‘Law & Order’: Mariska Hargitay Guest Stars in Season 21 Finale – TK

Welcome back to Law & Order, Mariska Hargitay! The last time she appeared on the show was before it was revived this year and her character was still a detective. Now, fans will be getting twice as much Captain Olivia Benson on May 19, with her helping out during a case in the hour before SVU.

In Law & Order‘s Season 21 finale, “Black and Blue,” the murder of an off-duty NYPD detective threatens to tear the city apart. Detective Frank Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) knew the cop and mourns the loss of a friend. He asks Benson for help solving the case. Plus, D.A. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) disagree on how to prosecute the culprit, sparking sharp condemnation from all sides.

The promo introduces the case and shows Benson with Detective Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Cosgrove. It sounds like there will, once again, as has been since the beginning of the season, tension between Bernard and Cosgrove. “You believe it’s that simple? A black woman and a white cop?” Bernard asks.

Plus, it’s going to get intense in court, with a cop yelling out, “You call this justice?” And Hargitay isn’t the only one from SVU appearing. Terry Serpico will guest star as Chief McGrath, and the video ends with him telling McCoy, “we have to heal this city.” Watch below.

Hargitay previously appeared on Law & Order in three episodes, twice in Season 10 (in 2000) and once in Season 16 (in 2005). With Law & Order, SVU, and Organized Crime all returning for the 2022-2023 season, something tells us this won’t be the last time the original series is part of a crossover.

Law & Order, Season 21 Finale, Thursday, May 19, 8/7c, NBC

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Meet the Latest ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Guest Star — He and Benson Have a Complex Relationship — HN


We’re in the 23rd season of Law and Order: SVU, but it’s still going strong. As our favorite characters finally seem to get a handle on their lives, other characters keep coming back to make a mess of things. And one of those characters is Burton Lowe. While he’s definitely not a favorite character in the series, his storyline was left with some loose ends.

Now, he’s back to make amends … or to wreak some more havoc. Burton Lowe is infamous for one character in particular: Olivia Benson. So what is Burton’s relationship to Benson, and who is the man behind the character?

Burton Lowe and Olivia Benson have a long history in ‘Law and Order: SVU.’
Although we don’t actually meet Burton Lowe until “The Five Hundredth Episode,” we’ve heard quite a bit about him up until that point. Basically, he and Olivia were engaged to be married when she was only 16 and he was 21.

It was a confusing time for Olivia, so being forced to face it years later was always going to be complicated.

In his first episode, we learn that he was actually accused of s**ual a**ault and grooming several young girls, but he wasn’t charged with anything. This made Olivia realize that her relationship with him was also not consensual.

While she has no desire to see him again, he comes back in that episode to try to make amends with Benson. She believes him, but Fin and Carisi are skeptical. Benson does get the closure she needed from Burton, though.

However, now Burton is back. While Carisi never liked Burton, Burton has also been an NYPD captain for two decades, and Carisi needs Burton’s help. Carisi’s worried that his friend is in trouble, and it seems like Burton may be the only person who can help.

Burton Lowe is played by Aidan Quinn on ‘Law and Order: SVU.’
Even if SVU fans don’t remember Aidan’s Burton from “The Five Hundredth Episode,” he might be recognizable for other reasons. Aidan Quinn is a prolific actor who’s been in hundreds of projects over the course of his three-decade career. Some of his early roles were as Johnny Rourke in Reckless and Dez in Desperately Seeking Susan.

More recently, however, he played Captain Thomas Gregson in Elementary and Lieutenant Kevin Sweeney in Prime Suspect. Seems like Aidan is the perfect guy to play a police officer since many of his roles have been some type of law enforcement. Funnily enough, he was actually in a 2007 episode of Law and Order: SVU as a completely different character, Ben Nicholson.

But with over 500 episodes, it’s not surprising that some of the guest cast has been recycled. Regardless, let’s hope Benson doesn’t have to face Burton Lowe anymore.

Law and Order: SVU airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.


Why Law And Order: SVU Could Have Good News For Rollins And Carisi In The Season 23 Finale – TK

Spoilers ahead for Episode 21 of Law & Order: SVU Season 23, called “Confess Your Sins to Be Free.”

Only one episode of Law & Order: SVU is left before summer hiatus kicks off, and the penultimate episode was a rough one for both Benson and Carisi. While Benson faced off with Burton Lowe again due to his desire to “make amends,” Carisi had a crisis of faith when Special Victims discovered that a Catholic priest was assaulting women who made confessions to him. Rollins was nowhere to be seen, so he couldn’t even draw on her for support. Still, despite Carisi struggling and Rollins being MIA, there are some reasons why I think they could get some very good news in the finale.

So, following an episode that was pretty depressing with Benson’s storyline with Lowe, let’s take a look at some points in favor of at least Rollins and Carisi getting a potential happy ending to Season 23.

Carisi Is Ready To Propose

Before everything started to go wrong for him in “Confess Your Sins to Be Free,” Carisi was in a pretty great mood when he visited a church to chat with a couple of priests. It seemed to be common knowledge that he has matrimony on his mind, but clarified that “she hasn’t even said yes” and he hasn’t even asked yet, so it’s “still early stages.” Carisi wanting to propose isn’t the same as Rollins and Carisi being engaged, but he seems pretty confident, and that’s a good sign. And would SVU really introduce this plot point in the penultimate episode only to not address it in the finale?

Rollins Will Be Back

Rollins has been missing from multiple episodes of Season 23, with the reason previously being that she needed to spend some time with her mom when she was injured. So, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if and when she’ll be around after those absences, but there’s no need to worry on that front when it comes to the finale. The promo reveals Kelli Giddish in the flesh, and the episode description for the finale – called “A Final Call at Forlini’s Bar” – reveals that she’ll have a major part to play:

The SVU provides help and protection for a longtime domestic violence victim, but when she winds up at the defendant’s table in court, Rollins surprises Carisi with a formidable opponent at trial.

This may not mean an episode with Rollins and Carisi on the best of professional terms from start to finish, but at least fans are guaranteed that she’ll be present. Plus, the Season 22 finale last year proved that SVU doesn’t always have to deliver finales that are full of doom, gloom, and cliffhangers galore. An intense case for ADA Carisi and Detective Rollins doesn’t have to mean Rollisi on the outs in their personal lives.

Law & Order: SVU May Save The Relationship Drama For Benson (And Stabler)

For many years, Rollins and Carisi were firmly in the will-they-won’t-they class of TV relationships on SVU. The return of Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler meant that the relationship drama has more or less shifted over to Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson, even though he stars on Law & Order: Organized Crime with relatively rare appearances on his former show. For better or worse, there’s a level of tension between their characters, and throngs of fans have been wanting to see them together since the late ’90s.

So, what does 23 seasons and counting of fans rooting for Benson/Stabler have to do with Rollisi? Well, I’m still fairly convinced that Benson and Stabler are unlikely to start a serious romantic relationship with much screentime for as long as Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are the stars of two separate TV shows, but I can definitely see both SVU and Organized Crime continuing to make the most out of their complex history together for crossovers. In light of that, SVU really benefits from also showcasing a dynamic with a whole lot less baggage, and that’s Rollins and Carisi if they get a happy ending to Season 23.

Find out if there’s some good news for these two characters who really deserve it in the Season 23 finale of Law & Order: SVU on Thursday, May 19 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, between the Season 21 finale of Law & Order and the Season 2 finale of Organized Crime. For some viewing options after the L&O shows are finished for the season, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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Law And Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Bensler — HN

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” can be an emotionally tasking watch more often than not. Since its arrival back in 1999, the series has put the spotlight on some pretty heavy topics, ranging from s*xual assault to ch*ld abuse. Nevertheless, it hasn’t turned audiences away, instead keeping them around for the long haul. The show is currently in Season 23 and has left the 500 episode mark in the dust, thanks largely to the chemistry of two characters and the actors behind them: Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

From the day “SVU” began, Benson and Stabler have always been the chief focus. They’ve cracked case after case together and gone through their share of personal turmoil, which has only strengthened their bond. That’s why it came as a major shock when Meloni and therefore Stabler departed the program in 2011. This left it up to Hargitay to hold down the fort for a while, and she did so with relative ease. Meloni and Stabler have since returned to the “Law & Order” universe and reunited with Hargitay and Benson to reform the crime procedural genre’s favorite duos.

As a byproduct of their close friendship, “SVU” fans have always wondered if Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler would ever become romantically involved — dubbing the pair “Bensler.” Mariska Hargitay recently commented on the situation, and her response comes as no surprise.

Hargitay feels Benson has always loved Stabler

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni sat down with People in February of 2021 to discuss their shared “Law & Order: SVU” experience at length. During the chat, Hargitay spoke on her connection with Meloni and how quickly they bonded behind the scenes. “I walked in, saw him, and I went, ‘That guy. That’s the guy.’ It went deep, very fast,” she recalled, referring to meeting him as “life-changing.” As one could imagine, that unique connection has impacted her thoughts on the Bensler concept.

“The energy’s there. Olivia’s been in love with him for many a year,” Hargitay said during her January 2022 appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” noting that the death of Stabler’s wife, Kathy (Isabel Gillies), in Season 22’s “Return of the Prodigal Son” does free him up for a new relationship. Still, Hargitay clarifies that Benson plans on giving Stabler time to grieve and find his footing before anything romantic were to happen between them. Besides, their 10-year split has undoubtedly hurt Benson in ways that have yet to heal.

Perhaps someday soon we’ll see Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler finally become the couple fans have wanted them to be for years, but until that day comes, all anyone can do is cross their fingers and hope that Bensler isn’t just a pipe dream.


The Recurring Character Law & Order Fans Want To Make A Return – TK

The original “Law & Order” premiered in 1990 and aired 20 seasons before it concluded in 2010. While the stalwart “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” continued to carry the franchise mantle, and continues to do so today, many fans were disappointed when the venerable original series took a bow. So, when NBC revived “Law & Order” in September 2021 for a 21st season, (via Deadline), many of those same fans saw it as a chance to resolve some unfinished business.

In particular, the “Law & Order” franchise is full of memorable and popular supporting characters. While the criminals-of-the-week and the cops and lawyers who pursue them get the most headlines, often these supporting characters become plenty popular in their own right. Some of these likable smaller characters include NYPD psychiatrist Dr. Emil Skoda, played by J.K. Simmons; defense attorney Daniell Melnick, played by Tovah Feldshuh; and the conservative talk show host Len Pewls, played by Jason Jones.

All have made multiple appearances on the show. When “Law & Order” returned for Season 21, many fans have been wondering which of their favorite supporting characters they might get to see again. Here’s one in particular whom fans want to come back.

Fans are hoping to catch up with Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

On the r/LawandOrder subreddit, Redditor u/SunStarsSnow posted that they hope Season 21 will bring back the franchise’s longtime medical examiner, Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers. So far, the post has nearly 100 upvotes in agreement.

Specifically, u/SunStarsSnow and others enjoy Rodgers for her professionalism and her dry sense of humor. One exchange with Detective Lennnie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) stands out in particular, after Briscoe asks Rodgers for an autopsy report:

“RODGERS: Soon, but first I’ve got to get a javelin out of this guy’s back.

BRISCOE: What made you go into this line of work?

RODGERS: The free javelins.”

More banter like that would definitely be a welcome addition to the new season.

Actress Leslie Hendrix has played Rodgers on four different “Law & Order” shows. She played her 143 times on the original series, 110 times on “Criminal Intent,” nine times on “Special Victims Unit,” and once on “Trial by Jury.” Her last appearance on the franchise was in a 2011 episode of “Criminal Intent.” However, she’s continued working steadily since then, with four credits coming in 2020 (via IMDb). It appears Hendrix is available, should she and the producers want to revisit the characters. That would definitely make fans happy.

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‘Law & Order’ Revival and ‘Organized Crime’ Renewed for Fall 2022 — HN

The stories of two separate, yet equally important groups will continue to be told. NBC renewed both the Law & Order revival and Law & Order: Organized Crime for the 2022-2023 TV season on Tuesday. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will also be back, as the show was renewed for three seasons in February 2023.

Dick Wolf and NBC brought back the original Law & Order for a 21st season in February after months of speculation. Unfortunately, since the show debuted so late in the 2021-2022 season, Season 21 is Law & Order’s shortest to date with only 10 episodes. Still, that was enough to give fans a taste of the “new” Law & Order, which includes only two stars from Season 20, Anthony Anderson as Detective Kevin Bernard and Sam Waterston as District Attorney Jack McCoy. The main cast was filled out with Jeffrey Donovan as Detective Frank Cosgrove, Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Kate Dixon, Hugh Dancy as Executive A.D.A. Nolan Price, and Odelya Halevi as A.D.A. Samantha Maroun.

Although the show features new stars, Season 21 felt very much like a classic Law & Order season, jam-packed with cases loosely inspired by headlines. Carey Lowell also made an appearance as A.D.A. Jamie Ross, whom she played in Seasons 7 and 8. SVU star Mariska Hargitay’s Captain Olivia Benson is also scheduled to appear in the season finale.

As for Organized Crime, it is now in its second season. The series features Christopher Meloni as his SVU character, Detective Elliot Stabler. Unlike the other Law & Order shows, the series features cases that take the Organized Crime Control Bureau more than 45 minutes to solve. Hargitay and her SVU co-stars Ice-T, Peter Scanavino, Dann Florek, and Raul Esparza have all popped up in Organized Crime episodes.

“The iconic Law & Order brand has long been synonymous with NBC and we couldn’t be more excited to bring back all three of these dramas for the 2022-23 season,” NBCU Entertainment and Streaming Scripted Programming President Lisa Katz said in a statement. “It’s a testament to the brilliance of Dick Wolf’s storytelling that audiences remain compelled by these unforgettable characters week after week, year after year.”

“Dreams do come true,” Wolf said. “The renewals of the entire Wednesday and Thursday night lineups is the ultimate verification of our partnership with NBC and Universal Television. I personally want to thank the talented writers and casts, the producers who keep the trains running on time, and the crews who tirelessly turn out outstanding shows despite a degree of difficulty never before experienced due to the pandemic.”

Tuesday’s Law & Order news means Wolf will continue being the king of primetime broadcast television. On Monday, CBS renewed FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International for two more seasons. In February 2020, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med were all renewed for three seasons.


‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’, ‘Law & Order’ Revival Renewed at NBC – TK

The two most recent Law & Order series will live to see another season. NBC has officially renewed both the Organized Crime spinoff and the revival series.

According to TVLine, the network has ordered a third season of Christopher Meloni’s project. In addition, the reboot of the original series will continue into season 22.

As NBCU Entertainment and Streaming President of Scripted Programming Lisa Katz said in a statement, “The iconic Law & Order brand has long been synonymous with NBC. And we couldn’t be more excited to bring back all three of these dramas for the 2022-23 season.”

“It’s a testament to the brilliance of Dick Wolf’s storytelling that audiences remain compelled by these unforgettable characters week after week, year after year,” she added.

The ‘Law & Order’ Renewals Come After Both Series Ranked As #1 for Key Demographics

The renewals come as no surprise to fans, though. Since the original series came back after a 12-year hiatus in February, it has been the #1 show on Thursday nights in the 18-49 demographics, according to Deadline. And Law & Order: Organized Crime is currently the #1 series in the 10 pm Thursday timeslot for the 18-49 and all key adult demos.

Organized Crime follows Detective Elliot Stabler after he branched away from Olivia Benson and the sexual victims unit. The series stars Danielle Moné Truitt, Ayanna Bell, Tamara Taylor, Ainsley Seiger, and Dylan McDermott.

And the revival picks up where it left off when NBC nixed the series in 2010. The show still highlights “The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.”

Executive producer Dick Wolf had been working to bring his original series back to the screen ever since its cancelation. And after years of work, he managed to do so. And to top it off, he brought back some of the original players such as Sam Waterston.

Anthony Anderson, Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim, Hugh Dancy, and Odelya Halevi also star alongside Waterson.

“Dreams do come true,” Wolf said after hearing the news. “The renewals of the entire Wednesday and Thursday night lineups is the ultimate verification of our partnership with NBC and Universal Television. I personally want to thank the talented writers and casts, the producers who keep the trains running on time, and the crews who tirelessly turn out outstanding shows despite a degree of difficulty never before experienced due to the pandemic.”

Watch Law & Order on NBC every Thursday at 9/8 pm C and stick around to see Law & Order: Organized Crime at 10/9 pm C.

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Law And Order’s Christopher Meloni Hilariously Trolled Reports Accusing Him Of An Oversized Ego On Set — HN

Christopher Meloni has joined a long line of older stars that are considered to be “hunks” — or in Meloni’s case even called “Zaddy’ — but following a recent report, it seemed like it may have gone to his head a bit. However, the Law & Order: Organized Crime star is hilariously trolling the reports in a recent video, and it proves that things have not gone to his head.

To lead into Meloni’s epic trolling, in an article over at OK!, a source reportedly told the magazine that Christopher Meloni is an actor known to show off, and “his head has gotten even bigger” in recent years. The report went on to say that Meloni increased his exercise routine before turning 60 last year (which is a fact he has confirmed), also alleging he even works out on set, leading crew to “roll their eyes.” Due to this newfound status he allegedly “struts around” on the set of the NBC show and so on and so forth.

Apparently, the actor actually caught the article, then took to Instagram ahead of last week’s new Organized Crime episode, whereupon he subtly mentioned his “super ego.” In a separate post, Meloni also shared video that confirms the impressive exercise part of the post seems to be true, while also hilariously trolling the gossipmongers.

In the video, while doing some impressive splits and being watched by a slew of crew members, he was told that they were ready for him on set. The actor, in turn, responded he still had 100 push-ups to do, also hashtagging the post #bensonlikesit. Your move, Mariska Hargitay.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Chris Meloni (@chris_meloni)

It’s nice to know that Meloni can joke around even about false accusations. It’s not easy dealing with trolls, but sometimes it’s the price to pay when it comes to making TV magic. Hopefully, now he can put the reports to rest, though it seems like they may have given him some good ideas for how to run his social media as well.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Christopher Meloni has “showed off” on set. At the beginning of filming for SVU’s 23rd season, Mariska Hargitay gave fans a look at her and the Organized Crime actor. While Hargitay was looking professional, Meloni was looking quite limber, doing some stretches against a car. So, for sure the fit part is not far off.

Clearly, Christopher Meloni’s Zaddy status has not gone to his head. Plus, it looks like the crew on Organized Crime was totally up for playing along, here. That should be enough to keep him grounded on set… or ready to troll at a moment’s notice.

New episodes of Law & Order: Organized Crime air on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, in case you ever want to, respectively, see Elliot Stabler solve some cases and look good while doing it.

Blue Bloods L&O Police Crime

More Blue Bloods Stars Appeared On Law & Order: SVU Than You Think — HN

Long-time fans of the “Law & Order” franchise know it’s all but impossible to get through any season of the series (particularly an older season) without stumbling across an actor whom they’ve more recently seen in another hit television show or major film. “Vikings” and “Big Sky” star Katheryn Winnick, for instance, appears in two different episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (via IMDb), and A-listers Kerry Washington, Claire Danes, and Laura Linney (among many others) have all appeared in the parent series “Law & Order” (via EW).

As the longest-running of Dick Wolf’s many series offspring, “Law & Order: SVU” is well-known for either launching a given actor’s career or embracing the popularity of an already-established actor with a guest spot on the show — a habit that’s allowed it to have some cross-over with other popular series. It turns out that “SVU” and “Blue Bloods” share a relatively long list of actors, some of whom owe a debt to the former, and some of whom were stars in their own right before gracing either of the law enforcement-based series. What’s more, several of these actors play major, integral roles in Mitchell Burgess’s and Robin Green’s popular CBS series.

Eight major Blue Bloods players appeared in SVU

An impressive eight members of the “Blue Bloods” cast have appeared in “Law & Order: SVU” over the years. Will Estes, for instance, who portrays Officer Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” appeared as a love-sick, easily manipulated k*ller in a Season 7 episode of “SVU” titled “Class.” Robert Clohessy and Abigail Hawk (aka Sid Gormley and Detective Abigail Baker) have also appeared in the NBC series, with the former appearing as four different characters in four different episodes between 2000 and 2013 (via IMDB), and the latter popping up in Season 8’s “Informed” and Season 19’s “The Undiscovered Country” (via IMDb).

Former “Blue Bloods” regular Amy Carlson starred as the abused wife of a cop in Season 2’s “Asunder” (and, incidentally, as a main prosecutor in the short-lived “Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” per IMDb), while Steve Schirripa (Detective Anthony Abetemarco), appeared as false lead/misogynistic divorcé Paulie Obregano in Season 4’s “Tortured.”

Both Nick Turturro and Frank Anello (Sgt. Anthony Renzulli and the NYPD Lieutenant, respectively) have also starred in the series. Turturro enjoyed a three-episode arc on “SVU” as retired detective and desperate father Frank Bucci in Seasons 20 and 21, and Anello appeared in a whopping 88 episodes of “SVU” as an uncredited background officer (via IMDb). Finally, “Blue Bloods” star Jennifer Esposito (Jackie Curatola) appeared in a rare Richard Belzer’s Munch-focused episode way back in Season 1, but returned to the series as Fin Tutuola’s (Ice-T) former partner and romantic interest Sgt. Phoebe Baker in Season 20 — a role she continues to play.

L&O Police Crime

SVU/Organized Crime Crossover’s Missing Scene: Why Streaming Viewers Can’t See Benson/Stabler Meet-Up — HN

At the end of Law & Order:SVU on Thursday, Olivia Benson ran into her old NYPD partner Elliot Stabler on the street in Manhattan. She was accompanied by her young son, Noah, who met Stabler for the first time.

Fans who love the case-of-the-week aspect of the show likely saw the scene as unnecessary. Fans who desperately want Stabler and Benson to be a romantic couple likely saw the scene as a step in the right direction.

And fans who watched the episode on Hulu on Friday… didn’t see the scene at all.

The Benson/Stabler meet-up was a bridge between SVU and the crossover episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime that followed. (Read our SVU recap here and our OC recap here.) Viewers who watched the live broadcast witnessed Olivia’s Mother’s Day get interrupted by a work call that caused her to ask Elliot whether he knew a cop named Jessie Santos, and then take Noah home quickly. In the next scene — and without a commercial break between the episodes — Liv was at Organized Crime to propose that SVU and OC work together to find the kidnapped daughter of Santos, an NYPD officer who happened to be part of the police corruption ring Elliot had been investigating.

But those who streamed the crossover Friday saw SVU end with Noah hugging his mom at brunch, and Organized Crime begin with Benson visiting OC Bureau headquarters to suggest the joint investigation — though a snippet of the post-brunch street scene appears at the end of the “Previously on…” segment at the top of the hour.

We’re hearing that the editing could have happened as a result of fitting the episodes to the streaming format, as well as to avoid potential SVU viewers’ confusion regarding Benson mentioning a cop/case that wouldn’t be resolved on that show.