them documents too. And Carlos told me on that stage that he received documentation from him as well. So we both were pigeonholed on what we could say.”

Destiny Payton-Williams believes she may have emasculated her ex-husband.
She broke down why she believes La’Berrick filed, “Well I told him in the hospital that if we continued like this that we’re not going to make it. He thought it was a threat. And I wasn’t threatening to divorce him. I was saying we cannot continue like this, we’re not going to make it. And so I think he was trying to beat me to the punch.”

Destiny has a theory about what went wrong, “I was seeking a separation because I didn’t want to jump into divorce. I wanted it to be separate because it was like too much. And when I say Covid was a big factor, it was because we were long-distance then came into a house and we literally couldn’t leave. So if we had a disagreement or whatever, we were stuck with each other. And normally when we got into a disagreement, I would just hop in the car and leave and go to Nashville. Or Atlanta or whatever.”

She continued, “So I got to a space where I did not feel protected or provided for and I started moving as a married, single woman as far as making decisions in my life…how I moved. And that I realize emasculated him.”

Destiny also responded to fans who have accused her of lying about relying on public assistance, “So I wasn’t getting child support. There’s a program…there’s a couple things you can get where they will give you a certain amount if the father is not paying child support and things like that. So it doesn’t mean I’m out here in the welfare line. It just means that I got a little bit of help in the beginning of my divorce. Who wanna lie about that?”

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Fans Are Shocked to Hear Erica Dixon’s Backstory Behind Daughter’s Audi Birthday Gift— HN

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy’s daughter, Emani Richardson, celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. It appeared at the time that Emani’s parents combined their finances to buy her an Audi for her big day. Now, it appears Erica may have been the driving force behind Emani’s expensive birthday gift.

The celebrity mom took to Instagram on Friday (Apr. 29) to share a video clip that featured a cashier’s check made out to ATL Cars Direct in McDonough, Georgia. “I’m so appreciative of family who steps in when things go undone by people who don’t keep their word,” Erica told her social media fans in the caption section of her Instagram post.

“It’s been a continuous cycle but I’ve always picked up where there was lack, [and] kept it moving because I move on what’s in the best interest of my children,” Dixon shared. “Thank you to Emani’s grandad, aunt, and grandmothers for stepping in on today,” Erica wrote. “Just know this village is and has always been appreciated.”

Many fans were taken aback by Erica Dixon’s social media post as they remember Lil Scrappy sharing pictures of Emani smiling next to her Audi. Dozens assumed the rapper purchased the car for his daughter.

“This is messed up,” one supporter told Erica in the comments section of her post. “I’m glad everything worked out.” Another fan said, “I thought Scrappy purchased the car. Wow!”

Emani Richardson turned 17-years-old on March 31, 2022. The youngster was surprised with a birthday party and a host of presents from loved ones who showered her with well-wishes on her special day. Lil Scrappy also took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

“Happy G-day mama,” the rapper wrote to his daughter. “I’m proud of you and have learned so much raising you,” Scrappy said. “Go up and live it up you are an amazing kid and person.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Big $crappy (@reallilscrappy)

Emani is Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon’s only child together. Lil Scrappy has four kids in all. Erica Dixon has three kids in all.

Station 19

‘Station 19’: Why Fans Hate the Carina and Maya Storyline in Season 5 — HN

In Station 19 Season 5, Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato) and Maya (Danielle Savre) decide they want to have a baby. However, things become complicated when they discuss who might be their sperm donor. In ABC‘s Station 19 Season 5 Episode 15, Maya and Carina asked Jack (Grey Damon) to be their sperm donor. However, fans hate the storyline — here’s a breakdown of why.

One ‘Station 19’ director shared a spoiler about Maya and Carina in Season 5 Episode 16
On April 27, Editor and Director of Station 19, David Greenspan, replied to a tweet from a fan about Marina. The viewer wanted to know his opinion of his favorite Marina — Carina and Maya — episode in season 5.

“My other season 5 favorite Marina episode is coming up soon… 516,” Greenspan tweeted. “But I have a feeling the fandom won’t agree.”

The director indicated that Station 19 Season 5 Episode 16 holds some of his favorite scenes between Maya and Carina. However, the “fandom” probably won’t like the episode because many fans do not want Jack to become Marina’s sperm donor.

Why fans hate Jack as Carina and Maya’s sperm donor in ‘Station 19’
Maya cheated on Carina with Jack in Station 19 Season 3 Episode 15. However, Carina agreed to use Jack’s sperm for their Marina baby two seasons later. The show glossed over the cheating but discussed sperm donation for several episodes.

Viewers hated the cheating storyline, but they disliked the Jack-as-a-sperm-donor storyline even more (if that’s even possible). Fans do not like the negative bisexual representation. Many viewers on Reddit agree with one specific tweet to describe their feelings.

“S19 has written a story about two queer women having a baby together that is somehow not about two queer women having a baby together at all,” the tweet read.

Instead, the writers pulled a man into the mix of this beautiful story between two women. Additionally, the thread of tweets cited many examples where this same harmful stereotype happened in other TV shows. Fans wanted more for their favorite couple in Station 19.

Viewers compare the ‘Station 19’ storyline to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Teddy/Owen/Tom
Many fans also noted that the problem is not with the known sperm donation for Carina and Maya in Station 19. The root of the issue is that Maya has a history with Jack, like Teddy has a history with Tom in Grey’s Anatomy.

“Think of it in terms of a straight couple, and they were having fertility issues,” one Redditor wrote. “Teddy cheated on Owen with Tom. Would Owen & Teddy go and ask Tom for his sperm and welcome him to the family as a third parent?”

Viewers who watch both Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 understand the reference. There’s no way that Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) would agree to a sperm donation from Tom Koracick (Greg Germann after finding out that Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) cheated with Tom.

Many viewers hope that Marina does not follow through with their choice to involve Jack in their baby plans.

Station 19 Season 5 Episode 16 returns on Thursday, May 5, at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.

Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Spills Personal Stuff in Convertible – TK

Sister Wives star Kody Brown made several stops in his convertible to rattle on about his life today. He made a few new selfie videos for fans, and he shared quite a bit of info this time around.

Sister Wives: What’s up with Kody Brown?

Kody Brown is one of many celebrities who make those fan-requested videos for a fee. His latest batch has him getting behind the wheel of his convertible sports car.

He makes several stops along the way, as some of these videos seem to have a different background. At least one out of these few videos has Coyote Pass as the backdrop. This is where Kody Brown says stuff is happening there today.

Sister Wives fans know that Kody had that huge water tank put into the ground last season. He urged his little son Solomon Brown to climb down in the hole before the tank got there.

Janelle Brown was also there with Kody and Solomon Brown. She was against it and claimed since Robyn Brown wasn’t there, she’d step in as one of the moms. She told Kody it was too dangerous for the little boy in that hole. But the Sister Wives patriarch didn’t listen.

Next, he lowered Solomon into the hole. Fans also got to see the huge tank making its way to Kody’s land when the truck carrying it turned onto their property.

So, one of his latest videos shows some movement there as he spans the background of his selfie for the fan.

Kody Shares Sunset from Several Places

As he sits behind the wheel of his convertible, it’s easy to see it’s windy. His hair gets whipped around and his ringlets dance in front of his face. In several of the videos, he shows the fan how beautiful the sunset is. This romantic gesture lasts only for a moment.

He then gets into things about his life today. Each of his videos is short in comparison to the other three Sister Wives adults who also do this.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown do these Cameos as well. Everyone but Robyn Brown. Christine Brown gives the fans a good amount of time for their money. But some of Kody’s videos don’t even last 30 seconds.

Still, this seems right up his alley. Kody doesn’t pass up too many chances to perform for the camera. A few seasons back he stripped down to his skivvies and dove into the pond at Coyote Pass.

Fans still talk about that today. He knew the Sister Wives cameras were on him as he did his Tarzan-like moves soaked in his underwear.

Sister Wives: COVID Made Papa Brown Go Out of His Mind
One fan was suffering from COVID. So this gave Kody a reason to discuss his own bout with the virus.

Although, the one where he describes what COVID did to him lasted much longer. It could be because he was talking about himself, which seems to be a topic he enjoys.

Kody Brown then tells the Sister Wives fan that he went out of his mind when he fell ill with COVID. He thought he was going to die. The fever and aches were “terrible” but it was something else that got him.

He claims he had an “onset of sleep apnea or something” and went three nights without sleep. He was miserable during this sickness.

So, Kody’s bout with the virus was something he shared with this fan. His videos start at $99. So it looks like this fan paid Kody Brown to discuss his symptoms. But at least the sunset was nice.

Little people

Amy Roloff reveals how she keeps it ‘real’ while filming Little People, Big World – TK

Amy Roloff is preparing for the premiere of Season 23 of Little People, Big World, and she recently shared how she keeps it “real” during filming.

Amy and her family have been filming LPBW since 2006. The widely popular TLC show follows Amy and her husband Chris Marek, her ex-husband Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, as well as their son Zach and his wife and kids.

With Season 23 of LPBW just around the corner, Amy told her 1.4 million Instagram followers that she’s still recording interviews for the show.

Ahead of the weekend, Amy shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories and included a little bit of a back story with it.

Giving the camera a mouth-half-closed smile, Amy posed for her selfie, sporting a brown sweater, gold nameplate necklace, and glass bead earrings.

Amy Roloff does her own hair and makeup on LPBW to keep filming ‘real’
“And it’s interview time for our show LPBW,” Amy captioned her snap.

She added, “Better or worse I do my own hair & make-up on our show. It keeps doing filming more real for me. It’s reality 🤗🎉.”

Amy has been filming LPBW for 16 years

When it first aired on TLC, LPBW set out to educate viewers on dwarfism and show them that other than stature, their lives are similar to most everyone else’s.

As Amy told Ability Magazine in 2010, “TLC came to us about five or six years ago, and so we suddenly realized we were given a great opportunity to educate people about dwarfism.”

“When it was offered that we do a show about our lives, my husband and I were like, ‘Wow, nothing like this has even been on the air.’ Nothing had depicted dwarfism in an everyday way. Lo and behold, a few episodes turned into six seasons. And here we are.”

These days, Amy is focusing on taking better care of herself after the 57-year-old mom of four admitted that the pandemic “got the best” of her. She’s been incorporating long walks into her schedule whenever possible, often joined by her BFF Deb.

Next up for Amy, aside from the premiere of Season 23 of LPBW, is the addition of her seventh grandchild. Amy’s son Zach and his wife Tori are expecting their third child any day now.

Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares Planetarium Day With Kids – TK

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been sharing wholesome updates about her life with her kids in Utah over the past few months. Fans are also glad that Christine is now happy with her life after her split with Kody Brown. Fans also noticed that she’s been glowing lately. Apparently, Christine has been focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. She’s been promoting a diet program as well, and it seems that it’s been effective for her so far. Now, Christine is back to share another update for the fans. This time, Christine shares her planetarium day with her kids.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Planetarium Day With Kids

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared pictures from their recent trip to a planetarium. “Exploring all the wonderful Science experiences at @clarkplanetarium,” Christine captioned. It’s clear to see that Christine and her kids are having so much fun even without Kody Brown. Fans also spotted Paedon Brown, who’s been one of the most controversial kids of Christine lately.

Apparently, Paedon has been spilling the tea about the plural family during his recent live streams. It also appears that he’s enjoying shading Kody and Robyn Brown due to their unfair relationship. Meanwhile, fans took to Christine’s comment section to talk about how glad they are that she’s no longer suffering from Kody’s mistreatment.

Christine Continues To Impress Fans With Stunning Looks

Aside from her recent travels with the kids, Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been sharing her healthy lifestyle as well. According to some, it seems that Christine’s glowing look is only getting better. It also appears that she lost a lot of weight over the past couple of months, showing that her diet program has been effective. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that TLC will bring back Christine to the small screens as her cooking show spinoff is no longer releasing new episodes.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Still In Touch With Christine’s Kids?

At this point, Sister Wives fans have yet to see Kody Brown spending some time with Christine Brown’s kids. It seems that Kody hasn’t bonded with any of his kids since his split with Christine. However, fans think that Kody is not making enough effort to stay in touch with his children. According to some, it seems that Kody would prefer to stay more in Robyn Brown’s home instead of traveling to Utah for Christine’s kids. Fans also think that Kody has broken the hearts of some of his kids with Christine. One of them is Ysabel Brown, who expressed her disappointment towards her father after not coming with her during her major back surgery in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kody is not on good terms with Paedon Brown after his recent shady livestreams about the family. However, fans are hoping that Kody will continue to support his children with Christine despite their separation.

Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’: Is There A Benefit Being A Sister Wife? – TK

Sister Wives fans have seen the struggles of the plural family throughout the years. Apparently, fans blame Kody Brown for his poor decision-making and his unfair relationship with Robyn Brown. According to some, Robyn and Kody’s unfair relationship has become more obvious in recent years. Fans also think that it’s one of the main reasons why the other wives have been branching out and living their own lives without Kody. Now, fans discuss what is actually the benefit of being a sister wife.

Sister Wives: Is There A Benefit Being A Sister Wife

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss if there are any benefits of being a sister wife. According to some, it seems that having a lot of people around to help with the children is a bonus of being in a plural family. However, fans think that it’s the only advantage and the others are mostly competition. “There are NO benefits to the women in this patriarchal created lifestyle. The jealousy & insecurity is amplified as the women KNOW their husband is with another woman, whom they happen to know what she looks like,” one person said. Others agree and said that the recent seasons showed how bad their situation is compared to their early days.

Christine Brown Proves The Problem Of Being A Sister Wife

Sister Wives fans also think that Christine Brown has proved to everyone the struggles of being in a plural family. Apparently, Christine decided to call it quits with Kody Brown due to their never-ending struggles. Fans have also seen how Christine is mistreated to the point where she thinks she’s just a “basement wife.” Now, Christine is living her best life after leaving the plural family. Fans also noticed that she’s been glowing lately, which is something that fans didn’t see during her days with Kody.

Sister Wives: Where Are They Now?

At this point, the plural family is still living in Flagstaff. However, Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Meri Brown have been traveling a lot lately. Fans also noticed that Meri and Janelle look so happy despite Kody Brown’s absence during their recent travels. Meanwhile, reports claimed that Kody and Robyn are still living together. Fans also think that he barely visits his other families, and it’s one of the main reasons why they’ve been struggling.

There are also reports stating that Kody is still planning to build his housing project in Coyote Pass, and fans think that it’s going to be his final straw to fix his family.

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Sundy Carter Returns To ‘Basketball Wives’ After Her Very Controversial Exit? — HN

The upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” will be full of drama.
“Basketball Wives” fans are excited about the new season on the way. Interestingly enough, the two previous seasons were very controversial. OG felt like she was a victim of colorism. In her opinion, cast members treated her differently because she’s a dark-skinned woman. One reunion they refused to share the stage with her. The complaint was they believed OG was too violent to film with. However, OG never had any physical altercations on the show. Regardless, Shaunie O’Neal was upset that OG pushed her when she kept her from putting her hands on Feby Torres. OG left the reunion at first to protest against the treatment, but she decided to return to stand up for herself.

The following season, there was a lot of tension between the cast members. In particular, the ladies were upset that OG accused them of colorism. Shaunie and Evelyn Lozada straight up refused to film scenes with her. Evelyn also sued OG for defamation after OG accused her of being racist. Evelyn posted a laughing money emoji on a shady Instagram Story. So OG and some fans suspected that this was a shot in her direction.

OG then countersued for emotional distress. And there wasn’t much of a resolution before the season ended.

Since fans had so much to say about all of the drama on social media, it was clear that producers felt like a cast shakeup was due. So they brought back several cast members from “Basketball Wives LA.”

Now it’s being reported that Sundy Carter will make appearances despite her very controversial exit.

Sundy Carter returns?
There are a lot of rumors floating around about the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” A cast shakeup took place. OG, Evelyn Lozada, Feby Torres, and Kristen Scott have all departed. Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, Nia Dorsey, and Noria Dorsey have all been brought back. But so were some familiar faces of “Basketball Wives LA.”

Brandi Maxiell, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, and Angel Brinks are all back.

Interestingly enough, the return of the LA ladies hasn’t been easy for Malaysia. She’s currently not on the best of terms with Brandi. Plus, she also is reportedly not in a great place with Duffey, Angel, Brittish, and Brooke. In fact, it was rumored that Malaysia came to blows with Brooke while the cast filmed season 10.

And while the beef between Malaysia and Brooke, as well as Malaysia’s fallout with Brandi is said to be explosive; longtime “Basketball Wives LA” fans know that a major feud that happened back in the day was the one between Brandi and Sundy Carter.

The ladies clashed, however, things worsened when they had a war of words. Brandi is an Ovarian Cancer survivor. When things got heated, Sundy taunted Brandi about not being able to have more children. This really hurt Brandi and Sundy received a lot of backlash from other cast members and fans of the show.

Interestingly enough, it’s now being reported that Sundy will make appearances on the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.”

Blogger Spilling BBW Tea said Sundy was spotted recently filming a scene with Malaysia and Jackie.

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Moneybagg Yo’s Baby Mama Reportedly Passed Away — HN

News Spreads On Social Media That Kennedy Lynette A.K.A. Chyna Santana, The Mother Of Three Of The ‘Wockesha’ Rapper’s Eight Children, Has Passed Away Due To An Unknown Cause.

Moneybagg Yo, who has been happily dating Ari Fletcher for over two years now, seems to be currently dealing with a great loss. One of the rapper’s baby mamas has reportedly passed away.

On Thursday, April 28, news spread on the Internet that Kennedy Lynette a.k.a. Chyna Santana, the mother of three of the “Wockesha” rapper’s eight children, died. The cause of death is currently unknown, but the death clearly came as a huge shock to those closed to her.

“Im so sickkkk. Im heart hurting so bad dude,” one person grieving over Chyna’s death wrote on Twitter. “I was just otp with you my sister. Why you had to do me like that.!!!!! Kennedy Leynettee why you leave me.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Onsite! (@its_onsite)

Moneybagg has not publicly paid his tribute or addressed the report, but people have expressed their condolences on social media. “Rip sooo sad prayers for the children,” one person reacted to the news.

“Prayers to Moneybagg yo and his family after the passing of his BM,” another sent their prayers to the rapper and his family. A third similarly added, “Sending condolences to her children and all of her loved ones whom she left here to survive also to Money Bagg yo bc we never plan for death of a loved one.”

Moneybagg is believed to have eight children from different women. He shares two children, a girl and a boy, with Whitney White, who goes by Juicy Baby on social media. He is also a father to a young daughter with a woman who goes by @iamheroine10 on Instagram.

The 30-year-old artist is currently in a relationship with Ari Fletcher, whom he has been dating on-and-off since January 2020. In March of this year, the pair sparked rumors that they might have gone their separate ways as they unfollowed each other on Instagram, but the “Said Sum” emcee denied it a week later as he tweeted, “F**k da media.”

Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’: Kody Killed His Relationship With Christine Before It Had A Shot – TK

Sister Wives viewers watched the demise of Kody and Christine’s marriage. Yet it really came to a head in Season 16 when he withdrew intimacy from their relationship. Now fans believe the couple never had a true shot at success all thanks to Kody.

Sister Wives Struggle To Love

Kody Brown made it seem so perfect when he introduced his three original wives when the series premiered in 2010. He made it clear that he was intimate with all of his wives. They had date nights and were truly a familial unit that loved one another. Yet something was missing in his life after sixteen years with the same three women. That was when he was encouraged to start courting a new woman. Enter Robyn, a single mother to three from a previous marriage. He met her through his first wife, Meri who encouraged him to ask her to dance. Admittedly he was lovestruck by the woman he was courting and soon, proposed to her.

As time went on, he was seen with Robyn much more than his other wives to the point that his kids even noticed. Favoritism became an issue and by the time they all relocated to Flagstaff, Kody was down a wife. He and Meri had virtually no marriage which was shown during their thirtieth-anniversary date. The two were nothing more than friends and it seemed to be the same way with Janelle. Christine wanted to try with Kody but admitted they had a lot of trouble. She said she could not do marriage with him anymore and when it seemed it could not get any worse, he told her they would have a romance-free marriage.

Kody’s Demands

If the intimacy was going to come back, Kody had rules and demands, things he needed to see from Christine. She was done and over it so she packed his stuff and eventually she moved to Utah. The two are now divorced but Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to share how they believe Kody killed the love. Essentially, he never gave it a chance in the long run and there are so many valid reasons.

Here are a few:

  • Made it public that he was not attracted to her physically when they got married.
  • Shamed and ignored her when she was overwhelmed being the children’s primary caretaker.
  • Said it was her choice what she did during covid but punished her for her choices.

There was more expressed by fellow Redditors: “Did we mention being on a date with Robyn while she was giving birth,” one noted. Another added: “What is sad is that is all we know. All of that is just what he was either ok with everyone seeing or slipped through the cracks. I am sure there were countless slights and hurtful words and actions we did not see.” Finally, there’s this: “I think he killed her love for him. But, the nacho story tells me that his love for her was superficial at best. If you love someone, you don’t relate that story to the public. You don’t tell your family and friends. You keep it to yourself.”

It seems Kody is just insensitive when it came to Christine. She eventually saw through it all, had enough and left. Now she is much happier and it shows. Do you think Kody killed the relationship before it could even blossom? Let us know in the comments.