Unexpected: Fans Think Kylen’s Son Xavier Is In DANGER After Jason Korpi’s Controversy! – TK

Jason Korpi has probably hit a new record for becoming the most despised TLC cast member within just a few episodes. In fact, the new Unexpected season got a lot of limelight. It happened after his vile and manipulative behavior towards his girlfriend, Kylen Smith. Now, some fans remain extremely worried about their baby boy, Xavier. So, what did Jason do now? Keep reading for all the latest updates.

Unexpected: Fans Worry For Baby Xavier’s Safety After Witnessing Jason Korpi’s Attitude

Jason Korpi and his girlfriend Kylen Smith became the new couple to star in TLC’s Unexpected. In fact, their storyline was the most alarming one and got tons of attention. Right off the bat, the teen father understood very little about childbirth and pregnancy. On top of that, the episode featuring their delivery has been in the limelight for the longest time. That’s because Korpi was very impatient during his partner giving birth and even gave her an ultimatum to deliver the baby quickly. That’s not all; he also wouldn’t let medics perform cervical exams and provide an IV to Kylen when she was clearly in pain.

Hence, Unexpected fans began sharing a petition for TLC to fire Jason from the show. That’s because no man should have that much control over a pregnant woman during the delivery time. Lately, viewers worry for Jason’s kid, Xavier’s safety. Apparently, they have already seen the teenager be very unhelpful during Kylen’s pregnancy. In fact, he also ended up creating a lot of distance between her and her family. As per TVShowAce, Reddit fans worry that their baby Xavier is at risk if the Unexpected star keeps dictating his opinions and choices over his baby mama and kid.


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However, fans are excited about the Tell-All. That’s because they are eagerly waiting to see Jason get schooled for his indecent attitude and behavior. Moreover, Jenna’s father has continued to shade him on Tik Tok. Therefore, they are excited to see it all happen in person so that justice is served.

Unexpected: Kylen Lies To The Medics About Jason Calming Down! He Yells At Her

So far, Unexpected fans view Kylen and Jason’s relationship as quite toxic. During the last episode, the security had to drag the latter out of the hospital during the delivery. In fact, it happened as he was creating a “stressful” environment. As the teen dad went back home, appearing quite angry, Kylen was having issues of her own. Apparently, her mother wanted to be there with her during childbirth. However, the teen daughter told her mother not to come as she only wanted Jason to be there. Alas, the side cast member felt truly bad for not being able to be there for her daughter.

At last, Jason tried to come back to the hospital. While doing so, he was constantly yelling at Kylen on the phone. While she tried to make him understand that the security dragged him out and not her, he was unwilling to understand. Eventually, Kylen defended Jason and requested the hospital staff to have the father of the baby back in the room. While they say they’d allow it only when he’s “calm”. Kylen lies to them, saying that he had simmered down when he hadn’t.


‘Unexpected’: Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi’s Relationship Worries Fans – TK

Kylen Smith‘s relationship with Jason Korpi worries Unexpected fans. The two aren’t on the same page when it comes to parents’ involvement and the birth plan.

Unexpected: Kylen Smith & Jason Korpi Becoming Teen Parents

Kylen Smith was only dating Jason Korpi for less than a year before getting pregnant. The Unexpected cast members met through social media. She was the “party girl,” and he was the “f-boy,” which he explains is someone who goes from girl to girl.

Jason thought Kylen was beautiful and fell for her fast. He says they were intimate on the second or third day they met. He wasn’t hoping to become a father so soon. But he also wasn’t mad about it.

However, Kylen Smith was shocked. The Unexpected castmate says it wasn’t planned. Yet, she explains that Jason Korpi decided not to be safe while having fun in the bedroom together. And, because of that, they are becoming teen parents to a baby boy.

Jason Keeping Kylen Away from Parents?

Kylen Smith lives with Jason Korpi and his parents, Scott Korpi and Heidi Korpi. His father and mother are happy to have her live with them. Heidi even feels that the TLC star is the daughter she never had. However, she was not happy when her son told her she would be a grandmother.

Growing up, Kylen from Unexpected was very close to her mother, Marie Smith. But, since she lives with Jason’s parents, she doesn’t get to see her mother and father, Michael Smith, often.

Her parents feel that he keeps their daughter away from them. And, they fear that he will do the same when their grandson is born.

Jason feels that Kylen is being a baby when she wants to visit her parents. And fans don’t agree with his behavior. One person believes that he is “trying to isolate her” from them.

Another person doesn’t like that he calls her “childish” when she wants to see her “dying father.” Michael has a bad heart, is entering stage four kidney disease, and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Fans Think Unexpected Young Dad Is Too Controlling

Jason Korpi wants to have a homebirth. He feels that hospitals don’t like “involving unmarried men” or “teenage dads” in the birth process. So, he doesn’t want to feel left out.

However, Kylen Smith doesn’t know how she feels about not giving birth at the hospital. The Unexpected star finds homebirths gross.

She also thinks that if anything goes wrong, there won’t be a doctor there to help as there would be at a hospital. But, she knows that Jason will be upset if he doesn’t get his way.

Many fans feel that Jason is being controlling when it comes to Kylen’s delivery. One person says he shuts her down for having her “own preference over her body and the baby they share.”

Another person feels that him forcing her to have a homebirth “when he’s not the one giving birth” is a red flag.


‘Unexpected’ See Jason Korpi’s Arrest Charges, Including Aggravated DUI – TK

Unexpected bad boy Jason Korpi was arrested a few months back with eleven pending charges. Now there are even more details on his February arrest. Included are how many of his charges are misdemeanors and how many are violations.

An Unexpected Destructive Cast Member

Jason has been a problem since prior to Season 5 of the hit TLC series airing. A hole was seen punched in his wall in one of his TikTok videos so that became a physical assault issue. Still, the show went on but not in his favor. He came off as controlling, manipulative, rude, and abusive. Fans were shocked that no one was intervening on his girlfriend, Kylen’s behalf. Yet, he kept her parents at arm’s length believing that there was no need for her to see them. He would much rather the couple hang out with his friends. Furthermore, he made all of the decisions when it came to the pregnancy and birth plan.

This was a hard pill for viewers to swallow because unless he was giving birth, he had no reasons to call the shots. He was against an epidural, a hospital birth, a cervical exam, it was a mess. Kylen went along with what he wanted because she deferred to him for everything. In the end, he was removed by security from the hospital when Kylen was in labor. They told him he had to leave or they would call the police. In the end, he did exit but he would see the police in the very near future.

Arrested Development

When Jason was arrested back in February, he was facing eleven charges. Now, Starcasm has even more details on everything that transpired the night that the teen dad was arrested. Apparently, he was driving while intoxicated with alcohol in his car. He did not want to succumb to the police so he kept his headlights off. Jason proceeded to run a STOP sign, lost control of his car, and nearly hit a police car as well as three people standing in front of it. Furthermore, his license was suspended and he had the prior owner’s registration in the car.

Some of his eleven charges include:

  • Disobeying an Officer
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Transport Alcohol By Minor
  • Unregistered Vehicle

Seven of these are violations while the rest are currently misdemeanors. He was scheduled to be arraigned on May 3 but as of now, there are no new updates on this case. Of course, as soon as there are, we will let you know. What do you think the punishment will be? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


‘Unexpected’ Hypocrite Jason Korpi Makes Fans Want To Kick His A** – TK

Unexpected star Jason Korpi has a lot of fans’ feathers ruffled. He has said and done a lot of disrespectful things to his girlfriend Kylen Smith. Now they are calling the teen dad out on a hypocritical action he did in the most recent episode involving Kylen and family.

Jason’s Unexpected History Of Calling The Shots

From day one, it was all about Jason telling Kylen what to do. He was in control of her birth plan as he felt he knew what was best. In reality, he just wanted the one where he would be able to control the process. He did not believe a hospital birth would allow him to have a say at all. As for Kylen, she really wanted a hospital birth as she felt it was safer. It did not matter because she deferred to Jason all of the time. Soon enough, Kylen was in labor and they headed to the birthing center. The midwives quickly saw it was not going to be a smooth process as Kylen declined a cervical exam. Jason clearly did not understand what was necessary for a proper birth.

She was eventually facing exhaustion from long labor so they wanted to give her IV fluids which Jason, again, declined. It was determined Kylen needed to go to the hospital but Jason did not believe she was really in labor. He felt labor was when the water broke but producers informed him it was when contractions began. At the hospital, they felt an epidural was necessary as Kylen was so worn out. It was a safe way for her to deliver safely and she finally gave in, defying Jason. He got so riled up over it that it got him removed from the hospital. This made him so mad that he immediately called his daddy for help. Interestingly enough, the whole season he refused to let Kylen see her parents because he thought they treated her like a child.

The Hypocrisy Of It All

Kylen did not think it was quite right that Jason kept her from her parents. He maintained that they treated her like a child. Plus he would rather hang out with his friends as he felt his time was limited with them. Now fans are fuming with Jason since he would not let Kylen be with her parents yet his were the first call he made when he got thrown out of the hospital. They took to Reddit to express their frustration. “Tells kylen she shouldn’t see her parents bc they’re adults now then calls his daddy to talk to the security guard for him,” the thread started.

Another added: “Yep, his go to response is to call daddy when something doesn’t go his way I can promise you this was pattern all his life. Daddy running interference and insuring Jason gets his way.” It was followed up with this: “His parents have done a crap job at disciplining him. They obviously walk on eggshells around him.” Several fans ignored the initial post to simply say that they wanted to harm Jason while others blamed his parents for enabling him all of his life. It is interesting how he suddenly needed them when push came to shove. Shows how valuable they really are and why Kylen wanted hers around during this experience.

Do you agree this action was hypocritical? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


‘Unexpected’ Casting Call Leaks Major Production Secret – TK

Yesterday, TV Shows Ace shared that Unexpected was putting out a casting call. Current cast members posted casting information on their Instagrams as their fans could be the best recruits. Yet one of the show requirements may have been a tad questionable.

Joining The Cast Of Unexpected

Every season, production likes to add some new blood. Sometimes they last and sometimes they leave. Those like Lilly Bennett join the show and then take a few seasons off. Ultimately, she returned with a new man and pregnant again. During Season 4, she was with her boyfriend Lawrence and was expecting her second child, her first with this beau. He was nervous but ready to move forward so he proposed shortly before the baby was born. By Season 5, the two were engaged so they decided to move in together. Yet it was a tough adjustment, having two kids and Lilly’s mother not around. They have since fought a lot about the difficulties of staying at home.

Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith are entirely new to the process this year. He has caught major hate for his treatment of his pregnant teen girlfriend. His constant need to control the process from beginning to end is consistently infuriating to viewers of the series. They have even started a petition to have him removed. In his mind, he has singlehandedly boosted the ratings of the show. In the end, it is unclear if the series will be renewed for a Season 6. Furthermore, if it is, no one knows who will return. By the looks of a casting call, the show is primed for another year. Though one requirement to join is a tad suspicious.

A Secret In The Casting Call?

Both Lilly Bennett and Emersyn Potter shared the casting notice on their respective Instagram pages. At first glance, it seemed pretty basic. Expectant teens between the ages of fourteen and nineteen who are due between September and November of this year. The call also would like their cast to be in high school. However, upon looking closer, they are not just looking for expectant teens who are between the ages of fourteen and nineteen. The specific wording is: “do you appear between the ages of…” This now opens up a whole new can of worms. TLC reality shows have long been questioned if they are staged.

Yes, scenes have had to be reshot for production, and scene quality. In You, Me & My Ex, one couple confessed that they were relatively low drama. It was only further enhanced for a storyline. Upon seeing this casting notice, it brings up the question of how much of the series is real? Are the girls truly as young as they say they are or are they cast to look that way? These girls need to look a certain age but if they look older, does that mean they are not considered? There are a bunch of questions that need to be answered to bring validity to an already out-of-control show. Finally, keep in mind this might be for another similar show that they just get paid to promote but it sure sounds a lot like Unexpected.

Do you think ages are faked or is this just a poorly worded casting call? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


Jason Korpi Says ‘Unexpected’ Production Should Thank Him? – TK

Jason Korpi of TLC’s Unexpected recently updated his Instagram bio and it sent fans of the series reeling on Facebook and Reddit. On both Reddit and Facebook, Unexpected fans believed the abusive man child was sending a pretty strong message to the production of the show. What change did Jason Korpi make to his Instagram bio exactly? Why does he think the production of Unexpected should bow down and kiss his feet? Keep reading for the details.

Jason Korpi thinks production of Unexpected should thank him
Fans of Unexpected noticed that Jason recently updated his Instagram bio. “TLC’s views this season for me,” the young father penned in his bio. He followed the statement with a red line shooting up and a starry-eyed emoji. It was a very short and simple update to his bio. But, fans across multiple platforms believed he was sending a very strong message. Turns out, that Jason Korpi is well aware of how popular this season of Unexpected has been. Likewise, he believes he’s single handly to thank for why the show’s views and ratings are booming this season.

Despite the charges Jason faces and all of the hate swirling for him, he seemingly harbors no fear that TLC will can him from the cast line-up. In fact, Jason Korpi’s Instagram update suggests he believes he’s the star of the show.

Unexpected fans can’t stop talking about him

Now, Jason Korpi isn’t exactly wrong about being the star of the show at the moment. He, however, is sitting on this throne because Unexpected fans love to hate him. A quick search of Jason’s name on Twitter reveals fans calling him every name on the planet. This includes one fan noting that if someone were to “look up a piece of sh*t” in the dictionary, they would find a picture of Jason.

Should TLC have allowed Jason Korpi on television?

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, there is a petition gaining traction to have Jason removed from the show. This, however, has fans debating whether or not Jason should have been allowed on the show to begin with. There are some fans who hate Jason but do not hate that TLC decided to air his story arc. Some fans note it is important to showcase domestic abuse because there are a lot of other girls just like Kylen Smith that are not on television.

Is Jason Korpi right to think that the production of Unexpected should thank him for making this such a popular season of the show? Or, do you think someone needs to deflate his head a bit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more.


Jason Korpi Makes Empty Promises To ‘Unexpected’ Fans? – TK

Jason Korpi was fuming when his girlfriend, Kylen Smith broke her word when it came to their birth plan. He went so over the top that it caused him to be removed from the hospital. Yet has he now broken his word to Unexpected fans?

Unexpected Fans Watch Jason Korpi Continue To Unravel

Every week, Jason comes a little bit more unhinged. It started with him wanting to control his girlfriend, Kylen’s whole pregnancy. She was rarely allowed to see her parents which was a huge blow for both sides. It was not normal, in her mind, for her to be kept away from them. Jason also dictated what kind of birth she was going to have mainly because he wanted to be a part of the whole process. He wanted to be able to deliver the baby and be extremely hands-on. As for Kylen, she just wanted to be as safe as possible and a hospital birth made sense. Yet that was not what Jason wanted so she gave in.

When they went to the birthing center because she was having contractions, he would not permit a cervical exam so it was unknown how dilated she was. He seemingly did not care how much pain she was in or how many hours passed, more so what the labor process actually entailed. Finally, they had to go to the hospital and an epidural was needed. He was against this and even though she was initially, she knew it was best. Therefore she defied him and received the shot which caused him so much anger. He was eventually removed by security but may have been let back in at some point.

Unfulfilled Promises

In a TikTok video Jason Korpi posted, he is seen standing next to Kylen’s hospital bed shortly after their son Xavier was born. It led fans to believe he may have been let back into the room for the rest of the labor and delivery. Only time will tell what TLC will let viewers get to see but in March, Jason posted a comment on one of his videos. “We are making a YouTube to tell the truth about the birth and our life. Tlc got everything all wrong for “good content” haters stay hating though.”

That was posted on March 24th. On March 29th, a follower asked what Jason’s YouTube was as they were interested in the truth. Clearly, if there was more to the story, fans will watch. By April 17th, another follower commented: “I’m still waiting for this youtube.” As of a week ago, there was still no video. On a YouTube search, he has no visible channel. It could be that he and Kylen have to wait until the season and tell-all have wrapped due to an NDA. If that is the case, he should not have promised a video to fans before he could deliver.

Would you watch an expose by Jason if there ends up being one? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


‘Unexpected’: Is Jason Korpi Involved In Parenting His Child? – TK

Unexpected star Jason Korpi has been involved in every aspect of his girlfriend, Kylen Smith’s pregnancy. So much so that he got himself kicked out of the hospital during her labor. Now fans are wondering just how involved the teen dad is with his son.

An Overbearing Unexpected Father

Jason has been in control since the season started. He has dictated the way this whole pregnancy is going to go and he is not even the one carrying the baby. Jason has kept his baby mama, Kylen, away from her parents which has been extremely hard for her. They want to see their daughter and watch her as she goes through this major life event. However, he feels they treat her like a child. Plus, he would rather them hang out with his friends. Furthermore, he has decided what birth plan he prefers which is home birth. He believes he will be heard by the midwives as opposed to at a hospital. This is not what Kylen wants but she is going along with it.

When she did go into labor, he declined to let her have a cervical exam. No one really knew how far along she was at the birthing center. He also would not let her get basic fluids after hours of labor. She was in excruciating pain yet he wanted her to suck it up and had virtually no sympathy. In his mind, labor only happened when the water broke but a producer straightened him out. After they were sent to the hospital, he was against her getting an epidural. The staff maintained it was the safest way for Kylen to deliver the baby but Jason had other ideas. In the end, she stood up for herself, got the epidural, and Jason was removed. So, is he even active in his son’s life?

A Participating Father?

It appears Jason does spend time with his son. Though it could just be a photo-op, he does take a lot of pictures of Xavier. He goes on to actively share them on TikTok and seems quite proud. As to whether or not he takes him out on adventures or gets on the floor for the nitty-gritty, that is yet to be seen. Xavier is about nine months old so he is at that fun age where he is probably exploring and learning fun things.

He does maintain his son saved him but, again, his behavior has yet to change. Only time will tell what type of father and partner he will become. Do you think Jason will be a hands-on dad or will the thrill go away as time goes by? Let us know your thoughts and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.