OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Shares POSITIVE PREGNANCY Picture? 2-3 Weeks Pregnant? — HN

Danielle Busby loves to surround herself with kids. And then God blessed her with Blayke and the quints. Before that, she suffered from infertility. Therefore, it always takes a heavy toll on her. More so, the mother has always wanted a boy. Strangely, the OutDaughtered celeb has shared a picture that suggests she is 2-3 weeks pregnant! Well, is this a miracle? Will Danielle have a boy this time? Tune in to find out.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby To Welcome A SEVENTH Child?
The TLC audience has seen that Mrs. Busby is a dedicated mother. She has spent half her life praying to have kids. That’s because Danielle dealt with infertility. Hence, she has spent hours and days praying and crying. Moreover, the mother is empathetic towards the woman struggling to have kids. It is her story too. And Danielle strongly preaches about how God and faith have been her support. Likewise, she has always wanted to have a baby boy.

However, when she couldn’t, the celeb named her boutique store after it. Meanwhile, taking to Instagram, the OutDaughtered celeb posted a snap with a pregnancy stick. If you carefully look at the picture, it says, “Pregnant, 2-3.” That means she is two-three weeks pregnant with a child. Fans believe it’s a miracle! And in addition, some are hoping for a baby boy. However, TV Season & Spoilers reports that Danielle is not pregnant. That’s because she has her tubes tied. But, it is normal to get deceived by the picture.

Well, in the picture, Danielle is posing with Blayke. However, Blayke looks like one of the quints where the confusion started. More so, even Adam Busby gets confused between Riley and Parker. So, it’s a common mistake. Apart from this, a fan asked Danielle about her fertility journey. So, in her response, she linked her struggles and memorable journey in the snap and picture.

OutDaughtered: The Sourness Between Grandma Mimi & Daughter Danielle
The TLC audience has praised Danielle for her commitment to the girls. They have seen how attentive she is to them. Therefore, on Mother’s Day, the mother got emotional and posted a snap with the girls. Danielle wrote a long paragraph explaining how much she understands what a mother feels. Well, everything was going smoothly. The Outdaughtered star also expressed that mother’s day always makes her emotional. Meanwhile, a fan asked her, “But, what about your mother.”

Well, turns out that the mother of six gave a tribute to all the struggling mothers. However, she didn’t even show a sign of gratitude towards Grandma Mimi. There was no social media appreciation post about Michelle. Likewise, many fans believe that after Michelle’s DUI arrest, Danielle and Adam have broken contact with her. The audience hasn’t seen grandma Mimi in Danielle’s story for a year now. Therefore, there might be a stir in Danielle and her mother’s relationship.

What do you think has happened between fan-favorite Grandma Mimi and Danielle? Tell us in the comments below.


OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby SHUNS Grandma Mimi On Mother’s Day! Cutting Ties With Her? — HN

The TLC audience has seen how great Danielle is as a mother. The woman has devoted all her time to kids. And have been there whenever any of her girls needed her. More so, the OutDaughtered celeb would do anything just to give a tint of happiness to her children. However, some have questioned if she’s a good daughter as well? That’s because Danielle didn’t share a heartful post for her mother, Michelle Theriot. Have the celeb cut ties with her mom? Tune in to find out.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Didn’t Wish Grandma Mimi On Mother’s Day?
A child learns from their mother. And the very first word they learn is “Ma.” Hence, the relationship between a mother and a child is sacred. Likewise, no mother would want her kid to sway away from her. But, that doesn’t look like in the case of Grandma Mimi and Danielle Busby. The girls have always loved being with their grandma. More so, even Adam loves hanging out with her. She is a real angel, and even the TLC audience loved her presence on the show.

However, on Mother’s day, Danielle posted a lovely caption for all the mothers and claimed she felt them. Meanwhile, there wasn’t a single appreciation post of Grandma Mimi. Hence, the mother of six didn’t wish her mother on the day. A fan did ask her, “But, where’s YOUR mom?” Strangely, Danielle isn’t posting about Michelle for a while. Therefore, to the fans, it looks like the celeb is shunning her mother out of the family.

And the reason for that could be Michelle Theriot’s DUI arrest. The incident did affect the Busbys a lot. Even TLC stopped featuring grandma Mimi for the same. Though it’s been a year since that event happened, the sourness between Danielle and Mimi looks the same. However, shunning her own mother is Danielle’s big issue to take care of because that’s not how one should treat their moms.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Says Mother’s Day TRIGGERS Her!
The Outdaughtered fans say that Danielle Busby has failed to be a daughter. That’s because she did not seem to continue her relationship with grandma Mimi. Instead, the celeb took to social media to share her experience of how difficult it was for her to be a mom. TLC viewers know that the 38-year-old Danielle Busby has struggled with infertility. Hence, she used her platform to empathize with all the women who struggle to be a mom.

In her heartful post, Danielle says that she loves her girls and is blessed to have them. Then added that mother’s day has always been a triggering point for her because she has dealt with issues of anovulatory. However, as Danielle poured out her feelings, she encouraged the women to have faith in God. The reality star believes in the power of prayer and God. And she also urged her fellow mothers to learn from their situation and be a part of the growth.


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OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle Busby ABANDON Grandma Mimi After Pr*son Release! — HN

Grandma Mimi was a loved character on the show OutDaughtered. However, after the tragic DUI arr*st, the show stopped featuring the grandma entirely. Well, it could be because TLC wanted to cover Michelle from embarrassment. More so, the show’s producers didn’t want to create any havoc with the police’s involvement. Hence, after her pr*son release, fans thought things could ease. But that doesn’t seem to be a solution. So, tune in to read further.

OutDaughtered: Are Danielle & Adam Letting Grandma Mimi Fallout From The Family?
The Busby family is a small family with lovable characters. First, it’s the quints, and then Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki. And of course, how can the fans forget the parents. Hence, the TLC viewers love seeing the family members altogether. However, Grandma Mimi was one of the loved characters as well. But, after Mimi’s DUI arr*st, some of the Outdaughtered fans started throwing shade at her.

Though some suggested, “to err is to human.” Sadly, not many feel that. According to the critics, if an adult makes a mistake, it’s a thoughtful one. Hence, they should know the repercussions. Meanwhile, now Mimi has been released from her arrest and can also roam freely. But, fans feel that Danielle and Adam have abandoned Grandma Mimi. According to the viewers, The Busbys and the Mills seem to spend quality time together.

They also include each other in their stories. But speaking about Michelle, no one has shared a picture. Therefore, fans say that there is a family fallout between Adam and Danielle. And the Bubsy’s have abandoned her. Likewise, one fan said that it’s clear that the parents are shunning the grandma. And also, TLC will not telecast her anymore. Michelle’s recent post is from December, and since then, she’s not active.

OutDaughtered: Where Is Grandma Mimi? Does She Have A DR*NKING PROBLEM?
Well, it’s a little overstretched to assume that Mimi’s own daughter is trying to abandon her. That’s because no kid would make their mother feel like this. Hence, another part of the fans speculates that maybe TLC is behind this. Meaning that TLC is not letting to post about Grandma as it could gain negative attention. Or maybe TLC could be trying to protect Michelle and give her some privacy.

One of the fans also mentioned that Mimi could also have a dr*nking problem she is trying to overcome. Or it could be Michelle’s mood not to film for some time. She has also turned off the comments on her social media. Meanwhile, Adam and Danielle haven’t spoken on the matter. The celebs keep away their family from the negative drama. What do you think is the reason for the disappearance of Grandma Mimi? Let us know in the comments below.


OutDaughtered Updates Reveal Danielle Busby’s Current Health — HN

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates left fans hanging when the season that focused on Danielle Busby’s health ended. In fact, she took a lot of heat from some critics who accused her of drama for no reason. Well, now she revealed an update on her health, and she is really struggling.

OutDaughtered: What Was Wrong With Danielle Busby?
Adam Busby and his wife Danielle appeared at a function where she was a guest speaker. Unfortunately, she ended up at the ER later, after suffering scary and weird sensations in her arms and legs. Subsequently, it was covered by TLC and fans saw her feeling very unwell and crying with fear. The show revealed that doctors suspected she had a heart problem. Then they moved on to explore some suspected nerve issues.

When the season ended, OutDaughtered fans slammed Danielle as she went to visit friends for a restful break. Additionally, when she and Adam took a break, more people slammed her. Ugly accusations of faking it for the cameras arose. So, the mom of Blayke and the quints went very quiet. Now, she finally broke her silence on her health problems.

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Struggles With Her Health
This week, Danielle took to her Instagram Stories and shared a long update. Actually, she seems to be in a bad place and she struggles a lot.

As you can see in the post above, the OutDaughtered mom isn’t in a great place with her mental health either. A lot of her frustration seems to come because she suffers from an autoimmune problem and she can’t get used to the idea of not being fully in control of her life.

Is The TLC Show Canceled Because Of Ill-health?
Fans heard rumors that the OutDaughtered show might not return. Actually, it came when Adam talked about how they needed to make a video to address the lack of a new season. In that comment on an Instagram post, he mentioned making the “best” decisions for their family. If Danielle is still so sick, perhaps they decided to take a hiatus.

Whatever the reason is, fans can probably rest assured that the two parents would have thought long and hard if they turned down another season of the show. Hopefully, Danielle manages to turn her health problems and around and get much better.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.


OutDaughtered: Danielle Struck With ILLNESS AGAIN, Fans Worried For Her Health! — HN

Danielle Bubsy is the super mom and the beloved TLC celebrity. The mother of six manages everything that comes on her plate. More so, the fans have seen how dedicated she has been to the family. Meanwhile, the OutDaughtered celeb seems to carry off her duties splendidly. However, according to her recent update, the mother is not well. And her FAILING health has made the fans worry for her. So, tune in to know what happened to her.

OutDaughtered: Mother Busby Shares About Her Illness, Says She Hates Being Sick!
Fans have seen Danielle going through pain last year. The OutDaughtered celeb had a mysterious disease that the doctors couldn’t diagnose. Hence, the tests proved and cleared nothing. Meanwhile, the mother’s declining health became a huge issue, and the family members started to worry for her. Apart from that, Adam and Danielle’s sister Crystal pointed out how serious the situation was.

Turns out Danielle suspected it to be an autoimmune disease. And now again, the celeb took to her Instagram stories to share about her illness. The mother of six shared a picture of herself. And in the picture, she already looks half-drained from the illness. Her eyes look puffy, and her face swollen. Danielle also looks deprived of sleep. Meanwhile, her Instagram update has made the fans worry.

They feel that mother Busby’s previous illness has come back to haunt her. However, it is not fair to assume what Danielle’s disease is. More so, a day before, TV Seasons & Spoilers reported that the more than two quints caught a cold recently. Hence, the mother might have gotten the infection from the kids. Likewise, the mother also wrote, “Well, my turn.” And said that she hates being sick. Meanwhile, she will take a day off to rest.

Outdaughtered: Did Olivia and Ava Passed On The Infection To Their Mother?
The quints have been making the headlines for a while. And most particularly, Olivia and Ava. Apparently, both the twins resemble a lot and confuse the fans. Sometimes the twins can confuse their father as well. Shockingly, mother Busby mentioned how Olivia and Ava fell sick. And surprisingly, the kids got the same sickness and the same temperature too!

The fans couldn’t help but get astonished at the reveal. They also prayed for the twins to get better. And it seems like the girls have gotten back. That’s because Danielle confirmed Olivia and Ana went to school. However, sadly, the quints must have passed on the virus to their mother. And Danielle is taking to take off the heat.


OutDaughtered: Quints Refuse To Film For Season 9? Will TLC Cancel The Show For Good? — HN

OutDaughtered fans have been keeping up with the quints for a long time. The girls have grown up in front of the nation. And now, every little detail of their life seems to revolve around the viewers. However, recently papa Bubsy confessed that the family might not continue filming this year. But, he assured the fans to make a video on what was going on and clear the confusion. What could be the reason for the show’s sudden halt? Have the quints refused to film? Tune in to find out.

OutDaughtered: The Quints Doesn’t Want To Film Further? Tired Of Filming?
The reality shows OutDaughtered’s limelight are the quints. As much as the fans showers love for the couple, the more they do on the quints. It’s been almost eight years since the audience has followed the family. But, with no announcement for Season 9, fans have been curious. The TLC viewers waited long enough for the network to announce the release date.

However, when there was no response, people started hovering over the celebs. Hence, Adam came forward to clear the situation, saying that OutDaughtered Season 9 would not air this year. Meanwhile, discussions have started on certain Facebook groups and Reddit, claiming the quints aren’t interested in filming the show. The same person said she read somewhere Adam had an open discussion with the quints about the show’s future.

OutDaughtered: Fans DEMAND A Revival Of The Show
And concluding the chat, the quints have decided not to film again. However, we can’t claim if it’s true with no word from Adam or Danielle. More so, TV Seasons & Spoilers reported it first that the family is taking a break from filming. Hence, with much going on in the family, the Busbys want to settle and return. So, the show could be delayed. And Adam has declared it, OutDaughtered isn’t canceled, but the family will take a little time to be back. This is because the Busbys are taking a 1-Year break.

The reality show’s future seems to hang in the air for a while. With no announcements and updates from the family, it’s a little hard for the fans. They have been hoping the show would return for good. That’s because it was one of the shows worth watching with the family. More so, some furious fans say that TLC would be bad if it decides to drop the Busbys.

Meanwhile, it is unclear what’s going on with the show’s future and TLC. But the audience is on the look to demand a revival of the show. Fans say they are sad by learning that the Busbys could leave TLC. Another part of the fans says they understand how filming could be pervasive for the quints. Hence, if it’s about the Busby and the quint’s privacy, they will support the family. Well, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


OutDaughtered Season 9 Canceled? Fans Demand TLC To REVIVE IT! — HN

LC brings out the most amazing shows. And it also entertains the fans too much extent. However, many fans have noted that there are very less family shows. And one of them is OutDaughtered. The viewers are crazy behind it and want the show to go on. But, not every great thing waits. So, the fans are demanding to revive it. Tune in to know more.

OutDaughtered: Fans Don’t Want The Busbys To Leave TLC, Demands To Revive The Show
The Busbys have become an integral part of their fanbase’s life. The family has been going strong for almost seven years. So, that is why there is a special connection between the cast and the audience. Moreover, the parents also know how much the viewers love them. Hence, they keep them updated with their daily schedule. Meanwhile, it’s been a long since TLC made any announcement regarding OutDaughtered.

Therefore fans started hovering over Danielle and asked her when will OutDaughtered Season 9 be released. Meanwhile, some fans started to feel that the show had been canceled. And on Facebook, fans have been demanding the show to return. They are saying that they miss watching the family. More so, this was the only good and decent family show available.

Likewise, some fans also said that the family had made their decision not to return. However, TV Seasons & Spoilers report that Adam voiced they are taking a break for a year. He also added that he and Danielle would make a video on it and let the fans free from confusion. Fan’s demand is justified; however, Adam feels that his family and their peace come first. So, maybe that’s why the Busbys are taking a 1-Year break.

OutDaughtered: TLC Is Trying To Bribe The Busbys To Bring Them Back?
Everyone is concerned and waiting for the Busbys to make a video on the same. It’s been much time since Adam said he would be giving a full explanation. Apart from this, TLC has also noted the popularity of the Bubsys. So, they wouldn’t let the family go that easily. Therefore, for the quint’s birthday, TLC sent them a special gift.

It was a musical sheet, and the girls loved playing with it. Meanwhile, fans speculate that TLC is trying to bribe the Busbys to bring them back. Some fans also said that the streaming giant would not easily leave the family. Lastly, everyone awaits Danielle and Adam’s announcement. What do you think the future of the show is? Let us know in the comments below.


OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle Busby Reach New Milestone, Expand Successful Business! — HN

The fans have loved the Busbys since the beginning. The family has managed to garner blessings and praises from the audience. Hence, the Busbys has had a beautiful journey ever since. And now, the OutDaughtered cast is striving to achieve more. Danielle and Adam’s dream vision has finally come true, and they couldn’t be happier. So, tune in to have a look at it.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busbys Shares About Her Baby BOY! Her Dream Came TRUE!
Danielle and Adam have worked hard to where they are now. And they keep working to give the best to their daughters. The mother of six has always wanted a baby boy. However, she couldn’t go due to her health conditions. Meanwhile, she has been celebrating with her other boy. The family-owned business Gareson Bee is an online boutique store that sells clothes for kids, women, and men.

Danielle has worked selflessly for it for years, and now the dream is finally fruiting. Honoring her team and everyone, the lovely entrepreneur shared that her online clothing store is getting a storefront. The work has been going on for months, and mommy Danielle has been making efforts for the same. The store is situated in League City, Texas.


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The Outdaughtered celeb wrote that she has reached a great milestone and is very excited about it in her caption. Meanwhile, the mother of six also urged her followers to work towards their dream as they do come true. Likewise, the fans congratulated her and Adam for the same. In addition, they are also excited to shop from the store.

OutDaughtered: The Couple Has Worked Hard To Reach Where They Are Now
Danielle and Adam have been working for the retail store since December 2021. However, it’s not the first time they can work this well. Before the store, some critics questioned Danielle that she should get a job and put the kids into daycare. However, fans didn’t know at the moment what Danielle actually does for a living. Meanwhile, Adam came out in defense of her wife and told the followers that she works as a beauty consultant.

Likewise, Danielle also has her own merchandise website, “It’s A BuzzWorld.” And in 2017, the couple also opened a spinning studio, Rush Cycle. Therefore, the couple has worked hard to get here. And with the new milestone, nothing can stop them.


OutDaughtered: Fans Praise Adam & Danielle for Their Upbringing — HN

On her Instagram Stories, Danielle Busby explained that the quints would be kicked out of the house for the night. She added that her sister Ashley would be keeping the quints tonight. This wasn’t too surprising to fans, as it’s quite common or girls to go to sleep over at one of Danielle’s sister’s house when they’re out for the evening.

There is no denying that Blayke Busby is a good sister. It wasn’t that long ago when Adam Busby took to Instagram to pamper his beautiful older daughter. He shared a short video clip of him interacting with his sisters. OutDaughtered fans were fascinated by how big Blayke has grown and how well she is being a big sister.

OutDaughtered: Fans Praise Her
Adam Busby and Danielle Busby get a lot of praise for their upbringing when it comes to quints and their oldest daughter.. OutDaughtered fans have been quite open about their concerns that Blayke may not be getting enough attention because she has so many little sisters.

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby, however, take every opportunity to enjoy one-on-one time with each of their girls. This included taking Blayke Busby to the rodeo by herself while someone watched from the quints.

Later, the OutDaughtered parents took the whole family, including all six girls, to the rodeo. The parents also enjoyed a couple of evenings at the rodeo without the children. Adam Busby has told fans that he thinks it’s just as important for parents to find time to be alone together. He considers Danielle his first and notes that he needs to pamper and spoil her so they can continue to work together to be great parents.


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TLC Snubs Blayke Busby On Birthday, Favors The Quints? — HN

Blayke Busby’s birthday falls just days before the quints on April 5th. Adam and Danielle Busby have always done what they can to make Blayke’s day special and separate from the quints’ birthday. For example, this year they kicked the quints out of the house overnight so Blayke could have a sleepover with just friends her own age.

Did TLC snub Blayke Busby on her birthday?
Adam Busby took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal that TLC sent them a present in the mail for the quints. His video didn’t say anything about the network, however, sending a gift for Blayke who celebrates her birthday days before the quints. As we previously reported, some fans believe this was TLC’s way of trying to bribe the family to reconsider their decision to quit doing the show.

Some OutDaughtered fans now admit the gift has left a bit of a bad taste in their mouth as it appears the network conveniently forget to also include a gift for Blayke.

It goes without saying that the Busby quints are the reason the family landed on television in the first place. But, fans agree they love Blayke Busby just as much as her sisters. In fact, fans point out it takes a special girl to be the big sister of so many little sisters that are the same age. Fans, however, cannot ignore the fact that TLC did not include a birthday present for Blayke as well as her sisters.

outWas the gift also intended for her?
Some fans are arguing it was a group gift intended for all of the girls. TLC gifted a giant piano play mat complete with volume control for the sanity of Adam and Danielle. Blayke Busby was spotted very briefly at the beginning of the video. But, it definitely appeared to be a toy just for the quints. Likewise, Blayke is much older now and the toy likely didn’t appeal to her very much beyond playing with her sisters on it.

Fans agree that if the network was really trying to bribe their way back into the family, snubbing Blayke on her birthday was not the way to do it. Do you think the network forgot to send a birthday present to Blayke? Or, do they really just favor the quints? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.