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’90 Day Fiance’: Tiffany Franco’s Got a New Man in her Bed? – TK

Tiffany Franco from 90 Day Fiance seems to have a new man in her bed. Has she moved on from Ronald Smith for good?

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco over Ronald Smith?

Tiffany Franco gave her marriage with Ronald Smith many chances. The 90 Day Fiance cast members have been going back and forth with their relationship.

One moment they’re together, the next they’re split up. Recent photos of the two showed them falling asleep on a video call together. So, it’s been difficult keeping up with the changes. But it looks like there has been a recent change in their marital status.

Tiffany recently hinted that she and Ronald may have called it quits again. A fan was curious to know if the TLC couple were still together. She replied that Ronald is “literally in Africa.” So, he still hasn’t come to America on a spousal visa.

Some fans think that maybe Tiffany went to South Africa to visit him again. But she was spotted in a nail salon in Frederick, Maryland a few days ago, so that seems unlikely.

However, another 90 Day Fiance fan doesn’t understand why Tiffany Franco is being so secretive about the status of her marriage. She told the fan it’s because she’s an “undercover agent.” So, it’s not clear where the two stand. But she did speak about her dating status.

Tiffany Dating Someone New

Tiffany Franco doesn’t share much about her romantic life. Yet, during one of her breakups with Ronald Smith, she did reveal that she was going back into the dating world.

However, it seems like nothing came out of it since she seemingly got back with Ronald not long after. But could they be broken up again? It looks like she may have found love with someone new.

A 90 Day Fiance viewer wanted to find out if Tiffany was dating anyone. The TLC celeb said, “yes.” She also said that she has been “making out” often.

She even said that she wouldn’t be on The Single Life. The show follows previous cast members as they enter the dating world. So, if she won’t be on the show, could she have already found someone new?

Tiffany has been through a lot in her love life. But, she isn’t allowing her experience to stop her from moving forward. She believes that everything she went through was a “learning process.” She thinks that “no one has the answers.” So, she is just figuring everything out on the way.

90 Day Fiance Celeb Enjoys New Body in the Bedroom

Tiffany Franco has been on a weight loss journey for almost a year. She got a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to help her drop the pounds.

She has seen great results from it. Since getting the surgery, she has lost 70 pounds. She feels confident in her new body. And it seems like she is even sharing it with a new man.

Tiffany has slimmed down a lot. One 90 Day Fiance fan was curious to know if being intimate is more fun at her current weight. The TLC celeb’s answer was “yes.”

People know that Ronald Smith isn’t in America. So, she isn’t being intimate with him. It sounds like she and the man she is supposedly dating have been getting busy in the bedroom.

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90 Day Fiance viewers slam Ariela for relying on her parents for money and refusing to get a job – TK

Ariela Weinberg is facing harsh criticism from 90 Day Fiance viewers who feel she needs to be more independent and shouldn’t rely on her parents so heavily.

This season on 90 Day Fiance, Ariela and Biniyam Shibre returned to the cast, joining six other new couples. Ari and Bini finally arrived in the US from Ethiopia after Biniyam’s K-1 Visa was approved.

Ariela Weinberg’s parents provide for her and Biniyam Shibre upon their arrival in the US

Upon their arrival in America, Ariela’s parents, Janice and Fred Weinberg, set her and Biniyam up in an apartment just minutes from their New Jersey home. Janice went the extra mile and made sure Ari, Bini, and their son Avi had a two-bedroom apartment with cable and high-speed internet.

However, instead of showing her gratitude, Ariela felt pressured to find a job and a way to pay for the rent and utilities in the apartment. She told her parents that she wouldn’t have chosen a bigger, more expensive apartment with all of the amenities if it were up to her.

Following Sunday’s episode, disgruntled 90 Day Fiance viewers took to Twitter where they voiced their dissent, calling out Ari for relying too much on her parents financially and for not being more proactive about having a plan in place and getting a job; especially while Biniyam can’t work until he receives his green card, which typically takes several months.

90 Day Fiance viewers bash Ariela for allowing her parents to continue to provide for her

“Ariela you should already have a job or plan in place. Wtf” tweeted one viewer who was irritated with Ariela’s lack of planning.

Another viewer who felt Ariela’s parents need to cut the apron strings wrote, “Lol at Ariela moving to the US and her parents STILL paying her bills 🤣”

“Seriously Ariela get it together,” tweeted another viewer who felt Ari’s behavior was childish. “You are 30 years old with a family that your parents pay to support. Time to stop being a brat.”

During the episode, Ariela explained her perspective during a confessional: “Bini and I had the expectation that when we came to the US, everything would be different and new and exciting and it’ll be a chance to just work on our relationship, spend time together as a family, and start over again.”

“But I think neither of us know long-term really how we’re gonna provide for the family and it’s really scary. Like, what if this doesn’t work out?” Ariela added.

Now that Ari and Bini are in the US, it’s unclear what their financial situation is. But, Ariela seems unbothered by it all, as she has been sharing positive and motivating messages with her 371k Instagram followers.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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90 Day Fiance: Angela Flaunts Another Makeover With New Lip Fillers & Teeth Transplant – TK

Angela Deem is undoubtedly the most troublesome character from 90 Day Fiance. At first, viewers didn’t like her controlling and spoilt attitude alongside her husband, Micheal Ilesanmi. Later on, their anger hit the room when the woman flashed herself in a Tell-All episode. Apart from these things, her surgeries and weight loss journey hog the limelight too. Now Angela has debuted yet another makeover, and it involves her lips! Keep reading to know more details about this.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Gets New Teeth & Lip Fillers! Shows Off New Look

Angela Deem may no longer be a part of 90 Day Fiance, yet she is still the most memorable. Apparently, she appeared in the Tell-All episode flaunting her newly transformed body. It turns out the Georgia native underwent liposuction, breast reduction, and gastric sleeve surgery. Hence, she began making headlines again. Similarly, the celebrity is focussing on more changes. As a result, she flaunted her new set of teeth in a recent video. Therefore, Angela took to her social media to record a few videos to flaunt her new smile.

As per her previous videos, Dr. Lawton Tang was the one who reconstructed her teeth. Therefore, a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans took to the comments section to compliment the celebrity. Although Angela hasn’t been the fan favorite, viewers still admire her for her honesty regarding her surgeries. That’s not all; it seems like the 55-year-old also got lip fillers. In fact, she put up a video mouthing a song, and fans took notice that her lips stood out. Even if some liked this look, others trolled her. Angela is yet to react to any of the criticism.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Miserable With Her Weight Loss?

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi had quite a confusing relationship with 90 Day Fiance. Although the Nigerian man loved his partner, she was too controlling. Moreover, he was always against her getting surgeries to look younger and slimmer for it. That’s because he admired her for the way she was. Hence, the star has put up pictures with his wife from her “before surgery” phase. Unfortunately, there was also a moment when Angela began shedding tears after revealing how her man didn’t like her with smaller breasts.

As a result, speculation began about whether the American woman regrets going through all these operations. Apart from Michael, most of the 90 Day Fiance fans also troll her for these procedures. Although Angela has successfully turned deaf ears to these criticisms, her admirers still worry for her. Well, there is no confirmation about how she feels about her weight loss unless she addresses the matter publically.

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90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Reveals Her Extensions Were Worth $3000! – TK

Tiffany Franco and her partner Ronald Smith began starring in the 90 Day Fiance through The Other Way spin-off. Although their marriage didn’t last, and they are on their own now, viewers like knowing about their lives through social media. As a result, Tiffany Franco has been sharing a lot of updates about her newly transformed look. Apparently, she got extensions. Hence, she opened up about the same through new posts. Keep reading to know more about this.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Spent $3000 On New Hair! Says It’s Worth It

Tiffany Franco initially became famous after starring in 90 Day Fiance alongside Ronald Smith. Sadly, their relationship was far from perfect and rather toxic. Therefore, viewers were glad as they announced their split in their Tell All episode. Since then, Tiffany began focussing on her self grown journey. Not only did she get weight loss surgeries, but she also adapted to a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the audience was in awe of her stunning transformation.

It seems like Tiffany is now focusing on other physical features. As a result, she underwent another transformation and changed her hair. Thus, she got extensions. Earlier the young mother always had shoulder-length hair. Hence, it was a nice change. As a result, viewers began to enquire about her hair extensions. Therefore, the ex-castmate said that it almost cost her $ 3000. Monstersandcritics reshared these Instagram stories. It turns out she purchased seven bundles which were 20 inches long. In fact, it would last the star 3-4 months if she takes care of them properly. At last, the woman stated it was “worth it”.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Changes Her Look! Embraces Long Locks

At first, 90 Day Fiance fans didn’t like Tiffany on the show after seeing her troubled relationship with Ronald Smith. However, she is one such cast member who began getting appreciation after her time on the show was over. That’s because the Maryland native turned her life around completely. In fact, she began the journey of self-love and weight loss. That’s not all; the celebrity also runs a successful makeup line and is a single mom working hard trying to make ends meet. As a result, the audience now views her as a successful woman who is doing the best for herself.

Amidst all these responsibilities, Tiffany also gets the time to pamper herself. As a result, she underwent a drastic transformation. It turns out she got hair extensions and flaunted long locks with loose curls. Apparently, the mother-of-two got a stunning dimensional “blend” with “keratin infusion”. While revealing this, she also put up an Instagram video showing off this transformation. Therefore, all her fans were impressed by this change and took to the comments section to reveal how good Tiffany looked.

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90 Day Fiance: Alex and Loren nominated for MTV Award for Best Reality Romance – TK

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite couple Alexei and Loren Brovarnik have been nominated for an MTV award.

Loren and Alex first graced reality TV viewers’ screens during Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance and have continued to share their journey with fans.

Viewers quickly fell in love with the couple, whose love story began when Loren met Alexei in his native country of Israel during a Birthright trip to the Middle East. Since then, Loren and Alex have married and welcomed two sons, Shai and Asher, and are expecting their third child later this year.

Loren and Alex were given their own spinoff, Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, and they revealed that their appearance on the show is what got them nominated for an MTV award.

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite couple Loren and Alexei Brovarnik announce MTV Award nomination

Taking to his Instagram on Wednesday, Alexei shared a video with his 829k Instagram followers, which he captioned, “WOW!!! We were nominated for an @mtv award for ‘Best Reality Romance’.” In the post, Alex explained that he and Loren just found out they were nominated and instructed his fans how to vote for them.


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A post shared by Alexei Brovarnik (@alex_brovarnik)

“This is so cool and we are so appreciative of this opportunity!! PLEASE VOTE IN THE LINK IN MY BIO and spread the word!! Vote up to 20x!!! 🤙🏼🤙🏼 #teambrovarnik,” Alex’s caption concluded.

For her part, Loren took to her Instagram Stories as well as her posts to share the happy news with her 1.4 million followers.

“Uh, so I have really crazy news, and no, it’s not that I’m pregnant again because as you know I am,” Loren told her fans in her Instagram Story slide. “You guys, Alex and I were just nominated for an MTV award! What is happening?! I am freaking out right now! Oh my God!”

Loren went on to share the link with her fans, asking them to vote and spread the word and told them that she was having a hot flash, sweating, and had goosebumps from the excitement of it all.

Here’s how you can vote for Loren and Alexei

According to MTV’s website, Loren and Alex are going up against four other couples: Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt from Bachelor in Paradise, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules, and Yandy and Mendeecees from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.


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A post shared by Loren Brovarnik (@lorenbrovarnik)

In order to cast a vote, fans must provide either an email address or login with a Google or Twitter account. From there, fans can cast as many as 10 votes once per category. Voters can choose to spread their votes among the other categories or use all of their votes for their favorite couple/star.

The winners will be announced on Sunday, June 5 at 8/7c, so be sure to check back to find out if Loren and Alexei can garner the most votes and earn the title of Best Reality Romance.


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Ariela Weinberg and Wish Shibre Share What REALLY Happened at the Airport – TK

On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Ariela had one final clash with Biniyam’s sisters before the couple left Ethiopia.

This time, the conflict was indirect, but it still looked like Ari was giving them the cold shoulder, and Bini’s sisters were sobbing.

But Wish says that the reason that they were crying was different than what viewers may assume.

And Ariela has her own piece of the puzzle to add.

On Season 9, Episode 4 of 90 Day Fiance, Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre set off for New Jersey.

Viewers have followed the engaged couple on two seasons of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, witnessing the birth of baby Aviel, their engagement, and a whole lot of problems.

While this trip is almost indisputably the best thing for Bini and Ari’s relationship, his sisters fear that it is the worst thing for him.

Even before Bini headed to the airport, he met with concerned family.

His sisters, Mimi and Wish, encouraged him to be smart and to not be “naive” or foolish.

They fear that he will get his heart broken, as he was once before, when a different American woman had his baby but later divorced him.

His family hopes, however, that Biniyam’s trip to the United States will do more than just save his relationship with Ariela.

(Biniyam’s time in Ethiopia, both with and without Ari, was filled with so many incidents of alleged cheating and otherwise bad partnership that a split seemed almost inevitable)

Bini’s ex-wife, Bria, lives in the United States with their son, Simon.

There have been a lot of claims made on social media about the truth of Simon’s custody situation.

Some believe that Bria all but kidnapped their son. Others have claimed to know for a fact that Bini signed away his own parental rights.

All that we know for certain is that Biniyam has not seen his firstborn in years, and has been deeply affected by losing his family.

At the airport, we saw Wish and Mimi arrive with other family.

Biniyam’s niblings hugged and kissed him goodbye.

And his sisters were eager to say goodbye to little Avi.

Ariela remained in the van with Avi during that farewell, largely because her last encounter with the sisters had ended with a face full of wine.

Wish and Mimi asked if they could kiss Avi goodbye.

While Ariela privately told Bini that Avi was settled into his car seat, she didn’t deny the sisters permission to kiss him goodbye.

Instead, as we oh-so-briefly heard Ariela say, the sisters could come kiss Avi goodbye while he remained seated in the van.

She acknowledged that their behavior had been over-the-top, but affirmed that they could kiss him goodbye.

(Again, we’re talking like 24 hours at the most since the wine-throwing incident)

Based upon what we saw, it doesn’t look like Biniyam relayed the full message to his sisters.

Maybe he was trying to avoid further conflict. We don’t know what he was thinking.

All that we do know is that Bini told them that Avi was sleeping … which they interpreted as Ariela denying them a farewell with baby Avi.

Mimi did not mince words when speaking to the camera about how she feels.

“We feel she is evil,” she declared.

Those are harsh words — even from the women who spoke repeatedly about their newborn nephew being condemned to literal eternal hellfire.

The sisters continued to express serious concerns about Biniyam’s happiness and overall well-being.

While Ariela has caved to Bini on most disagreements while in Ethiopia, clearly his siblings worry that the opposite will be true in New Jersey.

Instead of being surrounded by his family, he’ll be surrounded by hers. He knows them, but how will he adapt?

Those are all fair questions, but to hear a couple of the cast members themselves tell it, we’re not getting the full story.

Ariela took to Instagram to emphasize that she did not deny Wish and Mimi a chance to say goodbye to Avi.

She knows that the show’s editing tries to present her in a certain way, but she’s horrified by family being cut off from each other and would never do that.

Then, Wish had her own side of things to share on her own Instagram Story.

Wish explained that her tears, and Mimi’s, were partially taken out of context.

They weren’t just sad to see Bini and Avi go — they were also tearful because of a parting gift to their brother.

“We were not crying over a grown man moving somewhere else,” Wish wrote.

“We had kept his first son’s [Simon] shoes from when he was [little],” she explained, “and we decided to surprise gift it to him as a leaving gift.”

That sounds heartbreaking. Whatever the true circumstances of how Biniyam came to part ways with Simon, that is emotionally devastating.


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90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik Is Glowing After Third Pregnancy! Flaunts Thriving Baby Bump – TK

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik from 90 Day Fiance have too much going on lately. Apparently, the stars recently announced their third pregnancy. Hence, the fanbase has been quite excited for them. However, this means they would have three kids under years after the new baby arrives. Nevertheless, they are ready for a challenge and couldn’t be happier. Lately, Loren took to her Instagram handle to show off her growing baby bump. Keep reading more to take a look at it.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik Shares Casual Mirror Selfie While Showing Off Healthy Baby Bump

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik have been very frequent on the 90 Day Fiance franchise. At first, they appeared in the third season of the original show, followed by two seasons in Happily Ever After franchise. That’s not all; they were a part of 90 Day Diaries and also starred in After The 90 Days. Hence, viewers are pretty much up to date with their entire journey. Hence, it came as a shock when Loren and Alexei announced their third pregnancy.


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A post shared by Loren Brovarnik (@lorenbrovarnik)

Apparently, Alexei and Loren made an official statement while posting wholesome pictures with their sons Shai and Asher. Lately, the mother has been enjoying her pregnancy phase once again. That’s because she took to her social media to share a picture of herself. Although it was a casual selfie with a messy room background, 90 Day Fiance fans couldn’t help but notice her stunning baby bump in the photo. Hence, they sent the family their blessings in the comments section. In fact, a lot of fans complimented Loren for “glowing” in the photo.

90 Day Fiance: Loren & Alexei Expecting Baby #3! Nervous and Excited?

Loren and Alexei are pretty much full-time reality TV stars. That’s because their love life has been a part of TLC since they got together. As a result, they are pretty transparent about their milestones, no matter how big or small. Hence, they took to their social media to finally announce becoming parents for the third time. Apparently, Loren was pregnant in 2020, then in 2021, and now in 2020, i.e., three consecutive years.


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A post shared by Loren Brovarnik (@lorenbrovarnik)

Therefore, her husband, Alexei, jokingly exclaimed that he is closer to having a “soccer team” of his own. Despite this, he understands that being responsible for three kids under three years is no easy task. Hence, the stars are nervous and excited about this new adventure. Apparently, the new pregnancy came as a surprise to them, and Loren and Alexei are very glad about it.

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The Family Chantel: [TRAILER OUT] TLC Hints At Pedro & Chantel’s SEPARATION!

TLC fans are on the lookout for the most controversial family drama, The Family Chantel. Pedro and Chantel have been together for four years and gained attention for their on-screen romance. But, things aren’t going well between the two as the latest trailer rolls out. The sneak peeks a possible confirmation that the couple will be separating the new season. So, tune in to know the deets right away.

The Family Chantel: Chantel & Pedro Fight For Their Marriage

The latest trailer of The Family Chantel Season 4 opens boldly with a bang. The sneak peek features the main cast members welcoming the guests. As it progress, the fans are in for a high A-rated drama. The TLC viewers know how toxic and unappealing the celeb’s family is. Therefore, once again, the audience will be a part of a spicery and flavorful drama. Apart from that, the reality show’s main highlights are Pedro and Chantel. And the thing between the two is as sour as a rotten orange.


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A post shared by 90 Day Fiance (@90dayfiance)

Chantel’s brother opens with the question by asking how things are between her and her husband. The celeb replies, “Things between Pedro and I are not OK.” It seems like, over the years, the two have become distant from each other. And Pedro has found a new family at his job. The reality star is getting along well with his colleagues; however, Chantel has trust issues regarding it. The wife questions that her husband went to get “nails done” with his co-worker but couldn’t take a walk with her.

In conclusion, Chantel has trust issues and is tired of hearing, “It’s none of your business,” from Pedro. Further, the celeb forces Pedro and asks him if he still “loves” her. Meanwhile, the trailer also roots that Chantel’s mother is on her side and is ready for all the guns blazing. However, the star says that she still loves her husband and would do anything to keep him. But, if things out south, she will be happy to conclude, “I did everything that I could.”

The Family Chantel: Nicole’s Mother Insults Alejandro! Make The Fans Angrily

Apart from Chantel and Pedro’s relationship drama, other cast members are also on the verge of breaking up. And the sneak peek does reveal Pedro’s sister’s major Dominican Republic beauty pageant vent. Apart from that, the promo clip features the struggles and troubles between Nicole and Alejandro. The latter says that he and his girlfriend broke up because her family is evil. And in one of the clips, Nicole rudely threw the flowers at Alejandro that he got for her.

And in another insulting clip, Nicole’s mother clearly passed a rude comment on Alejandro and says, “You have the nerve to bring this thing here.” She then adds that she’ll eat him alive. The short clip also features Winter’s new achievement in her surgery of “Gastric Sleeve.” It is a weight loss procedure, and almost 80 percent of the belly is removed to make someone thin. Well, the new season is premiering on June 6, and it is sure a banger. Do you think Pedro and Chantel will get a divorce in the future?

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’90 Day Fiance’: Ariela against Keeping Aviel from Biniyam’s Family – TK

Ariela Weinberg from 90 Day Fiance will not keep her son, Aviel Shibre, away from Biniyam Shibre‘s family. They are all living in America. But, it’s essential that her son has a relationship with his father’s family.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg & Biniyam Shibre Move to America

Ariela Weinberg moves back to her home country with Biniyam Shibre and their son, Aviel Shibre, on 90 Day Fiance. She has lived in Ethiopia for a while. But, she feels it’s time to go back to America.

Biniyam is happy to be moving to the states. But, he was afraid to tell his family. So, he waited until the night before their flight to break the bad news. And his family didn’t handle it well.

Biniyam’s sisters, Wish and Mimi, blamed Ariela Weinberg for them not knowing sooner. However, she told them she would never tell their brother not to tell his family about the move. But they didn’t care. Wish even threw a glass of wine at the TLC celeb.

Biniyam Shibre wished that he had told his family sooner. The 90 Day Fiance castmate admitted he had made a mistake. But, he found the whole situation very stressful.

Biniyam’s Sisters Upset with Ariela

Biniyam Shibre told Ariela Weinberg that his siblings wanted to see meet up for lunch. However, she doesn’t agree to go. She felt that his family doesn’t want to talk to her. So, she doesn’t want anything to do with them.

Biniyam met up with his siblings with Aviel. It’s crucial for the 90 Day Fiance reality star that Ariela and his family get along before he leaves. So, he told his siblings to meet them at the airport to say goodbye.

Biniyam’s sisters Mimi and Wish showed up. They wanted to kiss their nephew goodbye. But, Ariela didn’t want her son to get out of the van.

She felt that it was too cold for him. However, she said they could come in the truck to see Aviel. Yet, Wish and Mimi decided not to see the little one and left without saying goodbye.

90 Day Fiance Celeb Won’t Keep Son from Father’s Family

Ariela Weinberg recently spoke about her behavior at the airport. She believes that the “alienation of children from their biological families is so absolutely disgusting.”

According to the TLC star, she has always encouraged her son to have a relationship with his father’s family. She would never separate Aviel from Biniyam Shibre or his side of the family.

Ariela explains that she told Biniyam that his family could say goodbye to Aviel in the van. The 90 Day Fiance reality star didn’t want to wake their son up and bring him out in the cold.

She doesn’t know if that information was “incorrectly passed” on to his family or if they “consciously chose” not to come inside the vehicle. But, she would not keep them from Aviel.

Ariela has “personal experience” with being a child and feeling stuck in the middle of “adult family disagreements.” And she doesn’t want to put her son in that position.

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’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Deem’s Shockingly Slim Figure – See Pics – TK

Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance showed off her shockingly slim figure. It looks like her weight loss journey continues.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s Weight Loss Transformation
Angela Deem is on a journey to become the best version of herself. The 90 Day Fiance cast member started to worry about her health.

After decades of smoking and not taking care of her body, she knew it was time to make a change. So, she decided to seek medical assistance to help get her health back on track. She ended up getting weight loss surgery.

After a few months, Angela lost around 70 pounds. She was starting to feel better about herself. However, ditching her bad smoking habit has not been easy. She even tried hypnotherapy. But it didn’t work. Yet, she isn’t letting her bad habit stop her from getting her dream body.

During the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After reunion show, Angela Deem revealed that she had lost over 100 pounds and was at her goal weight.

She didn’t hesitate to flaunt her new body in front of the cameras. However, her slim figure was only the beginning of her transformation. It wasn’t the only change she had made to her appearance.

Angela Gets Head-To-Toe Makeover

Angela Deem has gone under the knife a few times since getting bariatric surgery. Before losing weight, her chest area caused many issues with her breathing. She felt the weight loss would help. She also got a breast reduction.

However, her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, would always joke about her smaller chest. So, she decided to get implants to get her bigger bust back. She has no problem showing off her surgeon’s work.

Angela revealed on 90 Day Fiance: Diaries that she wants to get new teeth. Her smile has always been a big insecurity of hers. At a young age, she lost a few of her teeth. And smoking has also done a lot of damage to her smile.

She even felt that she should have worked on her teeth before getting weight loss surgery. She was afraid that her mouth was too damaged to get the smile of her dreams.

Angela went to Beverly Hills, California, to see if a dentist could fix her smile. She found out that she does have a few options when it comes to getting new teeth.

But, it may cost her a pretty penny. Yet, she seemed to overlook the cost and only focused on the idea of getting fresh pearly whites.

90 Day Fiance Celeb Flaunts Thinner Figure

Angela Deem recently showed off her thinner physique. She took a video of herself flaunting her dance moves to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, fans couldn’t help but notice she is looking slimmer. Many people brought up that it looks like her waist is getting smaller.

Angela seems happy with her new body. The 90 Day Fiance star has seen a lot of success and should be proud of how far she has come. However, what does Michael Ilesanmi think of his wife’s new look?