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LPBW Season 23 spoiler: Zach and Tori Roloff give updates on Jackson and Lilah: ‘They’re happy and healthy’ – TK

During the premiere episode of Season 23 of Little People, Big World, Tori, and Zach Roloff updated their fans on Jackson and Lilah’s milestones.

Jackson and Lilah might only be toddlers, but they’ve definitely captured the hearts of LPBW viewers.

Season 23 of LPBW debuts tonight, and during the episode, Tori and Zach gave updates on the siblings’ well-being since viewers saw them last season.

During the opening scene, Jackson and Lilah rode their scooters in their cul-de-sac with Tori and Zach.

LPBW Season 23: Lilah Roloff is walking, speaks first words
Tori revealed that on July 4, Lilah took her first steps, and she’s been on the move ever since. “She’s starting to run now,” Tori shared.


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During a confessional, Zach said of his daughter, “I’m just so shocked at how brave she is.” Tori added, “There’s no hesitation either, she’s a big walker girl.”

Lilah has also begun talking: “There’s mama, dada, Jackson, Lilah, dog dog,” Tori said of the words Lilah can say. Lilah even showed off her vocabulary as Tori asked the adorable toddler to repeat after her.

Health-wise, Jackson, and Lilah are holding steady. At the time of filming, Tori shared that she and Zach were in the process of having Jackson’s bowed legs examined. As LPBW fans know, Jackson has since undergone surgery to gradually correct the bowing in his legs.

LPBW viewers might remember Lilah getting her first pair of glasses last season for a condition she has called strabismus, which causes her eyes to cross. “Lilah still has strabismus,” Tori shared with viewers. “She’s still a little cross-eyed without her glasses on.”


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Tori Roloff on Jackson and Lilah: ‘They’re healthy and happy’

Overall, Tori said her and Zach’s kids are doing great: “Jackson has some bowing in his legs that we’re checking into with his doctors. But other than that, they’re healthy and happy.”

After suffering a devastating miscarriage last year when Tori was six weeks into her pregnancy, she and Zach have since welcomed their rainbow baby. Josiah Luke was born on April 30, arriving a little bit ahead of his scheduled due date.

Now a family of five, Tori, Zach, and their three kids are living in their new home on two sprawling acres in Battle Ground, Washington, a 45-minute drive from Roloff Farms. After negotiations fell through to purchase the north side of the farm, Tori and Zach opted for their Plan B and moved north, where they look to be loving the life they’re creating in The Evergreen State.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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‘LPBW’ Season 23 Premiere Recap: ‘The Roloff Crazy Train’ – TK

The LPBW (Little People, Big World) Season 23 Premiere airs tonight on TLC. Those with a Discovery+ subscription, however, have the opportunity to stream the episode a little early. Titled “The Roloff Crazy Train,” here’s TvShowsAce‘s recap of the LPBW Season 23 Premiere.

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS from tonight’s episode.

Zach and Matt Roloff fell out prior to filming

The beginning of the LPBW Season 23 Premiere reveals Zach and Matt sat down to negotiate the purchase of the north side of the farm weeks before they started filming. The episode kicks off with both Zach and Matt telling their sides of what happened. Supporting what her husband says, Tori chimes in a little but mostly just agrees with Zach as he does the talking. Caryn Chandler, however, did give her point of view on how things went down and fell apart.

According to Matt’s life partner Caryn, Matt Roloff came into the negotiations with his business hat on. Zach, however, came into the meeting as more of a lifestyle and family meeting. Caryn believed the meeting started out badly because they weren’t both approaching it from a business standpoint. Caryn noted that she believed Zach and Tori were a bit wishy-washy on what they wanted.

Matt Roloff explained that the biggest problem is the fact that he isn’t sure Zach (or any of his other children) are passionate enough to do the work that comes along with having the property. He noted that Zach and Tori wanted to live on the property with their children. But, they didn’t really want to do the work that went into maintaining the property.

Using Lilah and Jackson left a bad taste in Matt’s mouth

Zach Roloff ended up bringing Lilah and Jackson into the business meeting. He asked his father how much it was worth for him to have his grandchildren growing up on Roloff Farms. Matt admitted it left a bad taste in his mouth that Zach brought his children into it. Both Matt and Caryn agreed that it wasn’t right or fair for Zach to play the grandchildren card to tip the negotiations in his favor. Matt and Caryn love Jackson and Lilah.

But, at the end of the day, this was a business meeting. And, Matt did not think it was fair to his other children if he just gave away a slice of the pie to Zach and Tori. Likewise, Matt argued that Zach and Tori were still expecting him to do the bulk of the work and that wasn’t what he wanted.

Zach Roloff puts distance between his children and father

After the trying to work out terms for Roloff Farms fell through, Zach and Tori took the kids and left. Matt and Caryn admit a lot of time went back without seeing Jackson and Lilah. This was difficult for Matt and Caryn because they used to see their beautiful grandchildren several times a week. Matt said that he and Caryn were their go-to babysitter. And, now they hadn’t seen them in weeks.

Zach tells the cameras during the LPBW Season 23 Premiere that he wasn’t happy Caryn Chandler was involved in the business meeting. He wanted to work the details out with his father. And, he didn’t like Caryn speaking on behalf of his father. Matt, however, explained Caryn was just an extra pair of ears to make sure Matt’s best interest was protected. Matt Roloff added that he can’t always hear everything and he needed Caryn to help support him.

LPBW Season 23 Premiere: Amy and Chris Marek enjoy married life

Amy and Chris Marek are happy as can be as they soak up their married life. Chris tells Amy he wants to take Matt up on his offer to buy them tickets to Arizona. Amy is down for it and thinks going in February is a great idea. Chris ponders what Valentine’s Day dinner across from Matt and Caryn will feel like.

Amy Roloff also tells the cameras that she’s not sure what pumpkin season will look like this year. She doesn’t own any part of Roloff Farms and isn’t sure if Matt wants her involved. Likewise, she isn’t sure if Zach and Tori will be a part of pumpkin season because she knows they aren’t on speaking terms. Amy tells the cameras she isn’t surprised they had a falling out. She clarifies she doesn’t have all the details and is trying not to get in the middle of it.

Zach and Tori Roloff ready to separate from his family

Tori Roloff notes that their entire life has revolved around Zach’s family. Both Zach and Tori admit they are ready to start living for themselves and stop making decisions based on what’s good for everyone else. So, they make the decision to make an offer 45 minutes away from where they currently live. They know it will be scary to move so far away from everything they know. Likewise, Zach and Tori know both of their mothers will be super upset if they move away.

Zach notes that he expects his father to be furious even if he doesn’t initially react to the news. After making an aggressive offer on a house in another state, Zach and Tori’s realtor call them to congratulate them on their offer being accepted.

LPBW Season 23 Premiere: Amy and Chris react to big news

Zach and Tori decide to have Amy and Chris Marek over to break the news. Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are speechless when they announce moving to Battle Ground. Amy shifts gears and tries to be supportive. Chris Marek, however, seemed really bothered by this news. He questions if they are serious and wonders why they would want to move so far away from everyone and everything they know. Tori Roloff chimes in to remind him that 45 minutes isn’t really that far away.

Amy Roloff tells the cameras she was “surprised” and a “little bit sad” that Zach and Tori were moving away. Zach’s mother adds that it is “sad” Matt couldn’t dial back his businessman approach to working out deals enough to reach an agreement with his son regarding the property. Chris Marek admits he had no idea Zach and Matt were in such a bad place. Chris added it was disappointing, but he didn’t want to speak too much on the issue because he only had one side of the story. He, however, agreed with Amy that Matt seems to go a little hard when it comes to business deals. And, he isn’t sure that’s the right approach with his own family.

Zach and Tori break the news to Matt and Caryn

Zach and Tori visited Matt and Caryn for the first time in weeks. Both couples admit the entire exchange was awkward. Zach makes the strange decision to use Jackson to break the news. Both Caryn and Matt tell the cameras they were surprised and offended that Zach would use Jackson. Caryn even got vulgar noting “who the f*ck does that.”

Zach Roloff explained during the LPBW Season 23 Premiere that he used Jackson to tell the news with the hopes of softening the blow. He was hoping to see some real emotion from his father by using Jackson. He also thought it would be harder for Matt to be angry. Zach admits he was disappointed when his father had such an emotionless response to the news.

LPBW Season 23 Premiere: Matt Roloff and Caryn lost, unsure

The episode ends on a pretty sad note. Caryn Chandler explains that they still want to have a relationship with Zach and Tori. Zach and Tori, however, are the ones that decided to walk away. And, she feels that Zach and Tori are the ones who need to walk back into the relationship. Caryn notes she and Matt never went anywhere. It was Zach and Tori that left.

The episode comes to a close with Tori noting: “This is why we are moving” in response to Matt and Caryn’s cold and awkward reaction to the news.

Have you had a chance to watch the LPBW Season 23 Premiere just yet? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news!

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LPBW: Why Matt & Amy Were Never Meant To Work Out – TK

For years, Little People, Big World viewers watched Amy and Matt Roloff fight as it became clear their marriage was never meant to work out.

It’s become apparent to Little People, Big World viewers that Amy and Matt Roloff were never a match made in heaven. In the early seasons of Little People, Big World, viewers watched as the Roloff family seemed like an inseparable unit. Amy took care of the home and four children while Matt came up with the big ideas for the family farm. However, the couple hardly knew one another when they decided to walk down the aisle, and it’s possible they sensed from the beginning that their marriage wasn’t going to have a fairytale ending.

Sadly, the cameras caught Amy and Matt’s constant relationship turmoil as the seasons progressed. There were times when Matt left the family vacation and Amy revealed her frustration with their marriage. The couple grew more bitter toward one another until their ultimate divorce. The 27-year marriage came to an end in 2016 and not a moment too soon.

There is no doubt that Amy was always the more pragmatic partner, while Matt could easily get carried away with his grand ideas. The former Little People, Big World couple also had very different ideas of commitment, with Matt once saying, “While Amy puts commitment at or near the top of her list, I would put it further down.” According to Matt, the fault lies within his ex-wife, who found it hard to go with the flow. Matt always saw commitments as flexible and negotiable. The two could often be seen butting heads over the simplest situations.

Both Amy and Matt also lacked the ability to communicate. The two always seemed to be crossing paths but essentially living their own lives. At times, Matt would become outwardly frustrated and mean to Amy. Viewers often recall when the father of four was undergoing serious surgery. Amy, who stood by his side, tried her best to soothe him, but instead, he yelled at her for not knowing how to run the farm. Matt often belittled Amy and her ideas, including her now popular pumpkin salsa. In the end, Amy and Matt just couldn’t connect on even the simplest things.

Thankfully, Amy and Matt have both moved on with their lives. Amy recently tied the knot with Chris Marek, while Matt is still dating Caryn Chandler. Though the former couple is still navigating life after divorce, they do seem happier now that they are apart. Hopefully, Little People, Big World season 23 will feature updates on both Matt and Amy.

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LPBW: Tori Roloff Discloses Lilah’s FIRST WORDS! Shares Her & Jackson’s Health Update — HN

As Little People Big World is inching closer to its premiere, viewers are very excited. Apparently, Zach and Tori Roloff’s kids, Jackson and Lilah, are the heart and soul of the show. As they are the youngest LPBW cast members of the series, fans can’t get over their cute mannerisms. Therefore, they love how much joy the sibling duo brings on screen. Lately, the proud parents revealed major updates about the little ones and developments in their life. Keep reading to know more about them.

LPBW: Lilah Is A Fearless Walker! Doesn’t Talk Much?
As LPBW fans are gearing up for the new season premiere, they eagerly wait to meet the cast members again. In fact, most viewers are more excited to see little munchkins, Lilah and Jackson on screen again. In fact, they can’t get enough of the sibling’s cuteness even when Tori Roloff makes various posts about them on Instagram. Lately, a new promo by People has revealed that Tori and Zach are going to share major updates about their loving children. Apparently, Jackson was four while Lilah was two during the time of the filming.

While talking about Lilah, her mother, Tori Roloff, says that she took her “first steps” in July last year. In fact, she was so comfortable with it by being “all over the place”. Eventually, the LPBW star also stated that she began to run too. It turns out that Lilah stunned Zach Roloff by being “brave” and a big walker girl. At last, the parents emphasized how their daughter doesn’t speak much. In fact, she only opens up when they ask her to. As per Tori, she often says these words a lot, “mama, dada, Jackson, Lilah, dog dog”.

Eventually, Tori Roloff claimed that both her kids were healthy and doing well. While talking of Lilah’s strabismus, she said her little one is a bit “cross-eyed” when not wearing the glasses. Apart from this, Jackson’s legs were bowing too, and they were consulting doctors for it. Despite this, their mom stated the siblings are “healthy” and “happy”.

LPBW: Jackson’s Bow Legs Surgery To Feature In The New Season
As Tori addressed Jackson’s bowed legs, LPBW viewers also remained concerned about him constantly. However, back in December, she put up a post on Instagram that the little one went through a “surgery” for the same. Although his legs still appear bowed, the mother assured the fans that they would get better over the years as Jackson grew old. In fact, there was a segment in the LPBW first look with Jackson visiting the doctors for his legs.


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Later on, there were others segments featuring the little one going into the emergency room for his operation. Right then, the camera panned at Tori Roloff, who made a tensed face on the screen. As this occurrence took place in Winters, Jackson has been doing well since then. Moreover, viewers are delighted to see the little one walk around and run in Tori Roloff’s Instagram stories with ease.

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Caryn Chandler Disses Amy Roloff’s Style on ‘Little People, Big World’? – TK

Little People, Big World kicks off Season 23 on May 17, 2022, and Caryn Chandler‘s front and center chatting about Amy Roloff. Was she throwing some shade at Matt Roloff’s ex-wife or is it just a difference of opinion? There’s some interesting stuff in the new episode.

Caryn Chandler’s Presence Irritates Zach Roloff – Little People, Big World Season 23, Episode 1

As the 23rd season begins, the debate between Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff over the family farm is exposed. It seems Matt couldn’t work out and both sides had a lot of anger over the breakdown of negotiations.

One issue for Zach, seen on Little People, Big World, was Caryn Chandler’s participation in the talks. Matt brought Caryn and Zach brought Tori. And that seemed okay on the surface. Until it wasn’t.

Amy’s son asked Matt “what is it worth to have your grandkids on this property?” And then, he says Caryn stopped things saying “this is over”. He says his dad’s girlfriend being involved altered the meeting. He called it “weird”.

The younger Roloff said that Caryn Chandler said, “we can’t do that”. He thinks Matt should have spoken up, not Caryn speaking for him. After the talks fell apart, Zach decided with Tori to take time away from them.

Amy chimed in after she heard things fell apart. And Amy Roloff said she knew it would be “difficult” for the two to come to terms. But Amy’s new husband deferred an opinion saying he didn’t know enough…

Caryn Didn’t Care for Amy Roloff’s LPBW Wedding – Jealousy or Shade?

The Little People, Big World episode began with chatter about Amy’s wedding to Chris Marek that took place at the farm last season. You’ll recall Amy had a big to-do with tons of guests.

When the new season starts, it’s heading towards pumpkin season as Caryn spends time with Matt on the farm in Oregon. Caryn said she thinks Amy and Chris had a lot of fun with a “big traditional” wedding.

However, Matt says “we’re not doing that”. And he didn’t mean getting married. Caryn says “if and when” they marry, she “visualizes a much smaller affair” than the nuptial style that Amy Roloff chose.

Then on Little People, Big World, Caryn revealed that Matt was “spying” on Amy’s wedding, even though they weren’t invited. He admits he was checking the farm’s security cameras to see the event.

Caryn called it “creepy” to “spy” on them when they’re not invited. He laughed and said, “it’s not creepy”. Not only did Caryn Chandler talk about hypothetical wedding plans, but her boyfriend also made clear her place in his life.

Matt Roloff Hints at Future with Girlfriend on Little People, Big World

Although Zach was irritated at Caryn’s input at the purchase meeting, Matt clearly wanted her there. He saw it as natural that she’d be at this discussion.

And that’s because Matt Roloff says Caryn Chandler is his “life partner” on Little People, Big World. From Caryn’s perspective, she says “there was a little bit of talk” and then “Zach was out”.

Clearly, these sides aren’t seeing things the same way. For her part, Caryn says “she’s riding the Roloff crazy train”. She said his family can hold a grudge and be mad “for a year”.

She insists her boyfriend went “into a business negotiation” while Zach was there from a “lifestyle perspective”. The son says his dad was trying to control him. But Amy’s ex-husband says he “offered a substantial family discount”.

As for Caryn, she says it’s okay if it’s not meant to be. She called it a “dream that didn’t manifest”. While some may see this as Caryn Chandler wanting things for herself, Matt Roloff insists it’s another way on Little People, Big World.

He said he intends for all four kids to inherit from him. That includes Jeremy, Zach, Jacob Roloff, and Molly Roloff. The patriarch says that giving Zach too much of a discount isn’t fair to his and Amy Roloff’s other kids.

Amy Roloff’s on her son’s side, of course. One thing is for certain. The drama’s just getting started. See how it goes when Amy Roloff spends time at Caryn Chandler’s place for a couple’s weekend…

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LPBW: Matt Roloff Announces RETIREMENT! Quitting The Show? — HN

Matt Roloff from Little People Big World is currently going through a lot of changes in his life. Apparently, he is putting a part of Roloff Farms on sale. Well, that announcement sent every LPBW fan in shock. That’s because they were under the view that the place would be a part of the family and the coming generation. With this, Matt also declared that he was willing to retire soon. Hence, viewers began to wonder if this involved bidding goodbye to the reality show or not. Keep reading to know what he had to say.

LPBW: Matt Roloff Wants To Retire! Won’t Be A Cast Member Of The Show Anymore?
Matt Roloff and his prized possession, i.e., Roloff Farms, have been a huge part of LPBW. In fact, his family’s journey began when he and his former wife and his four kids, i.e., Jeremy, Jacob, Molly, and Zach, were living on the farms under one roof. However, as the seasons progressed, all of them grew up and went their separate ways. Therefore, no one was there to buy the farm, and Matt put it on sale. In fact, while saying so, he also talked of taking steps towards his “retirement”.


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A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff)

As a result, viewers began to wonder if he was referring to retiring from just the farm or bidding goodbye to his reality show career too. Apparently, Matt Roloff is one of the oldest cast members from TLC. That’s because he has been associated with the series for 16 years now. As a result, fans began to feel upset about it. However, there is no clarification about it as the star talked of his retirement under his farm sale post.

Hence, it could mean that he was only talking about not being able to take care of the farm anymore. That’s because there was no mention of the show anywhere on the post. Hence, until and unless Matt addresses the matter, there is no verification.

LPBW: Matt & Amy Roloff Offered A ‘Gift Of Equity’ To Zach & Jeremy! They Didn’t Buy The Farm!
On his Instagram post, Matt Roloff opened up about a lot of things about the farm sale. As he wanted his kids to take over the land, he and his ex-wife Amy Roloff even gave Zach and Jeremy the “gift of equity”. Despite this, they couldn’t make the purchase due to having other “investments” and “interests”. As a result, the famous father came to terms with selling a piece of his land and putting it on the market. Evidently, Zach Roloff is still quite upset with this change.

Hence, he took to the comments section to mention his viewpoint. As per Zach, his father was “changing” the narrative to appear as an “okay guy” before the season premiere. In fact, the LPBW star also stated that Matt’s statements are false since his post is very “misguided”. Later on, he ended his comment on a bitter note by stating the family member created all the drama on his own and manipulated everyone for his own gain. Well, viewers will get to see more about their feud in the upcoming season.

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Little People’s Matt Roloff claims estranged son Zach ‘CUT OFF’ his relationship with grandkids in nasty family feud – TK

LITTLE People Big World star Matt Roloff has claimed that his estranged son, Zach has “cut him off” from seeing his grandkids.

The family is currently in the middle of a nasty feud.

Matt Roloff had been cut off from seeing his grandkids during family feud over the farm
Little People’s Tori Roloff shares the first photo of her husband Zach with all three kids just one week after they welcomed their son

In a clip from the season premiere of Little People Big World, which airs tonight at 9/8c, tensions are high between the Roloff family.

The video starts with a message stating that Zach and Tori Roloff made an offer to buy the north side of the farm before production on the new season started.

Matt and Zach talked about their feud and said they were in “different camps” when it came to negotiations.

“He’s dictated too much for too long,” Zach said.

Negotiations quickly fell apart and the fight got even more real when he was cut off from seeing his grandkids.

“We go from seeing them almost daily to being completely cut off,” Matt admitted.

“Like you’re not going to see the kids, we’re not bringing them to the farm. You’re not going to talk to them,” Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn, added.

“I feel sad. I feel confused,” she said.

Later in the clip, Zach, Tori, and their kids arrive at the farm to tell Matt and Karen that they are moving.

The whole meeting was awkward and they were speechless after Jackson told them they were moving.


After the feud blew up, and Zach and Tori decided not to buy the farm, Matt put it up for sale.

Earlier this month, Matt confirmed that part of the farm is up for sale in an Instagram post.

“Well the cats out of the bag,” he captioned the photo. “I want to make sure you all hear the big news directly from me.

“All of @rolofffarms has brought me and our family great joy for the past 30+ years!

“Today 16 acres of the farms 109 acres go up for sale. including our original family home and bright red barn.

“It’s a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting. It’s time to move toward the next season of life.”

He is asking $4 million for the Oregon farmhouse, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While the lot for sale is only a fraction of the total owned land, the 16 acres offer enough unique features to be considered its own theme park.

Matt threw shade at his kids after fans criticized him for not selling the farm to his family.

“They all had more than enough…and very fair chances,” Matt told an Instagram user after they asked if none of the kids wanted to buy it.


Although Zach and Tori had cut Matt and Caryn off from seeing their kids, they put their differences aside after their son was born.

The couple welcomed their third child, Josiah Luke, on April 30.

They also share Jackson and Lilah.

After sharing a picture of her husband with all three of their kids, Matt revealed that he got to meet Josiah.

He shared the first photo with his grandson on Instagram.

The LPBW star wore a black sweater as he posed with his grandson, who wore an adorable onesie.

In the photo, Matt held his fingers close to the baby boy’s face.

Josiah appeared to be sticking his tongue out at his grandpa.

Matt thanked his daughter-in-law for “sending me this amazing photo.”

He captioned the post: “So sweet to see how attentive Jackson and Lilah are to new baby brother Josiah.”

Matt concluded: “He even opened his eyes to say Hi.”

It is not clear if Amy Roloff, Zach’s mother, has met his newborn son yet.

The family’s feud will play out this season on LPBW.

Zach and Tori Roloff talking about the tension in the family
Matt Roloff, and his girlfriend, Caryn, talk about how they have been cut off from seeing his grandchildren
Matt Roloff meets his grandson, Josiah for the first time and shares a sweet photo, despite feud with family
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Beauty and Brains! Inside Dr. Jen Arnold’s ‘Exciting’ Job in Boston: ‘It’s a Different Challenge!’ — HN

An incredible opportunity! The Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold details her rewarding career at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University in an exclusive video interview with In Touch.

The accomplished neonatologist, 48, is the program director for the facility’s simulation program. “The program is just so big and so impactful that he needed help leading it,” she says. “It’s a different challenge, but I get to help lead a very, very busy program, which is exciting.”

Jen, who shares children William and Zoey with husband Bill Klein, is incredibly proud of the work she does — and for good reason!

What Is The Little Couple Star Jen Arnold’s Job?
“I like to think of it as a program for clinical or medical institutions that supports education and training,” the Florida native explains. “Innovation and patient safety are the big pillars, I guess, is what I would say. We actually use human factors and systems engineering to help improve workflows and processes and mitigate hazards in healthcare.”

Through simulations, Jen and her team are able to “help train both new clinicians” in “high risk, rare situations,” namely in pediatrics.

“A surgeon can operate on a patient before they actually operate on a patient,” Jen notes. “As you can imagine, children are born with unique anatomy and the ability for surgeons to rehearse in that manner with such realism and technology is really great.”

From the beginning, Jen was drawn to pediatrics. “I think one [reason] is the fact that I was a patient all my life. So I mean, I’ve been through over 30 orthopedic surgeries you know, mostly during childhood,” she recalls.

“So I’m very comfortable in that space. As an adult now, you know … at the time, I didn’t really enjoy it, not to say that anyone should ever enjoy going through that, but I learned a lot,” she continues. “I think it not only shaped me who I am, but also, I really saw and had the passion to wanna give back to kids in a way that I had benefited.”

Prior to moving from Florida to New England, Jen built an impressive resumé in both her education and career.

In 2017, Jen and Bill relocated themselves and their two adopted children to St. Petersburg so she could take a job as the director of the Simulation Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Medical Center.

Before that, while living in Houston, she was board certified in pediatric and neonatal medicine and served as the director of the Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. She also took the education route and taught neonatology at Baylor University.

Jen received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. She then completed a residency, Master of Science in medical education and did her neonatal-perinatal fellowship training at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

“If you can make the difference for a baby or a child,” she tells In Touch, “it just, you know, it fills my heart.”

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‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Owes Amy Money – Farm Sale to Pay Off Ex? – TK

Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World seems to owe his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, money. Could he be selling the land to pay Amy back?

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Puts Farm up for Sale

Matt Roloff recently announced that he is selling a part of the family farm. Over the past 30 years, the Little People, Big World cast member has many memories on that land with his family. But it seems like he’s ready to pass it on to someone new, and it’s not Amy Roloff or one of his children.

Matt is selling 16 out of the 109 acres of land. In addition to the land, the sale includes the big house that Amy Roloff lived in after the divorce. The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also consists of the big red barn. The asking price starts at $4 million.

According to Matt, it was a difficult decision for him to make. The Little People, Big World star’s “ultimate hope” was that the entire farm would stay in his family for future generations to come. However, it didn’t work out that way. He feels that that dream isn’t meant to be.

Matt Needs Farm Money to Pay Amy Roloff Back?

Matt Roloff couldn’t split the land “legally” into multiple parcels. His twin sons, Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff expressed interest in the land. Both even put in an offer. But they were rejected. Fans will see the aftermath of Zach’s offer falling through in the new season.

The Little People, Big World twins decided that they couldn’t work together in a joint sale. According to Matt, Zach and Jeremy had moved on to other interests and investments. So, owning the land was no longer a part of their future plans.

However, Matt gave his boys a “substantial family discount” and a “gift of equity” if they became the family farm owners.

Amy Roloff even agreed to it. But, it seems like it wasn’t enough for the brothers to move forward with it. The TLC celeb says his sons don’t feel it was the right time for them to purchase a portion of the farm.

Matt Roloff also seems to owe Amy money still. He bought out Amy for a portion of the land. But it looks like he may not have given her all the money for it. He says he owes Amy a “bundle of money.” So, could he be selling the farm to get cash to pay her back?

Little People, Big World Celeb Ready for Retirement

Matt Roloff is already 60 years old. He says that the land is too much work for him to keep up with. He feels that his “cranky old body” can’t handle the continuing maintenance and demands of the farm. So, he had no choice but to put it up for sale.

According to the Little People, Big World castmate the decision to sell the farm was to give him the time to take steps towards his retirement goals. However, he thinks that the good news is that there are still “93 un-charted and pristine acres” of land that the family can enjoy. But will Amy Roloff ever visit the property?

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‘Little People, Big World’: Zach Roloff Calls Out Matt Roloff for Being a Coward & Manipulator – TK

Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World calls out Matt Roloff for being a coward and manipulator. The drama over the family farm heats up after it’s put up for sale.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Rejects Zach Roloff’s Offer

Matt Roloff is all about keeping the legacy of the family farm alive. The Little People, Big World cast member wanted to pass it down to his children.

However, it seems like that comes with a price tag. His son, Jeremy Roloff, had previously come to him with an offer. But that didn’t go through. And now it looks like Jeremy wasn’t the only sibling to put in a bid to take over the land.

In the new season of the TLC show, Zach Roloff reveals that he had offered to buy a portion of the farm. However, Matt feels that his son came in with demands instead of being willing to negotiate. So, the offer ends up falling through. And now fans will see the aftermath of the event.

Zach kept his family away from the farm for a while. However, the Little People, Big World star returns with his wife, Tori Roloff and kids to reveal shocking news.

Since Zach and Tori won’t be living on the land, they decide to move somewhere else. They tell Matt Roloff that they bought a home in Battle Ground, Washington.

Matt Selling Family Farm – Is It a Slap in Zach’s Face?

Matt Roloff is moving forward with the plan of selling a portion of the land. And it comes with a hefty price tag. He is selling it for $4 million, and it includes the farmhouse, the red barn and 16 acres of land.

So, it looks like Zach Roloff wasn’t willing to cough up that much money. However, Matt says that he was willing to give his son a family discount.

Many Little People, Big World fans thought that Matt selling the farm was a slap in Zach’s face. His son was interested in the farm. But, they weren’t able to agree on a price tag.

So, people think the TLC celeb now wants to see if he could get big bucks from selling it to someone who is not a relative. Could he be more about making a profit than keeping it in the family?

According to Matt, he couldn’t divide the farm up into multiple pieces and give it to his kids. He also says that Zach and Jeremy Roloff were interested in it. But they weren’t willing to purchase the land together. Yet, it seems like that’s not the whole truth.

Little People, Big World Celeb Blames Father for Family Drama

Zach Roloff believes that Matt Roloff’s reasoning for selling the farm is “extremely misguided and false.” He says that his father is “manipulating the narrative.” He feels that the TLC celeb never takes responsibility for his actions and blames others.

According to Zach, Matt created the family drama and is now manipulating the fans into making himself look like the good guy. The Little People, Big World star calls his father a coward and says he even manipulates his family for his own gain.