RHONJ: Melissa Gorga has ‘no guilt’ about the state of her relationship with Teresa Giudice – TK

Fans were a bit shocked when Teresa Giudice recently revealed that she was not having any Housewives in her wedding party. Especially since one of her castmates is family – her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

The two have had a tumultuous relationship since Melissa and Joe Gorga wed in 2004 but have worked on improving their bond and work together as friends and family. During this season’s reunion, the pair suffered a blow when a fight erupted between Melissa, Joe, and Teresa.

Melissa is now speaking out about where she and Teresa currently stand and what the future holds for the Gorga family.

Melissa said she ‘tried really hard’ to keep peace with Teresa

Melissa was a guest on the Betches Mention It All podcast on Monday, and of course, she was asked about her relationship with Tre. She openly spoke about her decision to end her friendship with her sister-in-law, although they are family.

“I truly feel like I have hit every avenue,” Melissa revealed. “I have no guilt. It’s OK to say that [Teresa and I] don’t have the best relationship, and I don’t feel guilty saying that because I tried really hard, and I know that I tried hard — for my in-laws and for [my husband] Joe [Gorga],” she continued. Fans really feel for Melissa because it is obvious on the show that she wants to help Joe keep his relationship with his sister.

Both Joe and Teresa have said that they are the only family they have since their parents passed and don’t want to spend time fighting. Melissa agreed, saying, “[My in-laws] are not here anymore and now … it is sad to see [Joe] not have family.”


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Melissa said that she is just plain tired of talking about her issues with Teresa. “We are all, as a cast, sick of it,” she told Betches listeners. “Does anybody really wanna see Teresa, Melissa, and Joe argue and make up to break up? Just leave it alone!”

Melissa has been a full-time Housewife for ten seasons, and every season has focused on her and Joe’s relationship with Teresa, and she is done talking about it. She admitted, “I don’t care if we never talked about it again. You have me all f****d up, and you got it twisted. I don’t want to talk about Teresa or the family, never again if it was up to me.”

Joe Gorga feels disrespected by his sister

Just last week, Joe was a guest on Melissa’s podcast, Melissa Gorga on Display, where he said, “Regardless if she liked my wife or she didn’t like my wife, she’s basically smacking me in the face, and she’s giving me no respect, and she’s making it hard on me.” Joe adds that he takes it personally, saying, “It’s not about just my wife — it’s basically ‘I don’t care about my brother.’”

He also admitted that he would include Teresa’s spouse if he were to get married now, even if he didn’t like them. But Joe does say it will be Teresa’s day, and all he wants is for her to have a great wedding. He told Melissa, “I don’t want drama. I want it to be a great day. I want to be happy, and I want my sister there, and I want it to be peaceful [and] make my sister happy.”


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Will Melissa be able to stick to her decision to distance herself from Teresa?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.




Little people

Caryn Chandler Disses Amy Roloff’s Style on ‘Little People, Big World’? – TK

Little People, Big World kicks off Season 23 on May 17, 2022, and Caryn Chandler‘s front and center chatting about Amy Roloff. Was she throwing some shade at Matt Roloff’s ex-wife or is it just a difference of opinion? There’s some interesting stuff in the new episode.

Caryn Chandler’s Presence Irritates Zach Roloff – Little People, Big World Season 23, Episode 1

As the 23rd season begins, the debate between Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff over the family farm is exposed. It seems Matt couldn’t work out and both sides had a lot of anger over the breakdown of negotiations.

One issue for Zach, seen on Little People, Big World, was Caryn Chandler’s participation in the talks. Matt brought Caryn and Zach brought Tori. And that seemed okay on the surface. Until it wasn’t.

Amy’s son asked Matt “what is it worth to have your grandkids on this property?” And then, he says Caryn stopped things saying “this is over”. He says his dad’s girlfriend being involved altered the meeting. He called it “weird”.

The younger Roloff said that Caryn Chandler said, “we can’t do that”. He thinks Matt should have spoken up, not Caryn speaking for him. After the talks fell apart, Zach decided with Tori to take time away from them.

Amy chimed in after she heard things fell apart. And Amy Roloff said she knew it would be “difficult” for the two to come to terms. But Amy’s new husband deferred an opinion saying he didn’t know enough…

Caryn Didn’t Care for Amy Roloff’s LPBW Wedding – Jealousy or Shade?

The Little People, Big World episode began with chatter about Amy’s wedding to Chris Marek that took place at the farm last season. You’ll recall Amy had a big to-do with tons of guests.

When the new season starts, it’s heading towards pumpkin season as Caryn spends time with Matt on the farm in Oregon. Caryn said she thinks Amy and Chris had a lot of fun with a “big traditional” wedding.

However, Matt says “we’re not doing that”. And he didn’t mean getting married. Caryn says “if and when” they marry, she “visualizes a much smaller affair” than the nuptial style that Amy Roloff chose.

Then on Little People, Big World, Caryn revealed that Matt was “spying” on Amy’s wedding, even though they weren’t invited. He admits he was checking the farm’s security cameras to see the event.

Caryn called it “creepy” to “spy” on them when they’re not invited. He laughed and said, “it’s not creepy”. Not only did Caryn Chandler talk about hypothetical wedding plans, but her boyfriend also made clear her place in his life.

Matt Roloff Hints at Future with Girlfriend on Little People, Big World

Although Zach was irritated at Caryn’s input at the purchase meeting, Matt clearly wanted her there. He saw it as natural that she’d be at this discussion.

And that’s because Matt Roloff says Caryn Chandler is his “life partner” on Little People, Big World. From Caryn’s perspective, she says “there was a little bit of talk” and then “Zach was out”.

Clearly, these sides aren’t seeing things the same way. For her part, Caryn says “she’s riding the Roloff crazy train”. She said his family can hold a grudge and be mad “for a year”.

She insists her boyfriend went “into a business negotiation” while Zach was there from a “lifestyle perspective”. The son says his dad was trying to control him. But Amy’s ex-husband says he “offered a substantial family discount”.

As for Caryn, she says it’s okay if it’s not meant to be. She called it a “dream that didn’t manifest”. While some may see this as Caryn Chandler wanting things for herself, Matt Roloff insists it’s another way on Little People, Big World.

He said he intends for all four kids to inherit from him. That includes Jeremy, Zach, Jacob Roloff, and Molly Roloff. The patriarch says that giving Zach too much of a discount isn’t fair to his and Amy Roloff’s other kids.

Amy Roloff’s on her son’s side, of course. One thing is for certain. The drama’s just getting started. See how it goes when Amy Roloff spends time at Caryn Chandler’s place for a couple’s weekend…

90 day fiance

’90 Day Fiance’: Tiffany Franco’s Got a New Man in her Bed? – TK

Tiffany Franco from 90 Day Fiance seems to have a new man in her bed. Has she moved on from Ronald Smith for good?

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco over Ronald Smith?

Tiffany Franco gave her marriage with Ronald Smith many chances. The 90 Day Fiance cast members have been going back and forth with their relationship.

One moment they’re together, the next they’re split up. Recent photos of the two showed them falling asleep on a video call together. So, it’s been difficult keeping up with the changes. But it looks like there has been a recent change in their marital status.

Tiffany recently hinted that she and Ronald may have called it quits again. A fan was curious to know if the TLC couple were still together. She replied that Ronald is “literally in Africa.” So, he still hasn’t come to America on a spousal visa.

Some fans think that maybe Tiffany went to South Africa to visit him again. But she was spotted in a nail salon in Frederick, Maryland a few days ago, so that seems unlikely.

However, another 90 Day Fiance fan doesn’t understand why Tiffany Franco is being so secretive about the status of her marriage. She told the fan it’s because she’s an “undercover agent.” So, it’s not clear where the two stand. But she did speak about her dating status.

Tiffany Dating Someone New

Tiffany Franco doesn’t share much about her romantic life. Yet, during one of her breakups with Ronald Smith, she did reveal that she was going back into the dating world.

However, it seems like nothing came out of it since she seemingly got back with Ronald not long after. But could they be broken up again? It looks like she may have found love with someone new.

A 90 Day Fiance viewer wanted to find out if Tiffany was dating anyone. The TLC celeb said, “yes.” She also said that she has been “making out” often.

She even said that she wouldn’t be on The Single Life. The show follows previous cast members as they enter the dating world. So, if she won’t be on the show, could she have already found someone new?

Tiffany has been through a lot in her love life. But, she isn’t allowing her experience to stop her from moving forward. She believes that everything she went through was a “learning process.” She thinks that “no one has the answers.” So, she is just figuring everything out on the way.

90 Day Fiance Celeb Enjoys New Body in the Bedroom

Tiffany Franco has been on a weight loss journey for almost a year. She got a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to help her drop the pounds.

She has seen great results from it. Since getting the surgery, she has lost 70 pounds. She feels confident in her new body. And it seems like she is even sharing it with a new man.

Tiffany has slimmed down a lot. One 90 Day Fiance fan was curious to know if being intimate is more fun at her current weight. The TLC celeb’s answer was “yes.”

People know that Ronald Smith isn’t in America. So, she isn’t being intimate with him. It sounds like she and the man she is supposedly dating have been getting busy in the bedroom.


‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Series ‘1932’ Release Date Announced By Paramount+ – TK

Paramount hit Yellowstone fans with a mirage of exciting news Tuesday, announcing two Hollywood legends to lead their next Yellowstone spinoff, 1932.

In addition to their stars and plot details, Paramount also confirms the prequel’s release date: December 2022.

Academy Award nominee Harrison Ford is expected to begin filming for the series soon, with 1932 debuting on Paramount+ this December. Academy Award winner Helen Mirren will co-star alongside Ford. The duo will lead the highly anticipated next installment of the Yellowstone story from Taylor Sheridan.

Announced as 1932 (working title), the next Western prequel follows the record breaking performance of 1883. The most-watched title ever on Paramount+ globally, 1883 was Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios and Bosque Ranch Productions, the same powerhouse lineup behind 1932.

1883 took audiences through the history of 19th century Duttons. 1932, however, will bring television’s #1 family into the 20th century.

“The next Yellowstone origin story will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home,” Paramount announces.

Harrison Ford-Led Yellowstone’ Spinoff, ‘1932,’ Hits December 2022

Although unconfirmed, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren should portray the next generation of Duttons. Their new series is the latest addition to Sheridan’s growing slate on Paramount Network and Paramount+. This includes, in addition to 1883, MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN. Upcoming series LIONESS, TULSA KING, 1883: THE BASS REEVES STORY and LAND MAN are to follow.

In addition to 1883 proving a breakout hit for Paramount+, Sheridan also saw a Writers Guild of America Awards nomination for the pilot. On Paramount Network, Yellowstone had a record-breaking season four run. it would attract an average of 11 million total viewers. It also recently garnered its first-ever Screen Actors Guild Awards® and Producers Guild Awards® nominations.

1932 (working title), starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, executive produced by Taylor Sheridan. EPs John Linson, Art Linson, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, Ben Richardson also return.

90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance viewers slam Ariela for relying on her parents for money and refusing to get a job – TK

Ariela Weinberg is facing harsh criticism from 90 Day Fiance viewers who feel she needs to be more independent and shouldn’t rely on her parents so heavily.

This season on 90 Day Fiance, Ariela and Biniyam Shibre returned to the cast, joining six other new couples. Ari and Bini finally arrived in the US from Ethiopia after Biniyam’s K-1 Visa was approved.

Ariela Weinberg’s parents provide for her and Biniyam Shibre upon their arrival in the US

Upon their arrival in America, Ariela’s parents, Janice and Fred Weinberg, set her and Biniyam up in an apartment just minutes from their New Jersey home. Janice went the extra mile and made sure Ari, Bini, and their son Avi had a two-bedroom apartment with cable and high-speed internet.

However, instead of showing her gratitude, Ariela felt pressured to find a job and a way to pay for the rent and utilities in the apartment. She told her parents that she wouldn’t have chosen a bigger, more expensive apartment with all of the amenities if it were up to her.

Following Sunday’s episode, disgruntled 90 Day Fiance viewers took to Twitter where they voiced their dissent, calling out Ari for relying too much on her parents financially and for not being more proactive about having a plan in place and getting a job; especially while Biniyam can’t work until he receives his green card, which typically takes several months.

90 Day Fiance viewers bash Ariela for allowing her parents to continue to provide for her

“Ariela you should already have a job or plan in place. Wtf” tweeted one viewer who was irritated with Ariela’s lack of planning.

Another viewer who felt Ariela’s parents need to cut the apron strings wrote, “Lol at Ariela moving to the US and her parents STILL paying her bills 🤣”

“Seriously Ariela get it together,” tweeted another viewer who felt Ari’s behavior was childish. “You are 30 years old with a family that your parents pay to support. Time to stop being a brat.”

During the episode, Ariela explained her perspective during a confessional: “Bini and I had the expectation that when we came to the US, everything would be different and new and exciting and it’ll be a chance to just work on our relationship, spend time together as a family, and start over again.”

“But I think neither of us know long-term really how we’re gonna provide for the family and it’s really scary. Like, what if this doesn’t work out?” Ariela added.

Now that Ari and Bini are in the US, it’s unclear what their financial situation is. But, Ariela seems unbothered by it all, as she has been sharing positive and motivating messages with her 371k Instagram followers.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

Blue Bloods

The Transformation Of Sami Gayle From Childhood To Blue Bloods – TK

CBS’s popular police procedural drama “Blue Bloods” is gearing up for Season 12. The long-running show centers on the Reagan family, which consists of several members of the New York Police Department. The grandfather Frank (Tom Selleck) is the Police Commissioner, his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is an assistant district attorney, and two of his sons, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes), serve as an NYPD detective and sergeant, respectively.

Another main cast member who isn’t part of the police force is Nicky, the daughter of Erin and her ex-husband Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann). The actor who plays Nicky, Sami Gayle, has basically grown up on the show — she joined at the age of 14. Though fans are concerned about Nicky’s future and whether she’ll appear in Season 12, Nicky has still earned a spot in the hearts of “Blue Bloods” fans. Gayle has also earned plenty of fans in her own right, both on the screen as well as the stage. Here’s a look at her transformation from her childhood to her role on “Blue Bloods.”

Sami Gayle got her start on the stage

Gayle landed her breakout role as Baby June in the 2007 off-Broadway production of “Gypsy” starring theater legend Patti LuPone. In an interview with Schon! Magazine, Gayle explained how her brother was the one who actually found her the role after she wasn’t able to take a different part due to conflicts with his bar mitzvah. “My brother discovered that they were auditioning for Gypsy with Patti LuPone and we asked my parents if I could go onto an open call,” she said. “I made it through, without ever having sung or acted before and played Baby June in the off-Broadway production, which was soon moved to Broadway.”

In 2007, Gayle starred in the Broadway production of “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical” as Annie Who (via Playbill). She was also in plays titled “Oohrah!” and “Family Week,” the latter of which received a less-than-favorable review by Variety. Despite overall lackluster receptions, Gayle’s impressive performances allowed her to transition to the screen soon after her Broadway debut.

Sami Gayle is a dancer

Though Gayle earned recognition for her acting chops early on, she originally set out to be a dancer. According to Refinery29, Gayle attended the prolific dance school Steps on Broadway from the age of 11. She was first recognized in one of her dance classes and was offered a role on the spot, though she had to turn it down due to the aforementioned bar mitzvah conflicts (via Schon! Magazine).

She went on to describe her work ethic to the latter publication, saying, “I started my career as a dancer, I never really considered acting. I loved dance, I would spend four or five hours a night after school from the time I was six to ten, so it was from a young age that I had that kind of work ethic ingrained in me.” And while Gayle hasn’t quite made a big return to the stage yet, she has shown off her dance skills plenty of times on Instagram.

Gayle was in a popular soap opera

It may come as a shock to know that Gayle was only in one TV show before she landed her breakout role on “Blue Bloods.” The popular soap opera “As the World Turns” served as the introduction to plenty of big-name stars’ careers during its decades-long run; Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, and even James Earl Jones are among the dozens of stars who have graced “As the World Turns” with their talents (via ABC News).

Gayle is among those who cut their teeth on the soap opera soundstage. At the age of 13, she appeared in three episodes of “As the World Turns” as Hayden Lawson, a teenage beauty pageant contestant. The fact that she didn’t have a mile-long resume before landing a regular starring role on CBS is a testament to her natural talent, and she’s sure to have a long and successful career ahead of her.

Blue Bloods

The Jamie Storyline Will Estes Wants To See More Of On Blue Bloods – TK

“Blue Bloods” is the popular CBS cop drama starring Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes, among many other talented actors. In addition to being a cop drama, it’s also a family drama about the Reagan family, who just happen to have law enforcement in their blood. It’s ranked consistently well on sites like IMDb and seems to be adored by its fans. Season 13 hasn’t been announced quite yet, but ratings are high and social media is still buzzing about the show, so it’s highly likely that a new season is in the works.

The actors on the show also seem to be planning ahead for the next season. As a matter of fact, Estes (who plays Jamie Reagan on the show) did an interview last fall about what he wants to see for his character in the future. He plays a street cop on the show who has to struggle with some interesting situations at times. And he’s eager to keep things edgy going forward.

Estes wants to explore more of his character’s moral grey area

Estes sat down with The Nerds of Color for an interview back in September in anticipation of the Season 12 debut. One of the first questions his interviewer asked revolved around what storylines Estes would like to explore in his role as Sergeant Jamie Reagan. And he had an intriguing answer ready to go, all about the “grey areas” of his storylines so far.

Estes revealed he likes “seeing Jamie in challenging situations,” and wants more of them. He is proud of the show’s ability to “shine light on parts of us or our society that are difficult to look at,” especially now with the public outcry for police reform gaining momentum (via The New York Times). After all, it’s not like cop dramas exist in a vacuum; According to How Stuff Works, there’s now more evidence than ever that most people’s knowledge of the criminal justice system and policing comes from cop shows.

So if Estes gets his way, “Blue Bloods” may pivot to showing a more accurate portrayal of how law enforcement works in the real world. And it’ll be interesting to see how audiences react to that.

Blue Bloods

The Saddest Moment In Blue Bloods Season 4 – TK

When you watch a series for over a decade that focuses on the darker themes of humanity, there will inevitably be unbearably sad moments. For a series like “Blue Bloods,” those sad moments feel like they happen in every episode. Each character faces people in their jobs daily who need help.

In Season 4, those moments tend to hit hard as they become more personal for each. For example, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) comes face to face with a mother (Karen Allen) who is grieving over her daughter murdered years before, believing the killer is still at large. Elsewhere, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) gets pulled into a kidnapping case that brings the father of a girl kidnapped seven years prior out to beg for his help again. Both instances show the writers’ expert ability to make you feel what the characters feel — the grief of the two parents, the empathy of the Reagans, and the knowledge of the agony those parents felt for years.

By the end of each episode, the Reagans typically find a way to rectify the situation and bring peace to those in pain. However, in one episode, despite how hard they try, one Reagan cannot help someone, and the gravity of the situation hits hard. Here is the saddest moment in Season 4 of “Blue Bloods.”

A lesson in futility

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) may be the purest of the Reagans. He is steadfast in his duty, has an optimism about the difference he can make in his community, and usually follows the rules to the letter. He may also have the biggest heart, often attempting to go above and beyond for many people he encounters on the street.

In Season 4, Episode 5, “Lost and Found,” Jamie and his partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray) go undercover in a jewelry store that has seen a lot of illegal activity. A man takes the store hostage when the store can’t give him a cash refund for a custom ring. As Jamie tries to talk him down, he discovers the man’s fiancée left him; he is at his breaking point. Jamie ultimately talks him down and convinces him to let everyone go, not realizing Jamie is a cop. After making the arrest, Jamie makes a case for Erin (Bridget Moynahan) to give him the benefit of the doubt. Later, Jamie is devastated when the man hangs himself in his cell.

The sadness of this episode is partly the man’s story, as his heartbreak and grief drove him to extreme measures when he had no history of violence or criminal behavior. It is also the moment you see a little optimism leave Jamie. This is a moment when he realizes he can’t save everyone. It’s the first moment you see Jamie Reagan understand the occasional futility of his job.

Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck Thinks This Is The Most Important Part Of Blue Bloods Family Dinners – TK

“Blue Bloods” is a show about law enforcement, a show about the justice system, and a show about politics. But at its core, it is a show about family. While Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and his three children, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Erin (Bridget Moynahan), and Jamie (Will Estes), navigate their jobs in the city of New York, some of the more poignant scenes see them navigating their family life as well.

Most of the best scenes in each episode involve one or more Reagan working together, whether it is Frank attempting to impress his decades of police wisdom onto his youngest son, Jamie, or Danny and Erin arguing over the arrest of a criminal. Their work on the job allows the potent familial relationships to seep into every scene from episode to episode.

The Reagan family dinners are used effectively as a tool to further the show’s narrative. Every episode sees the cast sit down at a weekly dinner, putting family first and bonding over life and experience. While these scenes are undoubtedly crucial to the show’s growth and that of its characters, Tom Selleck revealed in an interview that there’s a certain part of these dinners that stands out as the most important.

Family isn’t pretty

Family isn’t always colorful rainbows and flowerbeds, as no one needs to remind you that arguments among family members are bound to happen. These arguments are what Tom Selleck believes make up the most important Reagan dinner scenes, namely the ones that show the debates the family has.

He sat down with Parade to discuss Season 12 of “Blue Bloods,” the “Jesse Stone” TV movie franchise, and his upcoming memoir. “The complications of family are endless. In a family where so many are tied to the business, even Frank’s father has his own opinions,” he said. “What is most important in family dinner is it’s not ‘Kumbaya’; it’s the disagreements.”

The importance of a series like “Blue Bloods” is that it documents the disagreements. These are not simply arguments between family members; they represent social commentary on law enforcement and justice. While Danny bleeds blue and the family is deeply entrenched in the NYPD, debates with the more progressive Erin, Nicky (Sami Gayle), and Jamie keep the series from entering into a one-sided presentation of law enforcement. Instead, these dinner scenes keep a firm footing in bringing to light the issues we face in the real world.

Blue Bloods

The Worst Storyline In Blue Bloods Season 1 – TK

“Blue Bloods” has gone strong on CBS for over a decade. There’s a seemingly limitless number of stories you can tell with the Reagan family, led by patriarch Frank (Tom Selleck). Many of the other Reagans have entrenched themselves within New York City law enforcement, so they’re all hard at work keeping the streets safe while still finding the time to have dinner with one another every Sunday night.

With hundreds of episodes under its belt, it’s safe to say the Reagans have witnessed every kind of crime imaginable. They’ve stopped drug dealers and investigated murders, all while keeping their composures and maintaining level heads. In many instances, these crimes pull viewers in, taking you to the seedy underbelly of New York along the way, but not every case can be a winner. Over the years, even “Blue Bloods” has had some misses, even early in the show’s run. In particular, there’s a Season 1 episode that most fans probably skip on rewatches

Fans don’t care for the Season 1 episode, ‘Model Behavior’

“Blue Bloods” has enjoyed relative critical acclaim throughout its run, but that’s not without a few dimmer spots. Based on IMDb ratings, the worst episode of Season 1, with a ranking of 7.2 stars out of 10 with 389 votes total, is “Model Behavior.” To be fair, a 7.2/10 isn’t bad by any metrics; it’s still a solid C-, but it’s a noticeable dip compared to a decently strong opening season.

In this episode, the Reagans get wrapped up in the drama of the modeling world when several models collapse during a fashion show. It’s up to Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) to figure out who’s behind the poisoning. While all that’s happening, there’s a B story involving the Reagan family priest being accused of improper conduct and facing relocation to another country.

One review from IMDb sums up many viewers’ frustrations with the episode: “Though adequate in structure, we have come to expect a lot more from this excellent series.” The review goes on to mention how the Reagans always manage to find themselves at the center of practically every crime in New York, which requires some suspension of disbelief. Plus, a poisoning at a fashion show seems a bit extravagant for the show, which had stayed relatively grounded with street-level crimes until that point. It sounds as if it was a bit too much too soon, but if you look through the ratings, you’ll find plenty of people have given the episode high reviews, as well.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, but when looking at “Blue Bloods” Season 1 as a whole, “Model Behavior” drags the series down a peg.