‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Carter Reunites With Quinn After Dumping Paris – TK

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is one of the show’s heartthrobs. The hunky lawyer sends the hearts of women racing with his charm and good looks. Yet, Carter’s personal life is messy when it comes to love. It will get more complicated when a breakup reunites him with an ex-lover.

Carter Walton and Paris Buckingham’s relationship ends on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Like many of The Bold and the Beautiful characters, Carter’s had many love interests. His current girlfriend is Paris Buckingham (Diamond White), a relationship many disapprove of. Carter and Paris’ romance started after she rejected Zende Dominguez’s (Delon de Metz) marriage proposal.

Paris wasn’t ready to settle down with Zende; she was quick to pursue a relationship with Carter. Yet, Zende isn’t giving up on Nicole and has the support of her mother, Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech). Grace knows Carter and Paris are having an affair and warns the lawyer to stay away from her daughter.

Despite Grace’s threats, the couple continued their relationship, and Paris stood up to her mother. However, Carter will have a change of heart. According to, Carter will break up with Paris and encourage her to reunite with Zende.

Quinn Fuller’s visit opens up a Quarter reunion

Carter won’t be too broken-hearted after dumping Paris. The day after their split, Carter is visited by another ex-girlfriend Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). Carter and Quinn’s affair was one of the biggest storylines in 2021.

The unexpected couple quickly garnered a huge fan base, who nicknamed the duo Quarter. Their relationship wasn’t without controversy because Quinn was married to Eric Forrester (John McCook). Eric later gave his blessing for the affair because he could not be intimate with Quinn.

Eventually, Quinn was forced to choose between the two men and decided to stay with Eric. However, Quinn may not be over Carter. This week the exes meet and take a stroll down memory lane. During their conversation, Quinn admits she still loves Carter.

Carter Walton and Quinn Fuller’s reunion leads to heartache

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are excited about the Carter and Quinn spoilers. Viewers have been calling for a reunion, and they’re finally getting it. However, much like the first time, Carter and Quinn can expect the drama to unfold from their relationship.

Of course, Eric will be devastated that Quinn is rekindling her affair with Carter. He loves Quinn and is a good husband to her. He thought they could move past this and have a fresh start. Yet, it’s obvious where her heart lies, and the Forrester patriarch may be alone again.

Aside from Eric, Paris is another person the couple may have to contend with. Paris will be shocked to see Carter reuniting with Quinn quickly after their breakup. Seeing the pair together will trigger Paris’ bad girl side. She’s not going to let Carter get away with breaking her heart.


Why Fans Are Worried Steffy Might Leave The Bold And The Beautiful – TK

The following article contains spoilers for recent episodes of “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

The dangerous pas de deux between Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and her mother-in-law, notorious soap villainess Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) finally came to a head this past week on the CBS sudser “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Steffy had suspected that something sinister is up with Sheila, and now she knows the truth — Sheila switched the label on a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne delivered to Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) house on New Year’s Eve, thus causing Brooke to fall off the wagon and kiss her old lover, Deacon Sharp (Sean Kanan). Brooke then broke up with Steffy’s father, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Sheila’s motivation is simple: getting Brooke out of the way would give Sheila an open avenue to spend time with her son Finn (Tanner Novlan) and her grandson, Hayes, as Brooke has been adamant that Sheila not spend time with Finn or Hayes. Deacon, who is in reluctant league with Sheila, would get another chance to date Brooke.

Steffy and Sheila finally met head to head over the situation, and when Sheila menaces Steffy with a gun in a dark alleyway during their war of words, Finn leaps between Steffy and Sheila’s bullet, taking the shot for her. But a distraught Steffy isn’t out of the line of fire, and is shot by Sheila while trying to call 9-1-1. As of press time, Finn and Steffy have been taken to the hospital thanks to a 9-1-1 call from Sharpe, with Finn being pronounced dead later in Tuesday’s episode. Sheila, meanwhile, has stolen their property to stage a robbery.

The hubbub definitely has fans wondering if MacInnes Wood is going to leave “Bold.” Here’s what we know about her possible departure.

Steffy’s fate is currently up in the air

At the moment, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s status with the soap is up in the air. Per People Magazine, the actress is pregnant with her third child at press time, and she’s due to deliver some time in the late spring or early summer of 2022. It’s possible that she may be headed for maternity leave soon, and it’s fairly likely that the show needed to get Wood off the air for a little while to explain away her absence. Having Sheila shoot her thus makes perfect sense; they could even put the character into a coma and keep Steffy bedbound for the remainder of Wood’s pregnancy if need be.

In any event, there isn’t any new activity on Wood’s IMDb page except for several additional episodes of “Bold.” There’s also no hint that the actress is interested in permanently vacating her role as Steffy. Per The Sun, Wood has not commented on their contact status to the media.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Wood has temporarily vacated her role as Steffy. She left the show from 2013 to 2015, and during her absence she headed the E! reality show “Party On” and took guest starring roles on the dramady “Castle,” FX’s “Anger Management,”  and “South Beach.”


The Bold and the Beautiful: CONFIRMED Finn Is DEAD! – TK

The most shocking update for the fans of The Bold And The Beautiful. The spoilers suggest that some shocking updates regarding a cast member are coming our way. According to the sources, a fan-favorite character might soon leave the show, and the makers might kill this character on the soap opera.

Tanner AKA Finn Exiting From The Soap

The latest B&B spoiler suggests that Tanner Novlan, who plays the role of Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan on the CBS soap, is all set to exit from the show. The rumor is that the actor has other projects waiting outside of the daytime drama. Tanner plays husband to Steffy Forrester on the show. He joined the show in 2020.

Tanner played the role of Finn perfectly. Viewers always thought that he was too good to be true. Finn is a perfect, decent man who was not involved in any kind of drama. He was a doctor who loved his wife so much that he didn’t even blink when he got to know about the one-night stand between Steffy and Liam.

Furthermore, The Bold And The Beautiful viewers who are keeping up with the show know that Sheila was trying to shoot Steffy behind the dark alley of Giardino II. But, like the loving husband Finn is, he tried protecting his wife but got shot. Now that Finn had a bullet in him, there were speculations that he might be saved. But it looks like that is not going to happen. It is confirmed that Finn will die as Tanner Novlan will be leaving the soap opera soon.

We wish him all the luck and best wishes for his future endeavors. In the comments below, tell us if you would miss Tanner on the soap opera? Until then, stay tuned. The Bold And The Beautiful airs on CBS all weekdays. Don’t miss the action.


The Bold And The Beautiful Preview Video For The Week Of April 4, 2022, Is Out! Steffy & Finn Fighting For Life – TK

The Bold And The Beautiful preview video for the week of April 4, 2022, is out. And it reveals that viewers are in for a lot of emotional scenes this week. Viewers will see some hospital scenes, which means Steffy and Finn might be in a dangerous situation. In addition, the families of the two will be seen struggling in the upcoming weeks. What will happen there? Keep reading to find out.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Finn Fighting For Life

In the preview, viewers can see some police officers and paramedics at the crime scene. We can hear someone saying, “two gunshot victims-critical,” but only Steffy is seen entering the hospital along with a doctor and nurses. B&B spoilers suggest that Finn might be announced dead on the spot of the crime. TV Season & Spoilers recently reported that Tanner Novlan, who plays the role of Finn, will be exiting from the show. The makers have decided to kill the character, and this looks like the perfect way to do so.

Later in the preview, we see clips of only Steffy and how all of this is affecting the Forrester family. Viewers also saw Taylor putting her head on Ridge’s shoulder and crying. They rushed to the hospital once they found out what happened behind the dark alley of Giardino II. Moreover, viewers might see Bridget offering updates on Steffy’s condition and will do everything she can to treat Steffy. In the clip, Taylor wonders what kind of monster would shoot out their daughter.

Rounding off The Bold And The Beautiful preview, Sheila Carter will hope that nobody ever finds out what happened. Things will worsen for Sheila when the truth about shooting Finn and Steffy comes out. The spoilers also reveal that Brooke’s plan to get back with Ridge might face a major block. Ridge will want to be around his family for obvious reasons during this difficult time.

It looks like The Bold And The Beautiful is becoming very dark and dangerous. Tell us in the comments below what you think will happen next? Until then, stay tuned. The Bold And The Beautiful airs on CBS all weekdays. In the meantime, watch the preview video:


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Speculation: Tanner Novlan’s Status in Question After Finn’s Shooting – TK

The Bold and the Beautiful actor Tanner Novlan became the show’s new leading man when he debuted in July 2020. Novlan and his character Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan immediately won the hearts of fans as Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) new love interest. Yet, the show’s recent storyline has fans worried they’ve seen the last of Novlan and Finn.

Finn’s shooting sparks speculation Tanner Novlan is leaving ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Like many of The Bold and the Beautiful characters, Finn was prone to drama. His relationship with Steffy faced many challenges, including her one-night stand with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Yet, the couple worked through their problems, and happy times came with the birth of Haye Finnegan (Piper Harriot).

However, their marriage was rocked by the arrival of Finn’s birth mother, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Sheila immediately went to work creating drama for Finn and Steffy, who argued about letting Sheila into their lives. Steffy was right not to trust Sheila after learning how the villain switched Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) nonalcoholic champagne.

Steffy wasted no time telling Finn about his mother’s latest evil deed. The news put the doctor on high alert, and when he couldn’t reach Steffy on her phone, he searched for her. Finn arrived at II Giardino in time to see Steffy and Sheila’s confrontation in the alley. As Sheila pulled out her gun, Finn jumped in front of Steffy and, unfortunately, was hit by the bullet.

As Finn’s life hangs in the balance, viewers are on edge, wondering if Novlan and his character are leaving.

Clues Tanner Novlan might be leaving

Before the shooting, The Bold and the Beautiful fans were already worried about Novlan’s status with the soap opera. The actor was absent from December 25, 2021, until March 2022. Novlan worked on several projects during his time off, including Roswell, New Mexico, and new Liberty Mutual commercials.

When Finn returned to the show, he and Steffy were front and center. The couple shared a romantic moment while reaffirming their love for each other. Novlan’s side projects and the focus on Finn made fans suspicious. Their worst fears were confirmed when Finn was shot while protecting Steffy.

While there’s been no official confirmation, according to, Novlan has been let go by the show.

Fans angry with the actor’s departure

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are hoping, by some miracle, Finn survives. However, things look gloomy for the handsome doctor. News of Novlan’s upcoming exit has sparked outrage. On a Twitter thread, fans voiced their disappointment in the show killing Finn.

“What a dumb decision,” exclaimed one viewer.

“What a shame. Such a great asset to Bold, saw it coming and stopped watching,” wrote another fan.

“But why? He was refreshing! So now back to freaking Liam? Ughhhh,” cried one user.

“It’s ridiculous they felt they had to kill him off just to send her on maternity leave. I’m done as well. I’m not sitting thru another round of this miserable triangle,” one fan declared.

“Wondering why they killed him off? They bring him in, fans love him, and out he goes? Can’t figure it out,” chimed in another viewer.

The show is already receiving a lot of backlash for killing Finn. With Novlan out, speculation is Steffy will reunite with Liam, something most viewers agree they don’t want to see. Although it looks like Finn is dead, as soap fans know, characters aren’t gone for good. Who knows, maybe one day down the road, Finn will make a return.


‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Finn’s Miracle Save or Funeral This Week? – TK

Bold and the Beautiful left Finn (Tanner Novlan) looking dead — John Finnegan bled out in a back alley. The CBS soap offered a huge clue last week that Finn may have a chance at life.

While Finn could get a save, the worry soon shifts on B&B. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) might be the next one in a fight for life.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Lights Out for Finn?
B&B fans watched with jaws dropped as Friday’s cliffhanger came with a bullet for John Finnegan. His name wasn’t on that bullet. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) aimed it at Steffy.

But the man who promised always to protect his wife made good on his promise. Finn stood in the path of that gunshot, shielding his wife.

Many Bold and the Beautiful fans watched what they believe to be a death scene play out. It looks as if Finn said his final words before everything goes dark for him.

But John Finnegan might have a saving grace waiting for him at the hospital. B&B didn’t bring Dr. Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones) back so her mother has one more person to dump her problems on.

B&B Spoilers: John Finnegan Gets Lucky?

The timing of Bridget Forrester arriving in town isn’t a coincidence. This puts her working at the local hospital. Last week, she called her mom, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), and filled her in on her new position.

Spoilers also put Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) arriving in town next week. All Bold and the Beautiful fans know about Li’s work as a surgeon is that she’s top in her profession. Finn’s adoptive mom is also known all over the world for her skills.

It’s not ethical for a mother to perform surgery on her son. But this is B&B. Ethical lines blur when drama comes into play. Can you imagine the scene with Finn’s life hanging by a thread?

Bridget could say she’s heard of success with surgery, but only one doctor has done this so far — Li Finnegan. Low and behold, there she is. Okay, that’s a little too coincidental even for Bold and the Beautiful. But stranger things have happened.

Someone is bound to try and save Finn’s life. If it’s a success, even more drama ensues. If Finn dies, then get ready for a funeral in upcoming episodes.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: A Second Shot Doesn’t Miss?

As Friday’s episode comes to a close, an evil and sick woman points the gun at Steffy Forrester. This is after Sheila refuses to get help for Finn.

Last week’s twist could give way to a new Bold and the Beautiful twist this week. If Steffy does get shot, she may end up in a comma.

This gives Sheila the saving grace that she needs. Finn had a question for Steffy before his lights went out on Friday. It’s important because it offers a look into John Finnegan’s mindset if he does survive the gunshot wound.

Finn asked Steffy “what happened” when he came to for a minute after the shooting. So it appears he doesn’t remember Sheila shooting at his wife when he saved her by standing in the line of fire.

B&B Spoilers: How Does Sheila Carter Walk Away?

So, if she shoots Steffy and puts her in a coma, Sheila has free rein with Finn. If he doesn’t remember what happened, Sheila could play the doting mother at his bedside. All she has to do is disappear from the scene.

Or she could spin a story that Finn took a bullet trying to save his mother’s life. She can say Steffy attempted to shoot her. Then she could top it off by claiming to wrestle the gun away from her daughter-in-law.

But it went off, with Finn’s wife shooting herself. After all, at least one of the waitstaff saw Steffy chase her mother-in-law out the eatery door. And she was in a fury, trying to stop her.

Next week, Li Finnegan goes at it with Sheila on Bold and the Beautiful. The spoilers say it’s over Sheila calling herself Finn’s mother. So, the shooter is not in jail, where she belongs after the bloodshed.

There could be only one reason for that – no one who knows what happened came forward. This is one strong hint from B&B that Steffy is unresponsive.

But if this is the case, Finn’s birth mother needs to make sure Steffy never wakes up to ruin this. So, the drama spins even more this week. Whether it’s lives hanging in the balance or a sad funeral to attend, B&B has fans of this CBS soap on the edge of their seats.


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Characters Who Could Be Leaving Soon – TK

The Bold and the Beautiful is known for creating iconic characters. There are prominent players, from veterans like Eric Forrester (John McCook) to newcomers like Paris Buckingham (Diamond White). The show has a huge cast, but it may decrease with these characters possibly leaving.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans may have seen the last of Flo Fulton.
One character who The Bold and the Beautiful fans may never see again is Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden). In 2019, Flo was introduced as Reese Buckingham’s (Wayne Brady) accomplice in the baby switch of Beth Spencer (Madeline Valdez). The character started out promising as a bad girl. But the show making her a Logan and trying too hard to make her a heroine turned fans against Flo.

Flo’s last appearance came in July 2021 with her fiance Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Bowden has been away filming other projects and, in December 2021, said she didn’t know when she’d be back but was hopeful it’d be soon. Although Brad Bell promised more to come from Flo, viewers aren’t sure.

Bowden and Denise Richards’ names were removed from the closing credits. The women were also absent from the recent cast photo leading to speculation Flo and Shauna may be gone.

Katie Logan’s lack of airtime concerns fans

Since 2007, Heather Tom has portrayed Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful. Tom’s performances earned her four more Daytime Emmys and turned Katie into a leading lady. Katie’s faced plenty of drama, including a heart transplant, kidney transplant, and multiple breakups with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

While Katie is one of the show’s prominent characters, she hasn’t been seen much onscreen in the past year. Tom’s busy with directorial work for other series, possibly contributing to Katie’s lack of airtime. The longer Katie’s absence continues, the more fans worry about the character and her portrayer’s status with the show.

If Katie does leave, one must wonder how they’ll write her out. Will she leave town? Or will her lingering health issues result in her death?

Zende Dominguez’s broken heart causes him to leave town

In 2020, The Bold and the Beautiful welcomed Zende Dominguez (Delon de Metz) back. After his divorce from Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards), Zende was ready for a fresh start. His job at Forrester Creations put him close to Paris Buckingham (Diamond White).

Zende fell head over heels in love with Paris, yet recently their relationship hit a speed bump. Paris turned down ZeZende’sroposal claiming she wasn’t ready for marriage. However, unbeknownst to Zende, Paris is having an affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor).

Fans know the situation will lead to heartache for Zende and may cause him to leave town. As reported by Soap Opera Digest, de Metz has been cast in a new NBC pilot. The news has caused speculation that the actor may be leaving. If he does, fans may also say goodbye to Zende.


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Jacqueline Macinnes Wood Explains Difference Between Finn and Liam – TK

The Bold and the Beautiful leading lady Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), is the focus of many storylines. Most of the time, Steffy’s love life is at the center of the plot. Two men who’ve captured her heart are Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). While the men are considered Steffy’s best love interests, they’re different in many ways.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood opens up about Steffy Forrester’s love life

Steffy’s had many love interests in The Bold and the Beautiful. Yet, Liam and Finn are the most-talked-about out of all her suitors. The Liam versus Finn debate is still a hot topic with soap opera fans, who try to determine the best man for Steffy.

As fans continue to argue over the two men, Wood opened up about her character’s relationships with the pair. In an interview with, Wood talked about the men’s different personalities and how they affect Steffy. “When they brought in Finn, it was kind of cool getting to paint with a different brush, so to speak. Finn brought out her softer, flirtatious side where as with Liam, things are usually a little more dark and twisted.”

Fans were ecstatic when Finn became her new love interest

For 13 years, The Bold and the Beautiful fans have watched Liam toy with the emotions of Steffy. Liam constantly waffles back and forth between her and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). When it looked like Steffy and Liam were finally happy, something or someone came along to break them up and send him back to Hope.

After Liam decided to stay with Hope, Steffy knew it was time to move on. A motorcycle accident landed her in the hospital, under the care of Finn. Steffy and Finn became closer as he helped her recover; he also supported her through her addiction to painkillers.

Finn immediately became a fan favorite because of his dedication to Steffy. However, the couple faced their first big challenge when a one-night stand with Liam led to Steffy’s pregnancy. Initially, a DNA test showed Liam was the baby’s father; however, Vinny Walker (Joe Lo Cicero) admitted to tampering with the results.

Finn and Steffy welcomed their son Hayes Finnegan (Piper Harriot) in July 2021. A month later, the couple married, but the ceremony was cut short by the arrival of Finn’s birth mother, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Sheila has been creating drama for the couple, and her latest actions will greatly impact their future.

Sheila Carter causes more trouble for the couple

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are sensing more trouble ahead for Steffy and Finn. Recently, Steffy discovered Sheila switched Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) nonalcoholic champagne. Sheila’s switcheroo resulted in Brooke kissing Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and the destruction of her marriage to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Now that Steffy knows the truth, she’s ready to expose Sheila for the monster she is. One person who Sheila’s actions will hurt is Finn. He’ll be upset that his mother hasn’t changed and everyone was right about her.

With the threat of losing her son looming, Sheila will blame Steffy. Finn will again be caught in the crossfire, and this time Sheila may lose her son for good. Speculation is a tragedy will occur for Steffy and Finn, which will change the course of their relationship and the show.