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‘This Is Us’ Season 6: Sophie’s Husband, Grant, Will Come Up Again, Show Writer Promises – TK

NBC’s This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13 brought Sophie Inman and Kevin Pearson to the forefront. Sophie and Kevin have a long relationship history, as they were once married. They parted ways years before Kate Pearson’s wedding in episode 13, but various clues have fans believing they’ll get back together. On the other hand, the show writer promises fans will hear more about Sophie’s husband, Grant, before the This Is Us Season 6 finale.

Does Kevin end up with Sophie on ‘This Is Us’ Season 6? Some fans think all signs point to yes

Kevin and Sophie have a lot of history, and many fans believe she spent the night with Kevin before Kate’s wedding. So, do they end up together by the This Is Us Season 6 finale?

Kevin actor Justin Hartley continues to hint at the possibility of the exes getting back together. “Well, there could be something there,” he told Extra in 2021. “I don’t know. There could be something there. I do know, but I can’t say. There might be something there, but there might not be something there.”

Hartley recently dropped another hint suggesting fans should anticipate a Kevin and Sophie grand reunion. “I think there’s a big percentage of people that want Kevin to be with Sophie,” Hartley told Entertainment Weekly. “I also think there’s a big percentage of people that don’t want that because they’re like, ‘Jesus, how many times are these guys going to get together and ruin each other’s lives?’ But I would say that the debate is usually Madison or Sophie. And it’s hard to beat a love interest that you’ve had 5 five years old.”

Sophie’s husband, Grant, comes up again, according to writer Jon Dorsey

After Sophie and Kevin went their separate ways, Sophie went on to date and marry a man named Grant. It’s unclear where Sophie and Grant stand in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13. She attends Kate’s wedding without Grant, and she doesn’t appear to wear the engagement or wedding ring he bought her. Instead, she’s sporting her grandmother’s emerald ring, which likely signifies the end of Sophie and Grant’s marriage.

Will fans hear more about Sophie and Grant before the This Is Us Season 6 finale? The showrunners say yes.

Entertainment Weekly asked episode 13 writer Jon Dorsey about Grant and Sophie. Dorsey confirmed that Sophie and Grant did get married. But fans likely remember Sophie telling Kevin that she had a “long story” about her current marriage. Fans can anticipate hearing more about this in the future.

“I’ll say this,” Dorsey said. “If you don’t get it in the next episode, you’ll certainly get it by the end of this season.”

Randall actor Sterling K. Brown says he knows exactly who Kevin ends up with by the finale

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14 delves into what happened with Kevin and the mystery woman before Kate’s wedding in episode 13. And Randall actor Sterling K. Brown says he knows exactly what goes down.

“And I also want to say to that dude who plays Kevin Pearson, the homey. Oh, J. Hart. He’s been exceptional this whole season. And I don’t know who he’s going to end up with, you guys!” Brown joked on Instagram. “I do know who he’s going to end up with,” he whispered to the camera. “But you guys don’t. And I would never ruin that for anybody. And I’m kind of like Madison and Beth, like, look at you cats. What’s gonna happen over there?”

We look forward to learning about everything that happened in Kevin’s hotel room — and what occurred with Sophie and Grant.

This Is Us Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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This Is Us’ Alexandra Breckenridge on Sophie and Kevin’s ‘Satisfying’ Reunion: ‘A Pivotal Moment’ – TK

“I think that they have this magnetic pull toward each other, and they have that kind of love at first sight thing that’s never left either of them,” Breckenridge tells PEOPLE of Sophie and Kevin

Kevin Pearson may have finally found his happy ending with Sophie Inman on This Is Us.

During Tuesday’s episode, titled “The Night Before the Wedding,” viewers finally got to see what Kevin (Justin Hartley) was up to the evening before Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Phillip (Chris Geere) got married.

The episode began with a young Kevin in school writing Valentine’s Day cards for the girls in his class, before shifting to the present day, where he ran into his ex-wife and longtime love Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) in the hotel ahead of the rehearsal dinner. As fans know, Sophie is good friends with Kate and was invited to her wedding, despite her past with Kevin.

After Sophie’s luggage was lost during her travels, Kevin took her into town to buy some clothes and toiletries. The two ended up spending the afternoon together, in which Sophie disclosed more about her life, including the shocking revelation that she is now divorced from her husband.

Later that night, Sophie and Kevin started to get intimate, but Sophie got upset after Kevin commented that her hair smells the same as it did in high school, and left. Confused and heartbroken, Kevin attempted to find comfort in the wedding singer (Katie Lowes) and in longtime friend Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) but his heart remained focused on Sophie.

The following day at the wedding, Sophie shared a conversation with Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who is battling dementia. During their conversation, Rebecca noted that while Kevin is not “ready” for Sophie as a 20-year-old, he “will be” ready one day in the future.

After a sweet pep talk from his brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kevin mended the situation with Sophie and the two finally rekindled their romance — but not without Kevin revealing that he has “kept” Sophie with him all these years by carrying the valentine he made for her in grade school in his wallet.

Below, Breckenridge tells PEOPLE about Kevin and Sophie’s rekindled romance and what this means for their future together.

ALEXANDRA BRECKENRIDGE: I had a creative conversation with [creator] Dan Fogelman about where he wanted to take the character this season. So I kind of knew what was coming up, but reading the script… it took me on the emotional rollercoaster that I think we take everybody on watching it. Playing that character, and coming to the show, leaving the show, not really sure if I was going to be on the show or not for so many reasons, and then the weight of the Kevin and Sophie relationship that spans … I mean, at this point in the show, it’s 40 years for them. It was so huge and heavy for the character and for me.

It’s been this bizarre back and forth. And I was just really, really happy with the episode and how the characters come together and that they get to explore this rekindling of their feelings for each other in this beautiful place. It’s really romantic and it was just very satisfying. I’m really happy with it.

How long have you actually known that Sophie and Kevin would end up together?

[Dan and I] had a conversation about how they wanted to end it with them [around] last year. He said, “This is what we would like to do. This is our ideal [storyline] and we have this wedding between Kate and Phillip that’s going to take place that we want to sort of jump back and forth through timelines.” They had kind of outlined it back then, but I didn’t know if I was going to be in Vancouver shooting Virgin River. It was kind of unclear if it was going to be possible.

I think we were all hoping that we would be able to make it happen. I mean, through the characters, the way that they built up their relationship, starting from such a young age… I don’t want to say soulmates, because I don’t know if that applies, but I think that they have this magnetic pull toward each other. And they have that kind of love at first sight thing that’s never left either of them.

During the episode, Rebecca is struggling with her dementia and has several conversations with Sophie, in which she asks how college is going and how she and Kevin are handling their long-distance relationship. How much of an influence do you think those conversations have on Sophie’s decision to give Kevin another chance?

The conversation that Sophie has with Rebecca at the wedding was a pivotal moment for her, where she makes the decision to go for it with him, to jump back into it with him because it’s this sage advice that Rebecca gives. She thinks they’re 20 years old. It’s almost like her character is seeing into the future into the present.

I think that is not lost on Sophie. I think it’s huge for her because she’s really absorbing and seeing what Rebecca is saying to her. And so that’s the moment. I don’t know if you can catch it, but that’s the moment where Sophie says to herself, “Okay, I’m going to do it.”

Sophie also has a very emotional reaction when Kevin comments on her hair smelling the same and tells him, “I need you to love me for the woman I am today.” Why do you think she reacted the way she did?

It freaked her out. She suddenly is like, “Oh my gosh, he just loves this old version of me. He’s not present with me. He’s not, right now as our 46-year-old selves.” But she was misinterpreting it and just getting scared, which makes sense because Kevin has broken her heart two times, at least.

Do you think Sophie will be able to fully trust Kevin from this point forward, knowing that he has cheated on her in the past? Plus Sophie is a traveling nurse and might be away from him for periods of time!

Yeah. I think that when she gets to this place, after talking to Rebecca and after having these moments in this afternoon with Kevin, she knows that he’s changed. And I think that’s why it’s such a huge decision for her to go all in, and be able to let him back in fully. She is walking into it with completely open arms. I don’t think she’s closed off. I think she realizes that he is different and that he has changed. And the only way you can walk back into a relationship like that is to trust the other person.

I agree. I feel like there’s a nice theme about second chances in the last few episodes, regarding Sophie and Kevin, and Kate with Philip, and the idea of what could happen if you trust the process and open your heart to the right person.

It’s something that the This Is Us writers do very, very well. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s all very well thought-out and it’s character-driven. And that’s why I love the writing on this show. They do such a beautiful job of tugging at your heartstrings while you’re watching it. But that’s because it’s speaking to you, because everybody can engage and they understand it, and they can connect to it on an emotional level.

Is there anything you can hint at regarding Sophie and Kevin’s future in the final four episodes? Will Sophie take on a co-parenting role with Kevin’s kids or help with his Big 3 business?

I think you’re going to see how that dynamic is going to play out between her and his kids, and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) and Elijah (Adam Korson). But as we close in on the end of the show, and we have this looming deathbed that’s been teased over the last few seasons in the future, Sophie’s going to be a great sense of support and stability for Kevin.

How are you feeling knowing that there are only a few episodes left?

This is obviously an incredible group of people, from the top to the bottom of the show. Everybody that works on it is so kind and hard-working and thoughtful and present and engaged. It’s very rare to come onto a show where you feel that from everyone that you’re working with. They have something really special.

Not only is the show incredibly successful, but it’s successful for all the right reasons in terms of the people who are creating it. And so it’s such an honor to be able to be on the show. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to be here at the end. I will miss it, but I’m just happy that I was able to be on it at all. I think there’s more story for Kevin and Sophie that I would’ve loved to dive into, but there’s just not enough time to do it all.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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‘This Is Us’: 1 Star Watches the Show With His Family Every Week – TK

The NBC show This is Us is in its final season, and fans everywhere have been watching the story of the show’s beloved “Big Three” come to an end, including one of the series’ biggest stars, who has witnessed the show’s effect within his own family.

How ‘This Is Us’ became a TV sensation

A show about family, identity, marriage, divorce, parenthood, childhood, and personhood, This Is Us has taken scripted content to a new level as viewers continue to find meaning and connection in the lives of the Pearsons. As pointed out by Jackie Strause of The Hollywood Reporter, “There were early signs This Is Us would become a watercooler hit, and that [it] would make Tuesday nights spent with the Pearson family appointment TV… For the network, the first tip-off was when the trailer broke viewing records and became a viral sensation.”

Since then, This Is Us has become an example of (if not synonymous with) excellent television, earning 249 award nominations and 59 wins, including four Emmys.

Sterling K. Brown’s Randall Pearson is a fan-favorite

One of the show’s “Big Three” (the nickname for the three Pearson children), Sterling K. Brown plays Randall Pearson in This Is Us. The adopted son of Jack and Rebecca, Randall’s story addresses being the only Black member in an all-white family and the struggles that come along with feeling like an outsider. As such, Brown’s character on This Is Us has been an incredibly important role, both for the actor and the show’s audience.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brown spoke about his first-hand experience with the show’s popularity saying, “I had several instances of people saying to me, ‘I don’t watch anything live, especially network television. But my family and I get together every Tuesday night and we watch this show.’”

Brown went on to say, “My cousin, who is a plus-size adopted woman, after episode four, which is the pool, she said, ‘Sterling, I know the whole O.J. thing was a big deal, but let me tell you about This Is Us.’ She said, ‘I am Kevin. I am Randall. I am Kate. This show sees all of who I am.’ And then Fogelman writes the fifth episode and, after I read [Kevin’s painting monologue] I was like, ‘This is the captain I will go anywhere for.’”

The end of the ‘This Is Us’ and what’s in store for Randall

Now, after five successful seasons, This Is Us season 6—the show’s final season—is underway.

Season 5 saw the resolution of many of Randall’s storylines, with Randall making his way to New Orleans to find out about his biological mother and resolving the long-standing issues between Randall and his brother Kevin. Brown tells People that his hopes for Randall by the end of This Is Us season 6 are closure and security in his identity.

Already Brown’s hopes look promising as This Is Us season 6 has already hinted at Randall’s senatorial bid. With only six episodes to go, it is a bittersweet journey for the show’s actors and viewers alike as everyone prepares for the series finale on May 24th.

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‘This Is Us’ Mandy Moore Explains Special Meaning Behind Rebecca’s Song At Kate’s Wedding – TK

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for the Season 6 episode of This Is Us, “Day of the Wedding.”

Kate’s (second) wedding day has finally arrived! After being shocked out of our socks in This Is Us’ Season 5 finale, when we learned that Kate was getting remarried — to Phillip of all people — and after the previous episode showed us how they got there, “Day of the Wedding” finally saw the Pearsons live that fateful day. Kate and Phillip did say, “I do,” but the even bigger talking point of the episode was Rebecca’s declining health. When she took the stage to sing at the reception, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (mine included), and Mandy Moore explained why the song was even more meaningful than fans might have realized.

It wasn’t a given that Rebecca was even going to be able to perform the song she’d practiced with Phillip for a year prior. Traveling to the wedding and being taken out of her daily routine proved to worsen the effects of Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s, and she slipped in and out of lucidity, consistently confusing Kevin for her late husband Jack. When she started to play, however, and found her key, the tune was surprisingly familiar! The special song Kate had teased the whole episode turned out to be the show’s closing theme music, and Mandy Moore told People that was, of course, always the showrunner’s plan:

It’s my understanding that Dan [Fogelman] always had the idea for the song to come around in a more fully realized form.

It’s not really surprising that Dan Fogelman continues to have surprises up his sleeve, even with just a handful of episodes remaining in the series. Listening to the lyrics – which included sentiments like, “They say time will tell, but I think it likes to keep secrets; So we’ll wait and see; But it’s just as well, the years can be counted in seconds” – I had to wonder: was the song sad because the lyrics were sad, or was it sad because we typically associate that music with what’s playing as we’re sobbing into our pillows at the end of each episode? I’m thinking both.

The familiar melody wasn’t where the song’s special meaning ended, though. Mandy Moore had an especially personal connection, and Rebecca’s ability to perform it spoke to what the actress said she’s learned about dementia and Alzheimer’s in researching for her performance:

My husband [Taylor Goldsmith] and our show’s composer Sidd Khosla wrote the song — as they have with several songs over the course of the series — which made it even more meaningful. I conferred with a neurologist who has helped me and the writers make sure we are as authentic as possible with the details. I discovered that, oftentimes, if someone suffering from dementia has done something repetitively in the past, as Rebecca has with playing music, then their cognitive reserve makes that same skill available to them, even years into a diagnosis.

It was a great moment, as Mandy Moore continues to blow us away this season. I was, however, just a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Phillip go full Titanic with “My Heart Will Go On” — which had been his plan to distract the partygoers if Rebecca started to struggle on stage. Maybe that could still come to fruition, as in next week’s episode we’ll dive deeper into Kevin’s wedding weekend dalliances. Madison and Beth were on the case in “Day of the Wedding” to find out if Kevin had slept with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), or the wedding singer (Katie Lowes of Scandal and Inventing Anna, whose character was introduced in this episode).

The countdown is officially on, with five episodes remaining. This Is Us’ final chapter continues at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 26 on NBC. As this one wraps up, check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what shows are premiering soon.

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‘This Is Us’ Finale Is the ‘Perfect Goodbye for These Characters,’ Says Elizabeth Berger – TK

There are only a handful of episodes of This Is Us left. This Is Us creator and executive producer Dan Fogelman told the audience he’d finished writing the This Is Us finale during the show’s PaleyFest panel on April 2. At the time, the cast and creative team hadn’t read the finale, but it’s been a few weeks since then. Now, the reactions to the series finale started trickling in, starting with co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger.

‘This Is Us’ showrunner Elizabeth Berger was emotional after reading the finale

Berger spoke with The Hollywood Reporter after “Katoby,” episode 12 of season 6, aired on NBC April 12. Berger also wrote the episode with co-showrunner, Isaac Aptaker. While Berger revealed important information from the episode, the biggest revelation was about the This Is Us finale, which airs on NBC on May 24.

“I’m not a crier when it comes to reading our episodes, because I’ve lived with them so intensely by the time I get them,” Berger said. “But I will say that Dan’s finale script made me completely break down in sobs. It’s a really beautiful and, I think, perfect goodbye for these characters.”

Were those happy tears or sad tears? Berger didn’t share that information. Fans will have to wait until the finale until we find out. Based on how things have gone for five full seasons and the first 12 episodes of season 6, it’ll probably be a mix of both.

‘This Is Us’ cast has not shared their reactions to the finale

How did the This Is Us cast react to reading the series finale? Again, fans will have to wait to find out. As mentioned, Berger is the first to go on record with her reaction to the episode.

If history is any indication, we should hear how Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, and the rest of the cast reacted to the episode in time.

During the PaleyFest panel, Fogelman revealed that Mandy Moore threw up after reading the penultimate episode. Chrissy Metz “couldn’t breathe.” That was just the second to last episode. Berger told THR that those reactions were “totally on point.”

“It’s a lot to process that we’re going to say goodbye to these characters, and it’s a lot to process that we’re going to say goodbye to these jobs that we all love a lot,” Berger said.

‘This Is Us’ final season episode count

Luckily, fans don’t have to say goodbye to This Is Us and its characters just yet.

This Is Us Season 6 consists of 18 episodes. As of Monday, April 18, only 12 episodes of season 6 have aired so far, which means there are only six episodes of the series left.

“The Day of the Wedding,” episode 13 of the season, airs on Tuesday, April 19, followed by “The Night Before the Wedding,” on Tuesday, April 26.

NBC releases one new episode of This Is Us every Tuesday through the finale on May 24.

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‘This Is Us’: Creator Dan Fogelman Reveals He Has Written the Series Finale – TK

There are just six episodes left in the This Is Us saga and so many loose ends to tie up. We finally know the details of how KaToby split, saying a bittersweet goodbye to the couple’s marriage but perhaps welcoming a newfound supportive dynamic between the two.

We still don’t know, however, whether Randall will find success in the Senate (all bets are yes), who Kevin ends up with, or what the dynamic will be between Rebecca and her children on her deathbed. After a panel at PaleyFest a few weeks ago, though, it’s clear that the cast finally knows what to expect for the final episode.

The show’s creators planned a limited series arc from the beginning

Covid threw a wrench into the original timeline by delaying filming, but This Is Us was never meant to go on indefinitely. “We never set out to make a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, so we have a very direct plan,” show creator Dan Fogelman said in 2019, per Parade.

Fogelman has discussed over the course of the following seasons that everything was going according to plan — even if all of the episodes hadn’t been written yet. In fact, he admitted to filming some of the series finale scenes all the way back in 2019, since the plan was to use some of the younger cast members who would naturally age out of their characters by the time the finale would film.

Despite fans remaining loyal to the show and clamoring for additional seasons or perhaps even spinoffs down the road, Fogelman has remained committed to the current six-season run. The series creator is careful to never say never, but for now, the series finale in May will be all he writes about the Pearson clan.

Dan Fogelman wrote the last words of ‘This Is Us’ at the beginning of April

Though the plan and major themes have been in place for several years, Fogelman just recently put the final touches on the Pearson family storyline. At the This Is Us panel during PaleyFest in early April, Fogelman said he had just finished writing the final episode the night before.

“It’s funny because I’ve been away for the last week. So, I just literally finished writing the final,” Today reported. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, confirmed the news. “We all got a text from Dan last night saying, ‘Guys, I just finished it.’”

The moderator for the event asked Fogelman if fans would be satisfied with the outcome. Though he has shared writing duties with others, including cast members Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson) and Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth Pearson) for some episodes this season, Fogelman took the burden to wrap up the entire series on his shoulders. “We’ve taken it very seriously. I wrote the final two episodes,” Fogelman said. “I feel very confident.”

Fogelman said he had been waiting to pen the final words of the series, but that the episode concludes the show exactly how he envisioned it when he started working on it eight years ago.

The cast has been very emotional about the final season

This Is Us has been, per usual, an emotional roller coaster for its cast and fans alike in Season 6. Though some fans are disappointed with the details of Kate and Toby’s split, others are sad but find beauty in it — just as Fogelman hoped they would. With several more major plot points to resolve, including how Miguel and Rebecca finally pair off and more about the lives of the Pearson children, it’s safe to say that there could be more divisive moments to come.

According to Fogelman, the penultimate episode was so wrenching that it caused Mandy Moore (Rebecca Pearson) to throw up. Metz struggled to breathe while reading it. And though we’d prefer to end in a fairy tale style, Ventimiglia has already warned that not everyone gets the happy ending we’d like to see. With the gut-punches fans have survived already this season, though, it’s a safe bet we’ll be grabbing for tissues all the way through May 24.

This Is Us

‘This Is Us’: Justin Hartley Knows Who He Wants Kevin to End up With – TK

This Is Us has teased the outcome of Kevin’s love life for a while now. But the finale is just around the corner, and fans are more eager than ever to find out who his soulmate is. Everyone has their own opinion about who Kevin should be with, and Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, even had a preference for his character.

Justin Hartley revealed that he had a preference regarding Kevin’s love life in ‘This Is Us’

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley discussed the end of Kevin’s complicated story in This Is Us. The actor even shared whether or not he knew who he wanted Kevin to be with by the time the series finale rolled around.

“Yeah, I did,” Hartley said. “Look, I’ve been so lucky, man. I’ve been gifted with all these really great scene partners. So whichever way it turned out, I was like, ‘OK, great.’ I just cared about the story, that it made sense, you know?”

Hartley didn’t reveal if the woman he wanted Kevin to choose was the one that the writers picked as well. However, he warned that not everyone would like the answer regarding his character’s endgame.

“I don’t think everyone’s going to be happy necessarily,” Hartley disclosed. “Every single person is not going to be like, ‘That’s what I wanted.’ Some people will want something different. I mean, because it could be that he just ends up with no one … People are going to have their own reasons for why they believe what they believe.”

He concluded, “But whether you get what you want or you don’t get what you want, I think it’s going to be very satisfying, and you’re going to understand what happened, and you’re going to say, ‘Well, that makes a lot of sense.’”

‘This Is Us’ fans can likely rule out 2 women for Kevin

Although the end to Kevin’s love story in This Is Us is still a mystery, at least we can disregard a couple of women from being his soulmate. Justin Hartley told Entertainment Weekly that he “thinks” fans can rule out Cassidy as a potential love interest for Kevin.

“But I also think that, you know … [laughs] this is Kevin,” the actor said. “Which way the wind blows, you never know. Something could happen, and all of the sudden, he’s like, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. You are the one for me!’ So he’s struggling with that. But I think he’s settling down into that idea that they’re friends. And important friends. And necessary friends. And he’s comfortable with that. I think.”

Of course, Hartley wouldn’t outright say that Cassidy is not the woman for Kevin. But it sounds like the two will remain good friends until the series finale.

As for Madison, This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 revealed that she is married to Elijah and pregnant with his child. So it’s improbable that the NBC drama would reopen the door to Kevin and Madison’s relationship somewhere down the line.

Sophie returns in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 13

If neither Cassidy nor Madison is the one for Kevin in This Is Us, perhaps he and Sophie will reconnect.

Sophie briefly returned in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 when she and her husband attended Kate and Phillip’s engagement party. Kevin stared longingly at his ex-wife before he went over to chat with her. Unfortunately, viewers didn’t see their talk, but we’ll likely see more of them in episode 13.

The thirteenth hour of the final series takes place on Kate and Phillip’s wedding day. And according to This Is Us co-showrunners and executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, Kevin and Sophie’s story is far from over.

“Kevin’s always been our guy who takes one step forward only to take two big steps backwards,” they told Deadline. “And it’s definitely safe to say he backslid a bit romantically after Madison ended things. Obviously, Sophie has held a special place in his heart for decades now. Maybe those were just longing looks they gave each other at Kate’s engagement party, or maybe there’s still another chapter of their story to be told.”

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13, “Day of the Wedding,” airs Tuesday, April 19, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.